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Avocado Smash Burger + French Fries + Soft Drink $15 (Dine-in & Takeaway Only) @ Betty’s Burgers


Have a SMASHING GOOD TIME for $15!! 🎉

Celebrate National Burger Day on Saturday May 28th with an Avocado Smash Burger + French Fries + Soft Drink for only $15 😍

Their FB post shows 3 options:

  • Classic Smash
  • Crispy Chicken Smash
  • Classic Vegan Smash

Available at all Betty's Burgers locations.

T&Cs: Offer valid Saturday 28 May, 2022. Offer exclusively available in restaurant only for dine in and takeaway orders. Not available via Betty’s app or delivery platforms. No alterations permitted to bundle offer.

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  • +3

    I'm definitely getting fat, theres going to be so many deals.

    • +10

      Its more putting on a layer of fat to save on heating over winter. So the savings just keep stacking with Betty's burgers.

  • +2

    What's the normal price?

    Is this a classic with avo smash or an off-menu item?

    • ya it's confusing

    • +5

      Yes, it’s a classic with avo smash. Normally an avocado costs $1.50 at the supermarket.

      • +4

        I'd be keen to see which avo smash you've ever had at any restaurant which is $1.50?

  • +5

    So does this have meat in it or just Avocado? lol.. This advertisement is not very good

    • +7

      Their FB post shows 3 options: Classic Smash, Crispy Chicken Smash, Classic Vegan Smash

      • +1

        Thank you, I added that to the post.

    • +6

      Lol i was thinking the same…glad its not just smashed avacado on buns.

  • +1

    Smashing deal!!

  • +15

    In no universe should this be priced at $27 dollars normally, that's what you should be paying at the burger shops who use the best produce/know their stuff. $15 is alright I guess, shouldn't really be much more either, though.

    • +5

      I thought that was a bit outrageous as well.

    • Yeh Betty’s burgers is the biggest rort going around and people lap it up

    • +1

      What is a burger shop that uses the best produce/know their stuff? What makes Betty’s burgers not up to your standard?

      I’m not familiar with the store but $15 seems like a decent deal for a burger, chips, and drink (that isn’t McDonald’s/hungry jacks etc type fast food)

      • +1

        Depends on where you are. In Sydney CBD I'm talking like Bar Luca level of burgers, as an example.

  • +16

    $15? How is this a deal?
    I thought this was OzBargain not OzDecentlyPriced

    • Can you name some good burger restaurants that are under $15 for burger, chips and drink?

  • +2

    Last Betty's Burger deal changed my mind a little. The Crispy Chicken Supreme burger was pretty decent. Not worth the regular price but pretty good for the discounted price they offered.

  • +3

    Looking at menu it seems
    burgers: 11.50 - 12.50 depending on choice
    add avo: $3
    Chips $5
    Drink $4

    So menu price $23.50 - $24.50

    Only had burger once before with them and did enjoy it. I think for $15 burger, chips and drink is decent price.

  • +1

    Is it Smashed avo orrr nah?

    • +5

      Looking forward to eating you on Saturday.

  • +1

    Hmm, I consider this normal price and not a deal price! My local Sporting Globe will also be doing $15.90 burger deals.

    • +1

      It depends where you go. The quality varies greatly. Most pubs I go to (like sporting globe) are a lot lower quality burgers than burger shops and usually cost more.

      • +1

        I wouldn't pay full price at sporting globe but their lunch deals are of good value for the burgers.

  • +2

    Betty Burgers are pretty tasty, but way overpriced and not huge. 50% off then they're ok.

  • +1
  • +2

    Tried Betty's once - wasn't impressed at all.

  • +1

    I wonder what's the deal with burgers?
    Why are they so overpriced?

  • -2

    Is this even a deal? My local cafe does burger, chips and drink for $10 as a standard everyday price.

    • +1

      Where is that?

  • +1

    This is ok if you want a soft drink, but 2 for 1 burger days are much better I'd say.

    We haven't drunk soft drinks for years and have had no teeth cavities since.

    • +1

      So your Dentist told you you have had absolutely no cavities in years??

      This is a rare soft drink (coke no sugar) over many years - but my Dentist always finds a cavity. I grew up with no soft drink, but had cavities as a child. So soft drink isn't the only cause!!

      • +1

        Yes that's right, cavities all stopped when we gave up soft drinks, dentist confirmed. We have yearly checkups.
        Those drinks really coat your teeth with sugars effectively, not to mention Coke having acid with PH around 2.

        • +1

          While there is enough proof of the effect of soft drink on tooth enamel, resulting in caries…

          I can't find any proof that stopping consumption of just soft drink will lead to zero caries over years!

          (Religious groups (like some Seventh Day Adventists) that limit or forbid certain foods, are usually a research group of interest.)

          But it is a good idea to limit / stop consumption, though.

          There are many factors, not just soft drink, that are important in the development of caries.

          So seems it is likely luck or coincidental in your case. Unless there is research I am unaware of.

          As I commented, my personal experience - strictly enforced no soft drink or lolly consumption as a child, did not stop my frequent caries then.

          My Father was very elderly before he first ate a Tim Tam etc (no more than 1 per week) & never drank soft drink, etc. He certainly had had caries & lost teeth.

          We're not genetically blessed😁

  • +1

    I’d love to try but everything has dairy in it :(

    (Vegan doesn’t but I like meat)

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Just grabbed the meal. Can’t believe it’s normally $27. Far out.

    • Awesome! Hope it tastes good.

  • +1

    Brisbane (Garden City store) has no wait to order now.

    • Thanks for the update.

      • +1

        Fairly new store beside the pool.
        Burger is ok.

        Only eaten before at the Noosa store, across from beach. Tasted better & menu prices were cheaper. (Was stranded there in Noosa during March flood. Betty's was cheapest place for meal in Noosa.)

        • was your house okay during the flood?

          • +1

            @Savas: Was in Noosa on (very cheap) holiday during floods🍹
            Loved the rain - perfect for a rest.
            Earnt 100k Telstra Plus points for $35/n backpacker stay for 5n, 5min walk to Bettys & beach.
            House in Brissie was high & dry on hill.

  • Overpriced garbage…. You can also add 5 guys to the list!

  • +1

    Just had one…
    Avo Smash Veg
    There was no avocado in it …

    • Disappointing .. Complain to head office..

      • +1

        The lady taking orders didn't know about the promo.
        Then the lady we asked if it was meant to have avocado in it, looked at the promo and said 'looks like it should, but I don't know honestly'

        • +1

          Brisbane store had promo signs almost everywhere, including little ones on every table. Most people were ordering it - on first sunny day in weeks.

    • +1

      Should have sent it back!
      Mine had about 1/2 large avo - kept sliding out.

      • +1

        Still tasted fine without avo, and had to rush off to a movie but yeah, bad first experience.

  • +1

    I think Mos Burger is much better.

    • Thanks, I’ll give it a try.

    • +1

      A different "burger"🍔
      Sometimes offer rice based options. Popular in Japan🎏
      Pity the free Birthday Burger is no longer offered😥

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