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Scan Everyday Rewards Card in-Store to Receive a Point Top up (up to 2000 Points) with Any Purchase @ BIG W


Boost offer. Scan rewards card when shop to Top up your Rewards points to 2000pt = $10 credit.

No min spend but 1c to qualify - 15c plastic bag is cheapest.

Offer of 1300pts received in email "hit 2000 points with a X points top up at BIG W"
Also in Rewards app.

"If you hit 2000 points in the last 7 days, you will still receive the points top up when you shop and scan or tap your card at BIG W during the promotional period."

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  • -1

    How much is 2000 points worth?

  • +1

    There is no minimum spend on this offer, so you should be able to purchase a 15c reusable bag and get the bonus points.

  • My offer was worth 1000 pts (with my account pts balance at 1000 pts). Looks like this deal tops up whatever pts balance on your account to 2000 pts.

  • Just checked mine and got 1300 points top up 😎

  • +2

    For the sake of the environment, please don't just buy a plastic bag lol

    • +3

      Usual question is "What is the quickest & cheapest spend to qualify for points?" - 15c bag is the answer. It's at checkout.

      (Can be useful. Only plastic bag I've bought - in previous points offer. BigW bag has survived a year of regular use. Kept in backpack for grocery shopping on way home.)

      Shopping is rarely environmentally friendly!
      Just buy something you need, if you want the bonus points.

      Another usual suggestion is a $1 chocolate bar, wrapped in foil backed plastic, from a company with often dodgie environmental & other practices.

      In Woolies bonus points offers, I recommend a piece of fruit🍌

      • Yes, the 15c plastic bag may be the quickest and cheapest option - but as every woman knows, fast isn't always preferred… ;)

        So, at Big W you can buy this for the man in your life if he has a sense of humour or needs an ego boost (plus it's also good for insulting your nemesis) - and for the environmentally friendly, yes, it is wood, in your pants, pardon the pun. ;P

    • +4

      You could just buy a bag and put it back, lol

    • +1

      Or you could leave the bag
      Or you could take it and put it in a RedCycle bin.
      Or you could use the bag

      • This is almost a perfect illustration of Reduce Reuse Recycle

    • Awww

  • +1

    I don’t have this reward :(

    • Same

    • Time to sign up for another Rewards card - for more offers😉
      Won't receive offer if already around 2000pts.

      • Sitting on 806 points currently.

        • Should get 1200pts…
          Possibly offers are slowly coming in. Check later.

  • +1

    No love here

  • +2

    Apart from 15c reusable bag the next cheapest item that I could find is a 25c Brilliant Basics Exercise Book 48 Pages - blue or search BigW for cheapest items

    • +3

      Best to buy something useful!

      The bag is the usual suggestion - for quickest & cheapest purchase as is at the checkout.

      Have a BigW bag folded in my backpack, in case of grocery shopping. Same bag has been in fairly constant use for a year. Bought in a previous "top up to 2000pt" Deal.

  • +6

    Cheapest item would be to order a next day 6x4 print from the Technology counter for 10c.

    • +1

      Good suggestion👍
      5c cheaper than bag, but slower than simply grabbing bag at checkout.

    • +1
      • +2

        True! Thanks.
        In T&C most don't read.
        Excludes spend on gift cards (including iTunes), mobile recharge, travel cards, tickets, BIG W Photos, BIG W eBay, donations, lay-by fees or, lay-by cancellation fees. You will not collect any points on any of these exclusions.

  • +1

    i had 1700 points before receiving the email, so my offer was a paltry 400 points. Hardly worth the trip to big w for $2.50 in points.

    • More than $2.5 of petrol, probably.

    • 400pts is only $2 :-(
      But might find yourself in a shopping centre with a BigW within 14 days…

  • No love here.

  • Got the e-mail, should be worth my while as sitting on 700 odd points.

  • 900 for me. Thanks OP!

  • -3

    We got it on 6 accounts so will collect about 7000 points for a 90c spend. Cheers.

  • same, no email. Sitting at 1380 pts so probably a waste of time anyway.
    ps. don't buy a plastic bag

  • what is the email subject/head line please?

    • In Deal Description
      Yourname, hit 2000 points with a X points top up at BIG W
      Where X is number of points

  • Are the points instantly rewarded? I'm not sure if it is worthwhile going to a special shopping center just to get a discount. It probably costs me around $5 in travel time and gas.

    • So don't do it!! (Such a Rebel!)

      Whether to bother going to BigW for points was already discussed
      You're very new here… Taking up Deals is ALWAYS your choice!

      How much did making your comment cost you?😜
      (When points are added was in your email!)

    • +2

      Each of us has different circumstances, that make the bonus points more or less desirable… (so here is my situation)


      Will you be near a BigW in 14d of Deal?
      I live between 2 a few km away - which are at the bus interchanges I frequently use.
      Regularly shop @Woolies there for bonus Rewards points - this week 3100pts for $50 shop!

      If Answer is No - it's not for you, if Yes…

      Cost v Benefits:
      Cost & time to take up Deal?
      Express buses to my local BigW are fast… & free! Cost is mainly what I buy @BigW!
      As will be travelling to centres anyway, only a few extra minutes to scan.

      Benefit - What is the Deal worth to me?
      The higher the Rewards points offered, the more benefit in collecting - If use points.
      If you have multiple Rewards cards with this offer - It's a much higher benefit😉 AND cost & time to take up Deal is almost same for 1 or many offers!

      It's about optimising benefit for least costs!

  • Anyone know how long points take to be credited?
    Couldn’t see anything I needed, so ended up with just the 15c bag this morning, but points haven’t been credit yet.

    • Would have been faster to check at bottom of offer email. As suggested above.

      It will be slow, going by their maximum time. But arrived much earlier than stated in last Deal

      • -1

        Thanks for the info! Appreciated the bonus condescension.
        Never received the email (likely as I've unsubscribed).

        • Appreciated the bonus condescension.

          That's simply your interpretation🤔
          My comment was correct - took nearly 3hrs for a response. You could have checked your offer in a minute!

          As stated in Deal Description:
          "Offer… received in email…
          Also in Rewards app."

    • Mine got credited straight away, scanned my card tonight and the points were there 10 minutes later.

  • +1

    Finally got around to scanning…
    15c bags unavailable!
    So scanned my old BigW bag!

    Paid 15c for nothing, but worth it for the points!

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