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Segway Ninebot Kickscooter Max G30L $899 + Delivery ($0 Metro Areas/ QLD C&C) @ iScoot


It's been quite a while since one of the Segway G30 electric scooters have been on sale and iScoot currently have the G30L reduced to $899. Despite saying free delivery to 'metro areas only' I've been able to get free shipping on non-metro postcodes which is a bonus.

It's also a better alternative to the Xiaomi Pro Scooter 2 as it's larger, offers more power, rear wheel drive and in my experience better range and overall riding experience.

Featuring a rear motor with 350W power, 700W max power, up to 40km range, 25km/h max speed (can be unlocked to do 30km/h & cruise control), 10" self healing tubeless tyres, E-ABS + front drum brake, IPX5 water resistance, 3 second fast folding up, 2.5W front LED light, 6h fast charging and can be paired with the Segway app for stats and locking.

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    Obligatory eScooter Bingo. There's always one :/

  • I've definitely seen some people on the bike track into Hobart doing 35km/h+ on their scooters passing cyclists.

    Sucks to be them, my e-bike does 50km/h.

    • One of those have probably been me. I can get to 55-60km on my escooter and often go over the Tasman bridge at speed.

      • I can't imagine going over the bridge at that speed! It's scary enough just riding down it in general.

        If you ever see a light blue backpack fanging it past you, it's likely me ;)

        • Usually on the footpath and at that height you're above the anti-suicide railings by quite a bit. Nothing worse getting stuck behind a slow cyclist on the footpaths though.

          I'll have to keep an eye out now.

      • Which escooter do you use?

        • I have quite a few. Dragon Lightning is my next toy on the way, but I'd really love a NAMI Burn.

          Happy to give suggestions if you're after anything.

    • I see people in brisbane keeping up or passing kingford smith traffic on the river path. 60+. (profanity) insane.

  • G30L is the less good version of G30P, right?

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      G30P has a larger battery than the G30L so you get more range.

      • Oh ok thanks. I thought I remember reading about some difference in the motors also.

        • There are different motor versions in Gen 1 and Gen 2 and also in the branded variants like the Maserati.

  • Good price! I got the G30P from JB Hifi during the $799 sale last year, but since then the prices for these two have been over $1000.

  • I can get mine upto about 33kph…it goes up to 30kph if you change your serial# to a USA one (google is your friend), and if you want to go beyond that it requires a little more work adjusting the firmware.

    I have a friend with a Xiaomi Pro 2, and this out-accelerates that in my experience…and my tyres have lasted far better (no punctures so far), compared to my friend with the Xiaomi


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