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Sony 10% Cash Back (Was 1.75%) @ ShopBack & Cashrewards


Some people might already have price matched big ticket items sitting in their Sony cart, waiting for a decent cash back rate like this. This is as good as it gets.

The usual way to take advantage of this cash back is to request price match with the best price you can find from an Aust store selling Aust distributed Sony products (not direct imports). There's a price match request link in Sony online store.

Stack with AmEx Statement Credits: Spend $500 or More, Get $75 Back @ SONY.

E.g. Try price match these deals:

Cash Rewards T&Cs.
Shopback T&Cs.

Price match instruction:

  1. Create a Sony account if you do not have one.
  2. Add item to cart.
  3. There an option to request price match on the same page, enter details of the price match vendor etc.
  4. Within a business day, Sony will email you yay or nay. The price will be updated in your cart.
  5. Activate CR or SB for tracking. Make payment.

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  • Could be better with a Sony cashback.

  • Just beware that mine did not track and had to put through a manual claim.

    • ShopBack or Cashrewards?

      • Cashrewards. I ended up using ShopBack and it tracked fine for the same product.

    • cashrewards seem to have issues tracking, and shopback tend to be more reliable for me as well

      • When it's literally the same affiliate network with both of them.

        • Are you a share holder or something? :P

          Being awfully defensive there.

          • +4

            @mahdoo: No. I just know exactly how the affiliate space works, and I can categorically tell you that if an item tracks for one provider, it will do for the other as well provided you didn't click away before purchase or activated Honey etc. Tracking is NOT done by the cashback providers. It's done by 3rd party networks, and I know for sure that both CR & SB use Impact Radius for Sony.

  • +1

    Looks like Shopback is matching this. Was hoping one would beat the other so the choice is easier.

  • -2

    I thought we're boycotting Sony because crap post sale customer service?

    • +1

      use Costco to buy if you can. Sony, Samsung, LG customer services Australian based are very bad compare to other countries

      • I phoned Costco to ask how they’d deal with a TV that has developed problems after Costco’s 90 day change of mind policy. They said that you’d have to go through the manufacturer. It may differ around stores but if true there might not be much benefit to shopping there.

        • +4

          Legally they can’t tell you that you have to go to the manufacturer during the warranty period.

          Consumer Law says you have the choice on whether you want to deal with the retailer or manufacture. They cannot tell you that you have to go directly to Sony, Samsung etc.

  • no stock for 65x90J

  • +1

    Been eyeing that XM5s, will work good with Amex and cashback. Cheers OP

    • Same here but the starting price of $548 is still pretty high.

      • But if you also stack with the Amex $75 cash back…

    • +2

      It will work out to be $425 which is okay for a pre launch

      • Go overseas, take it through TRS for another ~$50 back. I really wanna test this baby on a flight.

        • I tested Bose QC40 last month, they were alright. That's why craving the XM5s

          • +1

            @abs898: You mean QC45? I'm still on the Bose NC700s. Didn't like the design of the QC45 or the Sony xm4s - I'm glad Sony updated the design!

            • @clx: 45* yes my typo.

              Got them via Amazon when they had $399 for the headphones + USB adaptor.

              My partner is happy to take them off me so I could get the 5s

      • +1

        I was trying to HODL knowing that these will be on sale much lower at some point but failed…

        Thanks for confirming the ballpark cost after offers + cashback.

      • +3

        Update: I was able to price match with JB and TGG for $494. Submitted 2 Proce match requests on Sony website saying both other stores have 10% off for click frenzy. Once got rejected as exclusion under the coupon policy. However, the second one got approved.

        Just places an order for 1000XM5 + $18 cheap headphones for $512.

        Cashback $75 from Amex + $10% from Shopback.

        Roughly Headphones for $369

        • Damn it! Too late I already used the AMEX offer!

          But well done on that ripper deal!

