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Sofirn SD01 $70.19, IF22A $47.99, SP36 Pro $67.49, SC21 $30.54, BLF LT1 $85.29, SP40A $34.44 Delivered @ sofirn-au via Amazon AU


Vivi (store rep) from the Sofirn Flashlight AU group on Facebook shared these deals.

For pre-sales, coupons, and after-sales support for the sofirn-au store on Amazon Australia, Vivi (store rep) can be contacted via: [email protected]

SD01KIT 6000K to 6500K: $70.19
35% off with promo code FHIPCZL5

IF22A Kit 6000K-6500K: $47.99
Sofirn's own user interface (not Anduril).
10% coupon and 25% off with promo code 587DTYC9

SP36 Pro kit 6500K: $67.49
25% off with promo code TJ43KMK2

SC21 Kit 5000K: $30.54
Sofirn's own user interface (not Anduril).
15% coupon and 20% off with promo code MB2OGSUB

BLF LT1 kit with power bank feature: $85.29
Clip with $29 coupon on the product page and use promo code QLKLMQRU

SP40AKIT 5000K with TIR Lens: $34.44
10% coupon and 25% off with promo code 2DRNKM9K

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • 587DTYC9 not working

    • +1

      Sorry, codes are set to start at 11pm

      • TX mate

      • Still no luck

        • I tried at 23:12 and the code was invalid.

          I tried again at 23:13 and it worked.

          May have been a system issue 🤔

  • TJ43KMK2 Also not working.

  • +1

    Y'all need to read the start time 😅

  • [email protected]

    Damn, they contacted me with a really good deal a couple months ago and I thought it was spam.
    Not actually sure how they got my email address though.

    • +1

      Might have ordered from sofirn-au via Amazon before?

      Vivi manages the stock for Amazon Australia and Japan.

      • I haven’t ordered any sofirn lights. If memory serves me correct they are related to Thorfire and I did order a couple of Thorfire lights from Amazon.

  • +1

    G'day Tim Mc - any chance you have a code for the IF25A?

    4000k with Anduril would be brilliant but I can only see the 6500k on the 'sofirn-au' Amazon product page.

    • +3

      If you don’t mind buying from their Aliexpress store it’s on special there at the moment and have a choice of either 4000k or 6500k. Comes to US$28.58 (about AUD$40.20) after using store coupon for US$5 off. If you can find something US$4.02 to add it to the cart, there’s also Aliexpress discount you can apply spend US$30 get US$4 off.



      • Thanks for posting - always prefer Amazon but may have to roll the dice with Ali!

    • +2

      Best to ask Vivi as she manages the sofirn-au store and can do individual codes.

      4000K may be easier to get via sofirnlight.com or the Sofirn Official store on AliExpress

      • OK - thanks and will do.

        PS: Great job on your LT1S review (https://timmcmahon.com.au/posts/sofirn_lt1s/) - really appreciate the finer points like cell analysis and charging compatibility and powerbank charging rates.

        • Thanks!

  • Any LEP torches?

    • Sofirn don't currently have LEP torches.

  • I’m interested in the SP36 Pro and the SC21.
    I purchased a Sofirn torch a couple of weeks ago and I’m really impressed with the quality of it especially for the price.
    It’ll be good to give my edc torch, an Olight S1RII a break.

  • 587DTYC9 not working

    • I tried it at 23:13 and it's now valid.

  • Any reviews on the SD01?
    I have the SD05 and its great!

  • +1

    Does this just switch the light on and off with a single button press? Or is it one of those garbage ones that has 10 modes you have to click through to just turn the light on ?

    • +3

      IF22A, SC21, SP40A, SD01 have simple user interfaces. The IF22A can be turned on and off with a click and you can hold the button to ramp the brightness down and up.

      SP36 Pro and BLF LT1 have a complex user interface. You can just click on and off but you may end in an unexpected mode if you click multiple times.

      • thanks for the reply. Missed the deal anyway.

        • The coupons for IF22A and LT1 were reactivated :-)

  • Bloody legend. Sp36 coming my way

  • Ordered an LT1, I have no idea why.

    Maybe it'll be another nudge to finally take some leave and go camping.

  • BLF LT1 kit with power bank feature(amazon.com.au): $85.29

    Lowest it comes to is $114.29 which is not a good deal. Was going to purchase one but not now.

    • did you put the voucher code in?

      • -1

        Yes it's $126.99 without the voucher and $114.29 with the voucher and not $85.29 as the deal says.

        • It appears the promo stacking is over. It was $85.29.

          • -1

            @Meg4: Yes, so negging the deal at this stage as the advertised pricing is fake and unobtainable.

            • +1

              @LowRange: It was obtainable yesterday, you were just too late

            • +2

              @LowRange: Just waiting on the store rep to re-instate the 10% coupons where you normally click a green "Clip" button on the product page for the IF22A and LT1. They must have overlooked when those two coupons expire. The other promo codes and coupons are still active.

              SD01 diving light price dropped a bit more when I tried checking out with the code.

            • +1

              @LowRange: BLF LT1 deal works now.

              • @Tim Mc: Fantastic, thank you it now works. I found how to remove my neg vote, but it wont let me positive vote the deal unfortunately. Thanks for contacting the rep.

                • +1

                  @LowRange: No worries!

                  IF22A should have a 10% coupon re-appear within the next 5 hours (Amazon reckons it could take 6 hours), to stack with the promo code.

                  • @Tim Mc: Hi Tim, confirmed the IF22A with 10% coupon worked for me now. Thanks for looking into it.

  • +1

    Yeah, cannot stack the promo for the IF22A. It's $54.74 and not $47.99 as claimed in the deal. Expired?

    • +1

      It looks like the 10% coupon (not promo code) disappeared. I've asked Vivi …

      • Hi OP. Is 10% coupon coming back?

        • It's back.

  • +1

    If anyone would like to share future deals from the Sofirn Torch AU group here, feel free to reach out to Vivi.

    It can take 100+ attempts to submit or edit a deal on ozbargain when the URL points to Amazon because Amazon AU is banned. ozbargain eventually identifies the store as sofirn-au and allows it. Sometimes it identifies it, and then rejects when submitting. Just keep at it I guess. :-P

  • Codes expire on the 10th of June according to the fb group

    • Ah, I was told 29th May 23:59. 😅

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