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YESDEX Wearable Blanket Hoodie $31.99 Delivered @ Yesdex Amazon AU


Pls checkout w coupon on listing page.

【$31.99 $39.99】YESDEX Wearable Blanket Hoodie, Oversized Hoodie Blanket Australia, Soft Comfortable Ultra Plush Giant Sweatshirt Huggle Fleece Warm & Hooded, Blue

【One Size Fits All & Easy Care】 The wearable conformable hoodie blanket is perfect size for men, women, adult, teenage boys and girls. Machine washable, just toss in the wash on cold then tumble dry separately on low - it comes out like new!
【Warm All Winter】Oversized Sweatshirt Hoodie Blanket is designed to keep you warm and comfortable from head to toe, while in chilly night, you can enjoy camping& outdoor concert, lounging around the house, reading a book, watching TV. Enjoy this comfort and warmth anytime, anywhere.
【Premium Materials and Elaborate Design】Our luxuriously soft wearable blanket is made from high quality cotton flannel, weighted around 950g. There is a huge front pocket to hide the remote,phone, snacks, game controller and your arms never get cold. Your hands get all the goodness of the soft silky outside material.
【Festival Gift】A great gift for one who likes to be cozy. It’s perfect for moms, dads, wives, husbands, sisters, brothers, cousins, friends & students on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, 4th of July, Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve, birthdays, bridal showers, weddings, anniversaries, back to school, graduation & prime gift 2022.
【Good Service】Our 365-days Warranty covers a wide variety of mishaps and performance guarantees. If your product has a manufacturer defective or other concerns. Our customer service team will assist you the issue in 24 hours. PLEASE CONTACT US FIRST BEFORE SHARE IF YOU HAVE ANY QUALITY ISSUES.


【FOR KIDS, $26.39 $32.99】YESDEX Wearable Blanket Hoodie, Kids Oversized Hoodie Blanket Australia, Soft Comfortable Ultra Plush Giant Sweatshirt Huggle Fleece Warm & Hooded Blue

【FOR KIDS, Fluorescent , $31.99 $39.99】ZYESDEX Wearable Blanket Hoodie, Fluorescent Oversized Hoodie Blanket for Australian Kids, Glow in Dark Blanket Sweatshirt , Kids Ultra Plush Giant Sweatshirt Huggle Fleece Warm & Hooded, Grey Moon

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  • Are these any good?

    I have been seeing a lot of ads around "oodie" brand and not sure if thats good or not and how this compares.

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      I guess the question should be if it's actually a bargain or not seeing as this is a website for sharing bargains, it's not meant for free advertising.

      This doesn't appear to be a bargain, more like normal price.

      Cheaper at Kmart = $29.00.

      • +5

        Yes except the Kmart ones are polyester (yuck) and these ones are cotton flannel. Price isn't everything :)

        • +5

          You're clearly forgetting where you're posting…

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            @mickeyjuiceman: Possibly, if price is your only criteria.
            I'd define a bargain as high quality at a low price.
            If you have two items around the same price and one is clearly better quality then I think most Ozbargainers would agree that the higher quality item is the bettter bargain.

            Though I suspect you were only jesting :)

            • @stuckster: Member DonWilson just said below that he has one - it has a few loose threads here and there so he is expecting it to fall apart at some point.

              Doesn't sound like high quality to me.

              • +1

                @WatchNerd: Clearly you've never worn anything 100% polyester before :)

            • @stuckster: I was and I wasn't. WAY too many people here will buy purely on price and not even bother with concepts like whether it's polyester or not :-) Price is the SOLE metric they use.

        • I don't have this particular one so I don't know what the label says, but I thought I might add that the Oodie is actually 100% polyester as well.

          In terms of cheapo versions, the Sloth version of the KMart one feels pretty close to an Oodie (just based on a quick try on), though the sizing will be a bit different since it comes in S/M and L/XL rather than just one size. Midnight and Floral seemed thinner/less fluffy for some reason. Might just be me. Feel it for yourself in a Kmart if you can/if it matters to you.

          Source: Have and using a Kmart Sloth wearable blanket, have purchased, touched, and tried on after giving away an Oodie as a gift to a family member.

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      Bought this exact one about a year ago and it's been pretty good. Don't have an Oodie to compare it to, but it keeps me warm and is comfortably sized.

      Not that anyone will buy this product for the included socks, but I thought they were so comfortable for the short time that they lasted.

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      We have both this and the "genuine" Oodie, and my wife wears this for preference.

      • Why does she choose this over oodie?

        • Not sure - they're reasonably similar, and she just prefers either of the ones that are this one. I usually end up with the Oodie as I don't much care.

          We have another knockoff that's way longer than the Oodie, and she wears that infrequently.

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            @mickeyjuiceman: Cool thanks for that I'll try it out. If I don't like it I'll just return it.

    • The cotton on ones for $30 have designs too if yalls care about that

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        100% polyester though. These ones seem to be flannel cotton.

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    No yesdex

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  • Guys catch $24.99 free delivery with “One” https://www.catch.com.au/product/cuddle-hoodie-blanket-sky-b...

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      Polyester again. Not for me.

      I can see I am quickly becoming the polyester guy :p

      • (trying to post the link to the song 'polyester girl' :D

  • I have the "Auselect" version of this, they're the exact same item right down to the description and pictures for their promotional material, from this deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/662384

    Very comfy and I've been using it a lot lately but it does have a few loose threads here and there so I'm kinda expecting it to fall apart at some point.

  • I had one similar to this and an Oodie - they're world's apart.

    The cheap ones are much thinner but they do kind of keep you warm, but nowhere near as warm as an original Oodie as it's much thicker.
    If you touch both materials, you'll easily tell them apart.

    The cheap ones are also shorter in length (I'm 178cm and it only reached my upper thigh), the Oodie goes down to my knees.
    I like the Oodie knee length better because when you're sitting down, it covers more leg (can't remember if there's different sizes).

    I ended up giving away the cheap one.

  • tax deductible since i'll be using it for WFH?

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    Description says cotton flannel. Pics don't look anything like cotton…and then this

    Elegant silky velvet texture with grainable cashmere

    • +1

      The identical advertising including promotional images Auselect version I have is definitely polyester. I'm not an expert but yeah, it's definitely polyester.

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