Jamie Oliver 1L Loaf Tin $3 (was $15) @ Woolworths (Limited Stores)


Decent loaf tin if you're after one, or a few.

A cheap tool for producing 'sourdough for the gluten intolerant' (a.k.a. saving a failed, over-fermented sourdough)

How to:

Some interesting but old research:

With its generously deep and vertical walls, this tin is ideal for baking bread, loaf cakes and tea breads, producing a deep loaf with the perfect bloom and no bleeding of the top of the cake over the sides. The tin's non-stick coating means you can easily turn out your bakes looking lovely and in one piece. The heavy-duty carbon steel conducts heat evenly ensuring a good even bake, and it's designed to withstand temperatures of up to 240°C.

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  • Sourdough for gluten intolerant?

    If it's a proper sourdough, or any bread with wheat, it's got a gluten net and it's not good for those allergic or intolerant to gluten.

    • Have a read of the article, what do you think?

    • Yep thanks will add

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    loaf tin = 3$

    Add ‘jamie oliver’ = 15$

  • Ha yes ⬆️

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    The pan-on-pan is my standard go-to method also because I want normal bread shaped.. bread.
    I hate that every sourdough recipe makes domes in a dutch oven :P

    Seems to be full price on the website, but I might pop into my local and see if it's difference in store. Thanks.

    • Hey bra, I think the dutch oven is important for the humidity in the bake - that being why you leave the lid on until its time to crisp up he crust? If these loave tins don't have a lid, how do you think that will affect the bake? I'm with you in wanting bread shaped bread! I've only got a 5 and 6 quart dutch oven, and the bread just splays so far out!

      • at 4:55 in the youtube vid the OP linked is the same as what I do with some pans to create a fake dutch oven thing but loaf shaped.

        Cheapo pans tend to get burnt and don't last too long at these high temperatures though, wondering if Jamie Oliver brand worth a go :)

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    Uncle Roger: haiyaa Jamie Olive Oil

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      I thought the same thing!

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        Nephew/Niece undadog, I give you Uncle/Aunty title back!

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    I'm ex-UK, I like to cook and frankly Jamie is the LAST person I would trust.

    Went to one of his restaurants in Canberra. Yuck.

    In fairness, my wife went to Bannisters at Mollymook over the weekend and she was singularly unimpressed as well - Rick Stein etc.

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      Gordon Ramsay > Jamie Olive Oil.
      Jamie is still pretty entertaining, nothing he cooks is health, may as well lump him in with the other celebrity chefs.

  • What? Rubbish…..Jamie Oliver is a brilliant and respected Chef who has single-handedly revolutionised a generation of bad food eating English people,as well as many others.He served his apprenticeship with respected Italian maestros like Antonio Carluccio and is well versed in the art of French pastry cooking etc.etc.Too demean him with comments like yours shows your ignorance of his achievements.

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      Jamie is well known as a hack, ask Anthony Bourdain what he thought lol

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        Slight problem there.
        Anyway, I'd rather read what the Mayor of Flavortown had to say about Tony.

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      Jamie is great at dumbing down dishes for the average uk-er.
      10min curray and 8 Min teriyaki chicken that are bang average but would stop them buying pizza hut innit?

      So he's done good.

      Basically if you enjoy cooking you wouldn't watch his stuff.

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    Grabbed these on the weekend and made bread in them, feels like a really solid tin and has decent enamel, not light and flimsy, great size, did a solid job on the bread, cleaned easily, zero regrets.
    IMHO, they're a steal at $3!

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      I've got a silicon bread mould, almost the same thing or worth grabbing one of these? Non stick is handy. Either way $3 is a deal!

      Still $15 on the app, may not be at every woolies, who knows but good find.

      Ps not hatin' on Jamie's achievements, enjoyed good shows and simplicity.

      • I reckon since they are scanning everywhere at $3, likely state wide NSW at least

        • Got a silicon one already and barely use that but good to know.

    • Great! haven't tried them yet! Good to have the review.

  • Not valid in QLD

    • The website shows full price for us, but I went in store and picked up the last 2 at Maroochydore. Was marked at $3.

      • Bake two loaves at once?

        • I mean, they are kind of small pans compared to what most recipes call for so I figure why not.

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            @Stoibs: True.. should give it a crack again myself, healthier making it at home, my oven sucks and doesn't go that hot

      • Plenty in the southern GC, but two stores at full price

        • Would anyone here buy it for $15…?

  • Chadstone Vic has heaps. BUT, they are still $15. I did a price check instore.

    Very small loaf pan, 1/2 - 2/3 size. Would have got a couple at $3 for mini loaves.

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      Arr DARN!! Sorry it's not aus wide :(

      • Not your fault it's a localised clearance.

        Maybe next week or fortnight for me. I'll keep an eye out.

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    Thanks for that YouTube link, didn't come across that channel before but seems helpful as I'm struggling with shaping any bread with a hydration of 65% or higher.

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