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[eBay Plus] Razer Kishi Universal Gaming Controller for iPhone $58.15 Delivered @ Razer eBay


Dropped at 12 PM AEST today, the coupon gives a $60 discount and is stacking with the store's ongoing 15% promotion, bringing the price down to $58.15. All time lowest, I think?

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      Damn I really wanted that one

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    Can I use this to play efootball mobile on iphone?

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    Serious - What do people do with these on iOS? Wouldn't this be better on android for emulators?

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      Xbox cloud streaming.

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      Hence the discount for the iphone version I suppose

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      iOS can run emulators just fine with AltStore, no Jailbreak needed.

      This one would be my pick. Based on LibRetro (Retroarch)


      • If you don’t want to fiddle with altstore and certificates try Afterplay.io, it’s browser based emulation, been using it a lot on iOS. Even works on Xbox.

    • Xcloud gamepass ultimate

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      Moonlight iOS client to stream from my rig. PC games in bed. It’s a winner.

      • This is the real answer here. Use my Kishi for this all the time.

  • Good deal but playing Xcloud on anything smaller than even a 10 inch screen is a receipe for epic eye strain imo

    Also does anyone know if the dpad sucks on the iOS variant too? Nothing more frustrating than a dpad that misdirects

    • I feel this also applies to remote play on PS5… didn't realise how hard it is to play a non-text heavy game like GT7 on a small screen with latency even over wifi.

      • Frustratingly, I couldn't get PS5 remote play to work on my iPad or MacBook without constant lag spikes, but it worked fine on the iPhone

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    How did I not realise this is the iPhone version.. accidentally ordered 🤦‍♂️

    • happy to get it off you if you're in Syd (I dont have ebay+)

      • already requested a cancellation sorry

      • Let me know if you would like me to order one for you.

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          already ordered one through a mate, thanks for looking out much appreciated biggie!

    • Because it says universal. I was thinking of ordering it too, then saw the word iPhone. Not really universal….

      • yeah… I didn't even read the whole title tbh. I'm not sure if the original deal listing included iPhone or if it got added by mods? anyway, order has been cancelled so no issue really

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    perfect time for diablo immortal

  • Only work till iPhone 11 Pro Max.. newer phones don’t fit in it I think

    • I've got a 13 Pro Max - it fits but I need to take my case off to use it

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    I really don't like the kishi. I don't know if the gamesir alternatives are better, but:

    The hold on most phone are floppy.

    The triggers are scratchy, and have an ambiguous activation point.

    The buttons are mushy, like real mushy.

    The dpad can also be a bit ambiguous.

    For 60 bucks, it's not the worst thing in the market. But also for 60 bucks, you can get a decent regular controller and use one of those phone clips, and they'll be just as floppy. I'll only recommend the kishi if pocketability is that important to you.

    Great deal though, 60 bucks are cheap.

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      The buttons are mushy, like real mushy.

      The dpad can also be a bit ambiguous.

      Dang, that would frustrate me to no end

      • Fortunately for me, I map everything to shoulders buttons and use stick only, even in emulation.

        But I just can't forgive how floppy it is. I've since bought a retro pocket 2+ and play mostly on that.

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          I got a rg351mp exactly because I wanted a better control experience haha

    • I have the gamesir x2 but haven't tried the kishi. From what I gather the gamesir doesn't have the same issues as the Kishi - especially not floppiness, and the buttons are clicky.

      In terms of telescopic controllers vs normal controller with a clip - it's just night and day for me. I much prefer the telescopic controller. Even the new clips that make the weight hang over your hands don't quite stop the feeling the weight is off. I guess before the new clips, it was like holding a spoon and egg, and now it's like holding a full wine glass - it's easier, but slight movements make the weight shift more than is comfortable. Telescopic just feels right.

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      I hate the d pad, pressing up+down sometimes also activates right+left.

      Don't know if I got a dud, also phone doesn't hold good either (poco x3pro) and buttons are mushy.

      Only upvoted due to price, knowing how it feels I wouldn't buy at this price if your using for retroarch playing new/SNES emu

  • Can anyone try using the code on the android version and let me know if PWEGAME works for that too? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/363092471487?hash=item5489ff6ebf...

    • I tried, didn't work.

      • thanks for letting me know 👍

  • This controller has lag issue with NES emulator, try to play on Contra - press the jump and the character isn't jump right away.

    Bought Blackbone and very happy with it lag issue sorted

    • and the character isn't jump right away.

      …so literally unplayable then? I still cannot get through contra level 1 without getting hit at least once or falling down in the pits -_ -

  • I got one of these for Android Version through Telstra Plus and These are amazing for xcloud.

  • Seems works with Genshin Impact, but I'll stay with PC version - Keyboard & Mouse.

  • Doesn’t work with iPhone 13 that sux

    • That's interesting - I've got a 13 Pro Max and it fits (just need to take my case off)

  • I did a search and people say works with iphone 12 and 13 pro max, just need to take any case off?

    can anyone confirm??


    • Yep I've got a 13 Pro Max and it fits, just need to take the case off

      • good to know, thanks

  • Can this code be used for anything else

  • For those wondering if it works with a Pixel 6 Pro, yes it does. Take out the rubber inserts and it fits the phone with a case perfectly. I have the official Google case and it works well.

  • Need a deal for the Android version!

  • Looking for an Android version. Great price.

  • Only dropping to $79 with code, what am I missing?

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      EBay plus I'm guessing

      • Nah, I'm a plus member #shrug

        Does it not total till checkout?

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          Oh, so it'll add a discount at the cart then you apply the coupon from the post at checkout. Double discounts, ends up at the final price of $58 something

  • Is the 15% discount over? I've added the controller to my cart and applied the coupon code but it still came up to $79 at the checkout.

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