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[Factory Second] Tontine Washable Wool 350GSM All Seasons Quilts: Queen $55 Delivered @ Dhimanvinod eBay


Limited Stock!

Premium Cotton Cover
Anti-microbial treated wool fill inhibits growth of bacteria
Ideal for allergy sensitive sleepers
All Seasons Quilt
Made in Australia
Size Information: Queen 210 x 210cm

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  • Ew

    • ??

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        Think s/he means Ewe

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          Nathan eW

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    Why Ew? They are new

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    Last time I bought these was very happy, there was a (repaired) stitching fault in the cover but once I put a quilt cover over it you can't notice.

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    Is 350GSM good enough for the winter?

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      Darwin winter or cradle mountain winter?

      • Melbourne winter, actually!

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    this ones better and not much more expensive.

    • your is not machine washable

    • Why is it better?

  • I think this is not washable.

    • ?

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        I mean the one one from Harrisscarf is not washable.

  • What GSM should I get for both winter and summer with wool quilts

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      Winter 500GSM
      All Season 300 to 350GSM
      Summer 150 to 200GSM.
      Thank You

      • Uh ok thought normal was 500GSM and 1000GSM for winter

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          Maybe that 1000 is for winter in UK?

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    Anyone know if these quilts have the kind of cotton outside that is "scratchy" when you move? Lol if you've experienced a noisy quilt you'll know what I mean… my step dad bought me a really warm and heavy quilt from Bed Bath and Table last winter, but it is so loud when I turn over that I hate using it despite the lovely warmth and comfort it provides.

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      "noisy quilt" … Oh Thank goodness…I am NOT alone. :)

      • I have a noisy quilt when my wife snatches it away from me at 3am

    • Hi,
      Not scratchy at all, 100% Premium cotton cover used.
      Thank You

      • +2

        Thank you, but that doesn't really answer the question. My new one has a premium sateen cotton cover, but it's the type/fabrication of the cotton that makes it rustle. It doesn't FEEL scratchy, it SOUNDS scratchy.

        • Hi,
          When it is high thread count & sateen weave can be scratchy, however Tontine quilt casing is not Sateen weave.
          Thank You

        • Mine doesn't sound scratchy

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    You can get extra $10 of using afterpay using code afterpay10

  • What is a "factory second"?

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      Quilts got slight imperfections during manufacturing process such as missed stitch, twisted binding & can’t be sold as brand new in departmental stores as they didn’t pass quality assurance cause of above faults & cleared as factory seconds.
      Thank You

  • It's OOS already.

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