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Michelin Hydroedge Wiper Blade $11.99 Each (Was $15.99) @ Costco (Membership Required)


Good quality wiper blades, in store only
Made in Vietnam

Specs and model finder: https://au.michelin-lifestyle.com/en/promotions/au-wiper-bla...

Mixed feedback from the last deal but personally, have found them to work fine and have held up during the recent downpours

Tip: every few months, wipe down the blades with isopropyl alcohol and clean the windscreen glass - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eB5NtttIkPE

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  • Is this warehouse specific or just starting today?

    I went to Costco Lidcombe (NSW) yesterday and they were regular price at $15.99

    • this batch of specials started today, should be nationwide

    • Today for 14 days, so a week on June 5th is the last day to buy them.

      Yes, they are very good too.

      • Yea, they are, I got some for my Accord from Costco at $11.99 a while ago and they work as they should. Just looking to pick up another pair.

        Honestly $15.99 is already cheaper than most options out there… $11.99 just makes it that much better.

  • I use these on my VE and there are excellent, especially at the price. I have read some user reviews that claim the rubber gets hard within 3 months, that is not my experience & I've been using them for years. I change them over just prior to each winter. A bargain!

    • They are a decent upgrade over stock, although Bosch Aero have lasted longer, been silent, and streak free.

  • they never have the 26''

    • Yes, I've found this too. Annoying but both my recent Japanese, Korean cars now have 26 inch for the driver's side.

  • +1

    Had these in the past and they always left water streak. Replaced them with Bosch Aerotwin and no such issues, still going strong after 3 years.

    • Bosch Aerotwin

      Is it $45 a set?

      • +1

        Bought from sparesbox not long ago for mazda 3 @$22 each. That was with no sale on.

      • I think it was $40 per pair.

    • same here, new out of the box.
      Cleaned windscreen with window cleaner and wiped blades and it still streaks and makes noise.
      the old goodyear ones were so much better.

  • +4

    Bought once never again.
    Leaving streak mark and squeak like no tomorrow despite had the windshield cleaned prior.
    Do your self a favor spend a little more get Bosch, much better product.

    • What's your make/model?

      I got a pair for my '07 Honda Accord and they work wonders - no squeak, no streak marks.

    • agreed, rubbish blades. the old goodyear ones they sold were much better.

  • I remember this was $5?

    • when?

  • Ah, Pan with his weird Quebecois accent…

  • Best wiper blades I’ve had. Tried wipertech , was so bad. Swapped both cars.

  • Why not simply buy Repco hydroblades ??

    $2 still,

    like their water repellent technology too

  • lasted 2 months - luckily returned to costco.

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