          • @tof: It was a wild card tbh

        • I also got the price match for the TGG, just put the date as the 25th, the jb hifi one is not accepted as the headphones are part of the exclusions for the 10% off. I just added the cheapest earbuds to get it above 500 to double down with amex and cashback.

          • @CaptainSpark88: Still waiting for it to show up in shopback

          • @CaptainSpark88: did you get the pricematch for TGG after click frenzy had finished? I tried to do it today but they rejected it and wanted a screenshot with the lower price.

            • @akan28: Yes i did, i tried on the chat and also submitted a price match, it might depend on who you get on email i would just try again.

    • Tempting…

      I have the XM3's - but the headband is broken and I'm using tape to keep it together haha. I looked into replacement parts, but it's a pretty expensive fix.

      Edit: I think I'll try hold for the XM6's in ~2024.. Hopefully my XM3's hold out haha.

  • +2

    Any good price on 75" x90j or x95j ?

  • Anyone successfully using sony price match from costco prices?
    Tried doing pricematch in sony before and got rejected (forgot which store I did)

    • Pot luck depending on the Sony rep. I price matched successfully with a Costco deal on OB early this year.

    • Mine was a success

  • It seems to get the Stan free subscription, a promo code need to be applied. Will the sale still be eligible for the cashback?

    • Have to do the stan rego first before paying to enter the code

      • Yes, but it is a "promo code NOT listed on [Shopback, Cashback, etc]"

  • Has anyone ever succeeded in paying on multiple (amex) cards?

  • how does price matching work - Does Sony provide a unique code to apply at check out?
    Can cashback still be tracked?

    • +2

      Added instruction up top.

  • Nice timing as also have a spend $500 get $75 off on my Amex account

  • +1

    Anyone know when this increased cashback will end?

  • +1

    I always had positive experience with Cashrewards for Sony . Special thanks to TA for great service.

    • Me too.

  • whats the expiry for this ?

  • Till when is the 10% cashback valid. I have requested a price match and am waiting. As per earlier comments it takes a day to get the email approval for price match. I am afraid I may lose the cashback by then. For a 85 mm lens priced at 1819, I am 182 as cashback and 75 back from Amex which is 257 dollars back. Just amazing deal.

    • In the past, usually a couple of days at CR and SB’s discretion it seems.
      BTW cash back rate calculation is on ex GST amount.

  • +3

    Before you order, be aware that Sony post-sales Customer Service is very poor, and you could end up very unlucky like I was.

    I paid $3k for a TV 5 weeks ago. It was delivered in a damaged box, screen was cracked and Sony have absolved themselves of any and all responsibility. Before some price says I damaged it during the unpacking, that is simply not the case and This is not an isolated incident. The technician that did an assessment on behalf of Sony (not a Sony employee) told me he's doing many assessments for the same issue in QLD, perhaps a bad batch, who knows. I price matched and ordered through Sony when they had a Cash Rewards promo (OzBaragainer, yo) so thought I got a good deal, but it caused a lot of stress and frustration and I deeply regret the purchase. If you order through Sony direct, good luck.

  • Instead of going for Sony 85mm f1.4, I decided to go for Sigma 85mm f1.4 dg dn from ebay where I got 20% Cashback. Got almost 287 dollar discount (ebay plus) than the normal advertised price óf 1359. Loving it.

    I waited for the Sony price match. The customer service made me to register at their website and then send a request and they are closed after 5 pm.

    • ‘Best to follow the steps in the instruction up top.

  • Does anyone know how long it takes to track with cashrewards?

    • I got an email confirming my tracked cashrewards 7 mins after putting through my order.

      • Damn it's been 1.5 days for me and still haven't tracked. Might have to cancel and order again.

        • You can just submit an enquiry on your transaction through the cashrewards site. I've had them fix untracked orders before without too much fuss. You just need to upload your invoice.

  • +1

    10% cashback is back on Cashrewards (ends in 2 days)

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