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Coco Earth Plant-Based Vegan (Lamb) Biryani 300g $2.50 ($2.25 S&S, Min Qty 3) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Too busy for Cooking? We got you covered. Enjoy our ready meal kit - Plant-Based Lamb Biryani
Ready in just 90 sec. Just Heat & Eat
Nutriciously Delicious meal
Package Dimensions: 4.0 centimeters L X 19.0 centimeters H X 15.0 centimeters W

Update: Now dispatched within 1 to 4 weeks. Subscribe & Save expired.

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  • +14

    You don't eat meat? Ok we make lamb.

  • -2


    • +22

      Imagine being openly vegephobic in 2022 hahahaha

      • +1

        Afraid of vegetables?

        • of vegetarians/vegans. He said "This cult"

      • +3

        Strawberry milk is my favourite plant based milk.

      • +5

        Peanuts aren't even nuts. Boycott peanut butter for co-opting this word. Everyone is confused.

  • +5

    Giving it a shot, might be a good lunch to keep in the drawer at work.

    • +1

      Exactly what I'm thinking. Their normal range isnt bad.

      • +1

        I've tried this before. Not that great but passes if you're not too fussy. For $2.50 it's OK.

        • What about for $2.25, does that make it any better?

        • +2

          Sounds like what I'm looking for. Pretty much the long expiry meals that don't need a fridge for the days that I don't manage to make lunch or have time to go purchase takeaway.

          My typical go to are the Ichiban bowl noodles from Costco. They are not cheap, but are far more substantial that most instant noodles.

          • @Saruname: My go to are normally trail mix packs or those john west tuna and rice things whenever they're on sale.

            Might add this to the stash as well for a bit of variety.

        • +2

          10% better.

  • trying this brand for the first time, hope it's good. thanks OP

  • I actually had a stomach ache after eating these…they taste a bit different to the spice tailor 😬

    • +3

      you’re comparing apples to oranges

      • +6

        I actually don't quite like oranges… They're a bit more citrusy than apples 😬

  • Not into the vegan aspect. Willing to give it a go and see how far this type of food has come.

    Keen to see lab grown meat make commercial sense in the future and where the manufactured/alternative protein industry goes

    • You're not into reducing animal suffering? That's odd

      • +5

        He's not into increasing human suffering

    • +10

      this is the wrong item to try if you want to "see how far this type of food has come".

      This is literally jackfruit in rice which is not a new concept or a manufactured plant based meat. Try the plant based meat alternatives if you want to "see how far this type of food has come"

      • +4

        Thanks for the info. If I see something I'll give it a go

        • +2

          Veef meat strips in a Thai curry aren't bad or impossible/beyond meat burgers and quorn chicken pieces are also OK (especially comparing it to the crappy cardboard stuff they used to make)

  • +8

    Why would you make a plant based lamb biryani when veg biryani already exists?
    It's also a bit misleading calling it lamb biryani.
    Maybe lamb flavoured?

    • -4

      Because people want to eat something that's tastes a bit like eating a lamb, but don't like having to cut an actual lamb's throat and chop the rest of its body into pieces.
      Hope that answers your question

      • +3

        well. that escalated quickly.

      • -6

        Bold of you to assume the moral high ground here.

        There is nothing wrong with slitting a lamb’s throat and chopping the rest of its body into pieces for consumption.

        • +1

          Except it isn't necessary

            • +8


              Your chances of lacking essential nutrients

              If you leave it to chance - sure. If you engage your brain then not really.

          • +2

            @J6: It would be pretty dificult to consume a lamb that hadn't been slaughtered and butcherd first, so i'd say it's somewhat necessary

        • How about a labrador?

      • -4

        Your little charade have absolutely negligible impact on the number or how animals are slaughtered around the world.
        Hope that clears your delusion.

        • +7

          Incredibly weak appeal to futility argument

          • -5

            @Raynes: coming from the special people who considered barbequing a baby doll in public to be a sane, rational way to promote their cause

            oh, also the same group of people who had so much cognitive dissonance they had to create a pro and con list before they buy something from Amazon, lolz

    • +8

      it is a veg biryani. It is just marketing. This is a jackfruit biryani… not saying that thats a bad thing but just calling it what it is

      • Agree they shouldn't even call it Lamb, not many vegans would want it anyway with that on the packet.
        Much better than vacuum packed real meats that can be kept out of the fridge and jam packed with chemicals.

        The ingredients look ok but as someone mentioned probably not the best flavour. Prob not hard to make something yourself similar.

        ps. coles used to sell a noodlebox type of chickpea curry and rice that was passible, don't seem to stock it anymore.

    • It's jackfruit

  • The picture looks like it's mostly sauce and rice.

  • +1

    Ive bought this and it tastes disgusting!!! Bought 3 due to the min amount at $4 each and had to chuck them all out after making one.

  • +1

    I love my jackfruit fried and in a curry but this just WTF sorry

    • +4

      How did you miss the giant "vegan", "plant-based" etc on the package? There is even a V covering the lamb.

      • +1

        He/she DID say 'almost' …

      • +1

        Because they was no mention of vegan either this original post, or the item title on Amazon.
        There was only this:
        "Coco Earth Lamb Biryani, 300 g"

    • +6

      And why would that warrant a negative vote?
      Absolute tosser.

      • +1

        Because it a misleading.

        There was no mention of vegan in either this post or the item on Amazon.

        Simply this "Coco Earth Lamb Biryani, 300 g"

    • +5

      Yeah. The trap was reading the title. " Coco Earth Lamb Biryani 300g $2.50"
      What a bait and waste of my time to scroll to find this a jackfruit curry . Nothing wrong with jackfruit currys that are sold as jackfruit curries … but no idea why they want to market and it (and basically lie) as Lamb

      • +2

        It says plant based right there in the thumbnail

  • +2

    it doesn't taste good, you will regret eatting it. The butter chicken or satay chicken is good but not this one.

  • +1

    These are a clearance item at my local Woolworths. $2 each. I bought one out of curiosity but haven't tried it yet.

    • $4 on the website here (from $5). Bit much..
      $2 worth a go i guess.

  • 1-4 weeks for dispatch

    • +1

      I received mine today

      • How is it? Would love to know if it’s nice!

        • Smells good but it has no flavour. It's very bland.

  • No available now

  • Just in case anyone is reading this later on… the texture of the 'lamb' is like eating some kind of cardboard with liquid in it.

    Rice is passable but that's just because there's nothing else to eat in the office and I'll dumping a tin of tuna for some flavour.

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