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Red Bull Energy Drink 24x 250ml $33.90 ($30.51 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Cheapest it's been in a while, camelcamelcamel sent me an email notifying me about it.

Comes down to $30.51 if you subscribe and save too.

They are price matching Woolies by the looks of it

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Shame Red Bull Zero isn't on special

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      Was looking for one with no sugar too. A can of this variety has 27 grams of sugar.

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        Aldi has ones sugar free, also made in Austria like Red Bull for $1 a can.

        • not the same amount of caffine in Aldi one's

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            @777: How much in Red Bull? Aldi ones has 32mg/100ml and I am pretty sure that RedBull and all other energy drinks have the same.

            • @ALBastru: you probably right, maybe I misread when I was comparing them in a store long time ago. For some reason I though Red Bulls were stronger

              • @777: They might be more similar that you think as they might be bottled by the same company in Austria.

      • Wasn't special last night, and out of stock now, fark…

        • It seems to be back up… I can add it to cart.

      • how does this tastes compared to original ?

        • Redbull Zero is basically original minus sugar plus sweetener… I don't know if that's count as a valid explanation..

          Like… if you eat actual sugar and you'll get a little sugar smell (like sugar cane smell?) going up to your nose, and your tongue will become a bit sour after because of fermentation.. also you know how sugar water is a bit sticky,

          But sweeteners have a very flat (but strong) sweetness without any stickiness nor sugar smell up to the nose.

          Redbull sugarfree on the other hand taste like original with no sugar nor sweetener, since redbull itself is a bit sour, it doesn't taste too good for me. Also Sugarfree contains a LOT more sodium than Zero, making it a very simple choice for me.

          • @OMGJL: So you prefer Zero, which has some sweetener rather SugarFree, which doesn't have sweetener ?

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              @ChipsChicky: yep, the sweetener neutralize the sourness from the actual redbull part, yet I don't need to intake all that sugar from original redbull.

              If overweight is not a concern for me, I'd take original than zero, it taste ever slightly better for me.

              I dislike sugarfree, too sour and somehow its content list shows it contains a LOT more sodium than zero.

    • how does that tastes compared to original ?

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    I still have one of these in the fridge that I was given for free in 2019.

    • What's the expiry date for these ?

  • Drinking these on an everyday basis would incur some side effects? Won't it?

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      Yes it gives you wings

      • No, they got sued for that. Now it gives you wiiiiiings.

    • I drink two a day and have no problems!!

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      As opposed to daily coffee(s)?

      • How much sugar do you add to your coffee?

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      I've haven't seen any side effects, and I would know, as I haven't slept in 5 days.

    • There have been quite a few studies on the long term health effects. Doctors don't recommend them as it could increase your risk of heart problems like it attacking itself, diabetes and migraines among others

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    Anyone prefer Flying Power over Red Bull?

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      Wouldn't say I prefer it taste wise. I'd take a red bull over a flying power if given to me for free. But paying for them it's hard to turn down flying power's value, especially when Aldi have their 79c a can specials. I usually stock up and buy a few slabs when this happens. This is a good price for Red Bull though

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      Red Bull is better imo but for the value and taste, flying power outweighs everything else.

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      I don't like Red Bull. I prefer V drink. So I buy the GUARANA version of Flying power. Its close to it.

  • Glad I kept my zero sugar 1 every 3 months subscription for $35.

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      aren't subscriptions charged at the rate at time of renewal?

      • Yes they are.

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        They're charged on the price the subscription started. I've got several subscription going with Amazon, latest that I received was the Greenies dog teeth treats and I got charged $42, when they're now $54 a box.

        • You got lucky or something but these are the terms and conditions:

          For each Subscribe & Save order you will be charged the price (including GST where appropriate) of each Subscribe & Save Product on the day your Subscribe & Save order is processed, as detailed in the Order Confirmation, less the applicable Subscribe & Save discount.

      • Yeah the most recent subscription of my Zero was about $45 so I skipped it.

  • Gah where the zero at. I’m running low

    • Woolworths has 4 pack for $5.27 this week

    • how does zero tastes compared to original ?

  • Would love to get this but the sugar adds up if you have these regularly. I'll wait for the zero to go on sale.

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    Showing as unavailable now. Plus waiting for the sugar free ones, because… health…

    • I just ordered one

  • I want the special Max verstappen WC cans

  • Does anyone else find that the redbull from amazon arrives flat?

  • Works out to be $1.27 each via S&S

  • been waiting for this, thanks OP

  • Woolworths have the 4 pack on special for $5.27

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    Hey folks for people asking for cheaper versions of the Zero / No Sugar Woolies has 4 packs for $5.65 : https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/search/products?searchTer...

  • I'll cut you a deal redbull. I'll buy a case and you can renew Checo's contract.

  • What's the difference in Zero and Sugar Free ? Which one tastes like Original ?

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      explained above, Zero is definitely the most similar to original

      • thanks, got it, this naming is very confusing - zero vs sugarfree.

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