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adidas Performance Ultraboost DNA Guard $99.99 (RRP $279.99) + $10 Delivery/ $0 C&C @ Hype DC


Adidas Ultraboost DNA Guard Sold out

More ultraboost from $99.99 /$0 C & C/$0 Delivered If Spend $130 /+$10 Delivered If Spend Less Than $130 While Stocks Last )

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  • oh damn finally something in my size haha

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    10%-12% cashback through CR

  • Got the DNA Guard. I'll blackout the midsole and WIN

    • Your DNA will thank you ;)

    • Normal Texta or do you have some specialised markers?

      • curious to know too

  • Wish those back tabs were black

  • God, whenever there is a shoe sale they never have size 12!

    • +1

      There were size 12 30 mins after the deal was posted

  • RIP number 12 😣

  • Are these really good?

  • Managed to grab 2 pairs in size 10, one in each colour!

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    why are ultraboosts so popular on ozb? are they the best running shoes?

    • +3

      They are probably the most comfortable every day wear, I don’t use them for running

      • Yeah, I had a pair of ultraboost 2020s half price that lasted 2 and a bit years - much longer than other pairs I've had and comfy too. The fabric is a bit worn & and sole is moving in the shoe, so recently got some 2022 versions nearly half price. We'll see how they go.

  • Grrrrr, had a pair in my cart. Get to checkout: Sold Out.

  • Why don't hype do half sizes?

    • click UK sizing

      • The uk size is is the same size as the us with a different number. They dont sell half sizes.

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    I don't need more shoes.

    I don't need more shoes.

    I don't need more shoes.

  • Grabbed some super cheap kids Vans shoes.

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    Sold out, please update the post

  • Merged from adidas Ultraboost 5.0 DNA Black/White, Size US Womens 5-10/ Mens 4-9 $99.99 + $10 Delivery ($0 C&C/ $130 Order) @ Hype DC
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    RRP $259.99

    adidas Performance logo
    A run on the boardwalk or picking up trash on the coastline. This version of the adidas Ultraboost Shoes are for people who enjoy the beach but also keep its interests at heart. The soft adidas Primeknit upper offers a mix of support and flex. The Boost outsole offers comfort you'll have to feel to believe.
    Sock-like fit
    Lace closure
    adidas Primeknit upper
    Textile lining
    Supportive heel counter
    Boost midsole
    Stretchweb outsole with Continental™ Rubber

    • No US14?

      • +3

        Bigfoot sighting confirmed

    • +1

      No us 10 😔

    • Is there any actual diff between mens and womens?

      • Assuming mens would be wider.

        • +1

          Half the internet claim UB's are only a single size different, no difference anywhere else.

          Oh well, snoozed and lost out.

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