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TCL 20 Pro 5G (6.67" AMOLED, 6GB/256GB, SD750G, NFC, Wireless Charging, Widevine L1) $399 Delivered ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Big W


From the upcoming catalogue and starting on the 26th is this Android phone from TLC offering excellent features and hardware for the price. Namely an impressive display, plenty of memory/storage, a fast processor, NFC, fast charging, wireless charging and Netflix in HDR10.

Featuring a 6.67" AMOLED curved 1080x2400 display with 700nits brightness, Android 11 (12 in development), 6GB RAM, 256GB storage (expandable), Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G CPU with Adreno 619 GPU, Widevine L1 DRM with Netflix HDR10 support, NFC, 4500mAh battery with QC3 charging & 15W wireless charging, 48/16/5/2MP rear camera, 32MP front camera, 5G/4G connectivity, 3.5mm jack, WiFi ac, Bluetooth 5.1 and in-display fingerprint reader.

A TPU case, in-ear headset, 15W fast charger (hopefully wireless?) and USB-C cable come included.

Free delivery online with free click and collect.

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  • +3

    and people were boycotting chinese products and this pops up lol

    • +5

      I think the recent Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G would be a good alternative, likely to have much better support.

      • I loath the Samsung bloatware thats near impossible to remove and is often abandoned by Samsung, with constant reminders to the fact

    • +3

      Pretending to boycott.

    • Is not most smartphones made in China. How do you boycott that.

      • I'd check who actually receives most of the money from the phone I'm buying.

        For example with iPhone or Samsung, even though it's assembled in China and/or some parts are from China, Chinese companies would receive a very small %% of sales, compared to sales of Chinese brands. IMHO it's not ethical to buy Chinese brands when it essentially declared an economic war to Australia and better alternatives are easily available.

        • Not ethical? Lol. How about I tell you it’s not ethical when Peter Dutton falsely accused China for ‘developing’ COVID-19? Yeah? Liberals?

          What a joke.

          • @FOX: What Peter Dutton say makes perfect sense. Thanks to people like him we still have our country and keep China at bay

            • +3

              @syswong: Thanks to people like him, his reactionary, dog whistling government has just been consigned to the back benches for hopefully 2 or 3 terms.

              • -1

                @jackspratt: Meanwhile you drive a Chinese car partly owned by the CCP. Bravo champ

                • -1

                  @LifeStories: Do I?

                  I must check under the Honda badge to look for the GW badge.

                  You have NFI, champ.

          • @FOX: This kind of comment belongs in the sewers of Twitter. (BTW, everyone knows where the Wu Flu came from. The clue's in the name.)

        • -1

          brainwashed donkey, lol

  • It is unfortunate but that looks like what I have been after. Looking for reasonable spec modest priced phone.

  • +3

    Should i swap my realme SuperZoom x3?

    • +4

      That's still a really good phone and the Snapdragon 855+ will outperform the Snapdragon 750G in this. I'd probably stick with it.

      • Yeah only this will AMOLED screen better than SuperZoom X3.

        • True the display and battery would be better in this, plus more updates.

    • +1

      No man. X3 is way better. I'm using super zoom as well. Love this phone. Bought from jb hifi 2 years before i guess. Still running like brand new.

    • +5

      It's plenty

      • It's plenty today, but if you have the intention of having a smooth phone experience for 3-4 years 8GB will be a better investment.

        Poco F3 is still a better option for those who are willing to wait for Amazon via UK. Amazon should cover for the 2yrs warranty and my telco coverage has been good in Melbourne.

        • +1

          This phone has only one year of security updates, it's a bigger restriction compared to 6GB of RAM.

    • +6

      are you being sarcastic?

      6gigs seems fine for every day use

      • Yeah my TCL Plex with 6GB still very smooth, only thing is Andriod 10 no more update.

  • +1

    Only if it has a flat screen and $100 cheaper (dreams)

    • +4

      No flat screen doesn't matter only if $200 cheaper

      • I stand corrected.

      • +1

        Only if free…

  • +1
    • Yep same phone.

    • Damn, I hope noone locks themselves to Voda for 3yrs in exchange for +50% over this sale price.

      AfterPay'ing a $400 phone at 4x $100 payments, with a good budget telco reseller saves me a great deal of money.

  • Dual Speakers?

    • +4

      Sadly a single speaker only. Hi-res audio but still single.

  • this or a23 for 316?

  • +1

    what do you recomend im planning on upgrading my samsung s9plus to a newer phone any recomendations

    • +1

      my samsung s9plus

      A73 5G?

