Xiaomi Automatic Sense Infrared Induction Water Saving Faucet $25.99/$24.69 for First Members Delivered @ Kogan


I think this is the cheapest so far, Couldn't find this cheap anywhere else except of AliExpress.

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    what does it actually do?

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      connects to the tap and has a sensor so you dont have to touch the handles for the water to come out.

      Kind of like what they have at the fancy shopping malls where the water comes out as you put your hands underneath.

      • +6

        ah ok, the “inductive” part made me think it might be a heater or something and the description is full of poorly translated nonsense

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    How is this saving water?

    • its usually mean the flow of water is at water saving rate…

    • +5

      when you wash your hands you tend to just leave the tap running as your rubbing your hands with soap.

      So when you move your hands away, the water automatically stops and resumes when you put your hand underneath.

      As the water instantly cuts off as you move your hands or item away, the several seconds of water running is saved instead of reaching for the tap to turn it off.

      In addition this helps reduce the spread of germs as you dont have to touch the tap, wash your hands and then touch the tap again.

  • Good news, Girls. You too can easily install and disassemble the device.

    • Is it easy to assemble it back?

  • +2

    And then you have a ghost haunting the bathroom, constantly turning it on…

  • This sort of devices have been around for ages, but have never taken off. I'm not sure why, but they just never were popular.

    • +5

      I would say because it needs a power source, either batteries that needs to be replaced/recharged or low voltage supply that must be connected to mains. Both are a hassle. I'm also not sure that I would trust that it won't leak when I'm away for long periods of time.

      • +1

        They should add a water turbine.

  • -1

    How long would the battery last on these things?

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  • +13

    so easy "even girls can install it". what the fuq is wrong with people.

  • +2

    Wouldn't touch one of these with my 6ft Pole even. Imagine it failing and coming home to a flooded house.

    • +1

      Would probably suggest to not leave the plug in the sink with this installed..

      • Input vs output. Even if you pulled out your plug.

  • Has anyone used this before? Appreciate if can share the experience.

    • +1

      Stop worrying about other peoples opinions and just go with the flow

      • +1

        What if it's a wet mess

  • +6

    In winter, sometimes you turn the tap all the way to hot first. When the water is hot, then you adjust again to warm, then wash ur kids hands. This quick on and off wont work for that

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    I suggest do not waste money on this one. My wife insisted to buy them. One last for 4-5 months, another last for 3 weeks. Both failed to charge. Sensor still working if you keep plug in. BinGo.

  • so in order for it to work you have to leave the main tap left on all the time, depending on how its attached on to the tap. there is a lot water pressure being held on.. its like a ticking time bomb …

  • the main water pressure will damage the threads. I got one that last 2 weeks.

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