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Collect 5400 Everyday Rewards Points on $100 Spend on One or More Shops in-Store or Online @ Woolworths (Boost Required)


Boost now to collect 5400 points

Just spend $100 in one or more shops in-store or online at Woolworths from Monday, 23 May until Sunday, 29 May.

  1. Click the 'Boost now' button

  2. Spend $100 in one or more shops in-store or online at Woolworths and link your Everyday Rewards Card to your Woolworths Online account or scan your Everyday Rewards Card at the checkout in-store

  3. Collect 5400 points

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Everyday Rewards


  • +1

    I haven’t received any targeted deals for ages on my Woolies cards. Switched to coles for last 6 weeks as they offering me back to back $50 free with $50 spend for 4 weeks.

    • opposite for me. Coles hasn't offered me anything, probably for almost a year now :(

  • I'm only offered 1400 points for $170 spend. Not worth it at all.

  • +1

    Not for me or my wife, we both have spend $150 or more for 10x points. Would vastly prefer $100 for 5,400.

    • I got the same I won't even boost it

  • $200 for me…

  • Sorry to be daft but do you have to spend minimum $100 in one transaction or can it be multiple shops totaling $100?

    • in one or more shops in-store or online

  • Multiple shops totaling $100

  • Thanks!

  • Got half the points offered to me - only 2700 for $100 on one account no offer on the other which is on week 3 of the shop 30, 40,50 for 6000 points total.

    Thanks op for posting was going to reject the offer anyway so will definitely do so now.

    • Not quite as bad but I still feel a little short changed now too, 4300 for $100.. :D

    • +1

      I kept ignore their offers, till this offer. 😉

  • I got 1000 points $140 spend valid for 2 weeks up to 2000 points

  • 6500 points for $70 spending each week over 4 weeks, not bad as I can stack with my woolworths mobile discount.

  • I know Flybuys points works even if buying phone recharge. Does Woolworths mobile plan purchase counts towards this deal?

  • Good deal. The one I received, 10X points for spending $150 in one shop, it's shite instead

  • Woolworths 2000 points for $30 this week and again next week

    Coles 14100 points for $170

    Coles 20000 points for $280

    Woolworths is very lite on offers this week

  • I've got an excellent deal that I really like which is spend $50 and get 3,000 points (in the third week). The first week is spend $30 get 1,000 points, second week is spend $40 get 2,000 points.

    • +1

      My favourite regular offer!
      Got that every 2 or 3 weeks for last year - the advantage of having a few cards.
      Only spend Wk3 offers for best value.

  • 3100pts for $50 shop until Sunday, 29 May.

  • Rewards points top up to 2000pts @BigW - no min spend.

    My offer was 1300pts as have ~ 700pts
    So boost, buy something, scan… Bonus Points

  • I got an offer for 3100 points on a $50 spend so this offer seems to be all over the place.

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