      • heck no

        • +1

          What wrong with A73 if the price is right?

    • +2

      few deals been posted for the S21 FE. I would go for that and just hold on a few week see if there is any EOFY deals.

      Remember S9 still qualify for Samsung trade up program. Deals are usually quite sweet if you border to get all the discount codes.

      My wife's S22 plus 512gb end up costing just over $1200 pricing with S10 trade up + bonus trade up credit, promote code, and price in the free Samsung care and Bonus Bud 2.

      • i was looking at s21 ultra or plus with sony trade in

        • You mean Sony phone trade in? Don't think there is Sony phone in the trade in database.

          • @syswong: yeh you can i went to a kiosk of samsung they said i can any android

            • @DarkSide: I can assure you 99% the person who tell you is wrong.

              In order to get the trade in code, you need to download the trade in app to your phone and your phone need to be in the trade in database. Even grey import Samsung don’t usually get through cos the app can detect the different model.

              Test you phone model in below link. If it’s not there, you can’t trade.


      • Just realise a typo, that $1200 was actually for S22 ultra 512…

  • I have the 10 pro which is an awesome phone. Definitely going to try and get the 2o Pro.. Awesome phone at an awesome price. anyone need a 10 pro :-) …. hmmm OK so the price tag seems to be wrong. clicked the link and got a pricer shock! Whats the deal ???

    • +1

      Deal starts tomorrow.

  • this Android phone from TLC offering excellent features and hardware for the price.

    TLC? I don't want no scrubs

  • Might try get a look at this tomorrow, in the process of trying to find something to replace my dying LG V30+ without breaking the bank. Though JB has 20% off Motorola next week.

    Just watched this review of the TCL 20 pro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4sWWSg-aziQ

    • Where is the notification of JB's 20% off Motorola?

      • Will be in next weeks catalogue, starts on 01/06 ends 15/06 and excludes the G50.

  • I have the TCL10 Pro. It is an OK phone but I have to say curved screens are really not that good. The camera software and hardware are pretty average. Also screen protectors and replacement screens are non existant. The TCL 20 pro is probably better in these areas but suspect not much better.

    Probably the best thing about it is the software is fairly bloat free.

  • +3

    This phone shows how China phone maker catch the mindset of user who only looks at the spec and price tag. That is how they can dump cheap devices into the market. Most of them has very poor support. In the case of TCL 10 there was only one major update and security update was very weak.

    Compare to my wife's S10 which was release back in 2019. I trade that recently for a S22 Ultra. When I was doing all the checks for her before sending it in, surprise to me it was getting One UI 4.1 update. Also before it went out of warranty awhile ago, I book the phone in for a battery change and got it back straight away within 24 hours. Then there is the improvement on each of the major updates.

    R&D, after sale service and support all cost money. So sad that many user don't see that.

  • +1

    Just keep in mind everyone, on their website they say their only offering security updates till June 2023….12 months isn't really much for security updates.

    There may be more after then, but it's not guaranteed.

    If you can look past that, then this is a really good deal


    • -1

      Remembering it's a 2021 phone so 2 years is very reasonable.

      • +1

        i understand, but it's also 2022 now, so only have 12 months from the point of purchase…it's just something that the person buying it really needs to factor in, it's part of the reason why the price is going to drop.

        Like i said, if your ok with looking past that, then it's a really good deal

      • -2

        Samsung S9 and S9+ get almost 4 years of update only reach EOL March this year….

        • Yes you've already talked about Samsung at length.

          • +2

            @Clear: At great length. Almost as if he worked there.

      • -1

        2 years of security updates (not even the android upgrades) does not sound reasonable to me, much less the 1 year of security updates left.

        If you have to replace the phone in a year to keep security updates, it sounds like a poor deal, 400$ per year, compared to around 100$ per year for Samsung A52s.

  • +1

    Don’t forget 5% off bigw gift card for extra discount, may be cashback from Cashrewards too.

    • Cashback invalidated if paid using gift cards @ big w

  • Would this be a downgrade, upgrade or sidegrade from an LG V30+?

