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Sony A80J 77" $5,495 + Free Delivery & Installation + $500 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card @ JB Hi-Fi


This is my first post so please let me know if I do it incorrectly.

JB Hifi and The Good Guys are selling Sony A80J 77" at $5,495 with free installation within 25km and $500 gift card. Combined with 3% gift card cash back, bring it down to $4,845.

I did a little negotiation and brought the price down to $5000. The Good Guys couldn't do the $500 gift card at that price but JB Hifi could. So my final price was $4,345 - pretty close to the Education deal from Sony website last month that I missed.

I also paid extra $214 for this bundle:

  • Full motion TV mount ($339)
  • Extra care plan for 5 years warranty ($549)
  • Wall mount + cable hiding ($200+)

I think it's a good deal so hopefully someone can take advantage of it.

Deal will end in 3 days.

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    “Extra care plan for 5 years warranty ($549)” ouch, you’re covered by ACL

    • I think it's only 3.5 years under ACL, so maybe extra 1.5 years

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        Not for tv with $7k rrp, would expect 5-7yrs minimum life out of it

        • +1

          I appreciate your expectation, but the increased cost comes from the increased technical specs, not necessarily from increased build quality or robustness. But, interesting times.

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        Misread your post, you paid $214 for all 3 that’s actually ok

    • Though if you value your time, having warranty saves quite a lot of headaches contacting fair trading etc. Took me a month from start to finish to get a sony tv replaced.

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        For the bundle price op paid it’s worth it, for $549 I don’t value my time

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    Super happy, today bought Sony Bravia 85" for $5243 delivered plus $500 Jbhi gift voucher plus $100 for wall installation.
    Wasn't as good as Sony education store deal missed a month ago.

  • Cashback and discounted giftcard payment should not be considered deal.

    • Included gift card shouldn't be in the purchase price, I agree. You haven't "saved" it, it's still going to be $500 out of your pocket. Better to have it than not, of course, and OP has two days to spend their $500 on 4k BOGOF goodness.

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    OP - you mind sharing the receipt?

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    Such an amazing price. I paid 5300 and still loving every minute of it.
    Pity OLED size up from here is poor value (only 6in more for 2-3k) otherwise I’d consider going a size up

  • I took delivery from TGG of LG C1 last Saturday. Paid 4800 + 55 delivery + 250 full motion tv mount.

    OP your deal looks more appealing.

    Am I right OP you just paid extra $214 forb the all three extra items listed ?

    • +1

      Yep in total I paid $5,214. I was torn between C1 and A80J but look like A80J is cheaper with the gift card

      • Is it possible to share the receipt? May be try back to price match with TGG.

        I haven't open the box yet.

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          I've just updated the post with quote for both TVs

          • @hattori9x: OP can you share the receipt of bundle please? I was unsuccessful in discounting those 3 items.

        • OP for the 3 items package for $214 from which store you got it? I am trying online but wasn't offered much discount apart from wall mount for $200

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        A80J is a bit better than C1 for PQ

        • C1 for gaming though I believe

          • @Osiris: Ya for gaming, c1 is the best. Don't know about C2

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              @BuyOrNot: Yeah I use this TV as monitor for PC gaming and movies. I was thinking between C1 and A80J but the salesman said if it's 65", I can consider. But if it's 77" and above I def should go with Sony, because bigger screens need good processor for picture quality, and Sony does better than LG regarding this.

  • great deal mate … RRP has really dropped since last Dec.

  • This is a good deal but I can't get past sony selling these for 4K through their student portal clearance.

  • Hoping for a deal on the 55" model for my bedroom. LG C1 very tempting at around $2k right now but as we have other Sony tvs would prefer same user interface and remote style for family.

    • Yeah you can get C1 55" under $2k. i've got 65" C1 and I don't really like their OS. That's why I went back to Sony now.

  • Anyone manage to get 65" price close to $2500 Sony clearance

  • Does anyone knows whether TGG would take back my LG C1 77 TV ? Its still in package unopened

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    Hi all. Just managed to price match this at JB in Campbelltown and some - $4840.00 before gift cards etc with a bit of haggling.

    Can provide receipt if anyone wants when I get home.

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      That's awesome. Can you share the receipt with me?

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      Dm receipt as well? Been waiting for this to be in 4500 range after missing sony edu chance

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      If I can get the receipt as well. Thanks.

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      Yes please!