    • +1

      Some features would be viewed as an upgrade like 5G, RAM and Storage, newer version of Android and camera. However the CPUs are very similar in performance. The Snapdragon 835 in the V30+ was a flagship CPU from a 2016/17 and has similar performance in some areas to the now mid tier 750G in the TCL. Below are the advantage of the V30+ over the TCL

      V30+ better screen with Gorilla Glass
      V30+ Ip68 dust/water resistant

      • Thank you!
        I can't believe it's so hard to find an upgrade on a phone I bought 2-3 years ago for $400 without spending like $1k…

        • Personally I believe the TCL phone has always been too expensive. It should have been $499 when released for its feature set. There are plenty of decent good quality phones in the $599 to $799 range which are a good upgrade over the V30+. For example the Oppo Find X3 Neo 5G 256 at JB.


          • @shellshocked: Hmmm. I was really hoping to stay in the 4-500 range.
            I just assumed that in 2-3 years technology would have improved… Like, $400 3 years ago and $400 now, I would have thought the tech would be improved at the price. I guess not though…

        • I'm in a similar boat. I have a OnePlus 6 which has the same chip as yours. Now feeling quite dated but having to spend quite a lot of money for something to be considered an upgrade.

  • May be able to save more from BIGW eBay store, see if they will price drop on their eBay store tomorrow.

  • -1

    It shows $799 for me

    • +1

      Read title.

    • What does the deal say in the big blue boxes?

  • This or Oppo find X3 lite from JB ?


    Same price 399.

    Any suggestions?

    • Hey Jassy the Find X3 Lite is sold out - even though it is listed on JB Hifi you need to click the "Check Availability" button to check if they actually have any stock

      • It said some stores still available but no C&C

    • Much worse camera according to dxomark

  • Can anyone see where it says free delivery?

    • Yep in the shopping cart.

      • Oh true, thanks.

        On the product page, it says "Delivery from $7.90" but comes up as free in the cart.

  • +1

    Is this dual sim? Or single?

    • Unsure. TCL have single and dual SIM variants of this phone. Unfortunately looking at other stores like Vodafone and HN they don't specify what it is.

    • I think this one is Dual SIM

    • If it's the same model that HN/Domayne is selling, it's dual sim.

    • can someone who have one opened from big w report if this is dual sim so i could place an order, many thanks

  • My partner and I have these, they are pretty good. The screen is the best screen I think i've had on a phone.

    Re: charger in box - it's not wireless.

    • How would you rate the camera? Especially if you have some other relatively recent phones to compare to.

      • It's not terrible, they come out pretty good. The stabilisation is pretty decent too on video. I'd look at some youtube comparisons though, as i'm not someone who takes a lot of photos.

        • Have they released the android 12 upgrade for it yet or is it still on 11?

          • @El Chyeah: I'm on 11 I believe.. TCL UI 3.0.3

            Maybe things have changed, but on my last phone, the carrier determined when the major OS updates hit the phone, is this not still how it's done?

            • @lulzenberg: If the phone is unlocked then it should be carrier independent, although on my pixel 5 when I was on my Telstra Sim I was getting blocked from android 12, then when I disabled it the update came through so they seem to have some sort of influence.

              • @El Chyeah: I don't think I've ever been on a locked phone, but I have pretty much always used a telstra prepaid or some sort of telstra reseller, so maybe that is the case. I have ready in multiple places that android 12 has been released to the 20 pro 5gs but it's definitely not come through to me (unless 3.0.3 is 12? but im fairly sure that is 11)

  • Shopback has 10% cash back at Big W today. Pulled the trigger on this

  • Got one from BigW. Deal looks amazingly good at this current time and couldn't resist. Decent stock in SA still when I got it, and can get it online (with CashRewards) free. Shopback doesn't show any cashback for BigW for me…

    Question: is this an upgrade over the Samsung Note 9 512GB/8GB RAM? I know the RAM and storage is bigger for the Note 9 I have… but checking my usage, I would be okay with 256GB. I also use a microSD card on the Note 9, but I am able to reduce the usage. I would like dual SIM if possible. What else is better in this phone? Android 11/12? Security patches will still be available for the Note 9 this year. Camera? Speed versus Exynos? The Note 9, incidentally, is about $405 with 2 years warranty (battery included in warranty) on Ebay today. The Note 9 is also IP68 (assuming the Ebay one is still waterproof). Tough… not sure if this is an upgrade or the phone should go to the children… If the Note 9 is superior… then this is also not a good deal (better alternative phone) though a bargain for this phone (upvoted)…

    • So it’s a single sim when u bought from Big W?

      • I think what he is saying is he'd like dual SIM and to not use an SD card, as in the dual sim model you can either be dual sim or single sim + sd card

        "Dual SIM model: 4FF Nano SIM + 4FF Nano SIM or TF Card"

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