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      Can you share receipt as well? Thank you mate

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      Hi all, sorry about the delay, see here:


      • So how much did you pay in total? They put $4850 because they can't discount on the bonuses. They put mine at $4400 fyi

        • Hi Hattori, grand total for me was $5563 including the TV ($4840) bracket ($239) and warranty ($484) which I was after.

          I'd add that I did ask for the bracket and warranty after getting the TV down to $4840 so shouldn't be an issue without the bracket and warranty for those not interested in the latter two.

          With the gift cards, this was applied at the checkout - for me I actually had $700 total in gift cards to use (from separate purchases/gifts) which brought the final total for me down to $4863.

          Without the bracket and warranty and including the $500 gift card applied at the checkout, hopefully someone should be able to get the TV alone for $4340 if they price match the receipt.

          I'd note, I've kept this gift card for a present for a family member in any case.

          I hope this helps!

          (P.s. sorry for the length of the response!)

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            @Jnizzle: Hi Snizzle, I think you have a paid a bit too much. I paid $5214 for what you've got up there + installation on the wall and hide the cable too (after I had agreed to buy the TV alone at $5K). If you could get the TV at $4840 before everything else that's great! But I don't think they will do anything less than that since the sales ends tomorrow.

    • +1

      Good effort. I worked hard to get the $5k today, but haven't pulled trigger yet. Will try this tomorrow. Thank you!

      • I don't think they will go below $5k, maybe try asking discount on installation and mounting

  • OP can you share the receipt of bundle please? I was unsuccessful in discounting those 3 items.

    • +2

      Here's the receipt

      They didn't put $214 for the bundle put they lowered the price of the TV to match with what I had to pay. I did agree to buy the TV at $5k at first

      • Can you share the receipt number? It's at bottom of the receipt.

        • I paid with gift card and threw the bottom of the receipt as it's too long. But I did come back and cancel, I've got $814 cash back.

  • I have done a similar deal, negotiated via online chat for 83 a90j, managed to get a deal for $7400 delivered plus $500 gift card. Then the frenzy code become available tonight for another 10%, brought the price down to $6660. Used discounted gift cards to save another $200 or so. Pretty good deal at the end. I know the new model will be out soon but doubt it will be anywhere near this price!

    • Grats, 100% will not be at that price.

      What are you upgrading from?

      • Sony 65A8F. I will move that one to another room and sell the older Panasonic LED if I can!

        • Awesome :) Considering the 77" but not sure it's enough of an upgrade from 65"

          • @Osiris: That’s exactly what I was thinking! I know I paid almost 1.5k more for the 83” but when I looked at it at the shops a while ago, it was perfect size. I sit about 3-3.5 meters away from it so hoping that extra $1.5k will worth it compared to 77”.

    • How do you chat online with them? I've got some quotes at the store for other goods as I'm moving to a new house. Do you think they can do the same online and with frenzy code as well? Thanks

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    There is a help icon on the bottom right corner of the webpage, if you click on that live chat option comes up during business hours I think. Frenzy code is not supposed to work with combination of other offers however it worked when I put it in, I regret not trying to add a soundbar or wall mount to the deal! Sales rep did offer discount if I was interested in a soundbar.

    • The guy who sold the TV to me actually gave me (really) good price on washer/fridge/mircrowave/TV mount or anything for my new house. It would be great if I can apply the frenzy code, will try it during business hours tomorrow. Thanks :)

      • It makes me wonder how much profit they make on these things!

        • haha yeah. I cancelled the above bundle and got $814 cash back. So basically I paid $3900 (after the gift card) for this 77" A80J - so sick!

    • Just tried the live chat, pretty rude waste of time tbh.

      Wouldn't have a bar of the Harvey Norman receipt they are aware being shared around on "social media" and then basically just ended the chat right there.

  • Has anyone received their gift card yet?

    • Nope. Two weeks from date of purchase it says. I've also been in chat and they said the same. I guess we just wait…

      • Yeh. Chat same same thing. Keep us updated here!

  • Anyone received their gift card as yet? I’m guessing it would be 2 weeks for some of the early takers of this offer.

    • Nope. I'm going on chat today to ask again. It's been 2 weeks for me. I'll update later

    • +1

      Update - they're still finalising the eligible purchases…

      • Thanks for the update!

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    I still haven’t received my gift card, emailed the support twice, no luck yet!

  • +1

    Still waiting too

  • +1

    Same here, waiting

  • Any updates? I guess I will need to email them again!

    • +1

      Ignore the comment, just got mine!

      • Received it tonight too!

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