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ASICS Gel Kayano 28 - $189, Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22 - $168 Delivered @ THE ICONIC

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Found quite a few running shoes on sale at the iconic.

Can also use shopback for another 15% back or cashrewards for another 20% (with ANZ max) back. (Capped at $30 per transaction)
Cashrewards should bring the Kayano down to $159.

Other colours and running shoes also on sale at the moment (men's and women's).

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  • +1

    Good price for kayanos

  • Shame they don't have 4E sizes for the kayano. I'll try get Rebel to price match.

    • +2

      Because every colour and size is a different model number they "shouldn't" price match. Online def won't but may get lucky in store

  • A good price for Kayanos, I was lucky enough to get on the running warehouse deal a couple mo the back for ~$170 haven't seen it that low since

    • +3

      This works out to $159 with Cashrewards, so even better!

  • They have Kayano 28 2E's but they don't have 30% off on them. :(

  • -1

    Are kayanos true to size? Hows the fit?

    • +1

      u really need to head into a shop and try, i think they are better than ultraboost (i usually got 1/2 size up for them) but i have wide feet, so usually get 2E

    • +2

      FYI Kayano is a stability shoe whereas Ultraboost is a neutral shoe, so that is something to consider regardless of size. Do you need stability features?

    • +1

      I'd go 0.5 size up

    • +1

      Free returns as well

  • +2

    First time purchase use code HEYICONIC20 otherwise use code NCS2UdHoZz to bring price down further

  • Brooks Adrenaline are now showing $199.95

    • That's the previous model (21) not many sizes left in the 22 on sale. If you search for brooks adrenaline GTS 22 you'll see the ones with 30 or 40% off.

  • Nice! My old asics were dying! Good upgrade for me :)

  • Are these okay/comfy to wear as daily walking shoes?

    • +2

      the Kayano? Its super cushioned and feels great walking; the only thing to keep in mind that it has a thick sole (which means you are a bit off the ground/lose a little bit of side to side stability - also it feels weird the first few times you wear them) and a 10mm drop from heel to toe (which is hardly anything - equivalent to a very low heel - but you arent flat). The heel drop is great for walking / running though, so this is only a potential issue if you are standing for long periods

      Lots of nurses and people who spend all day on their feet wear Kayanos

      • I ended up buying a pair and received today.

        They are definitely super cushioned and are nice and snug. The only thing that feels weird to me is in the mid foot area, but I'll probably get accustomed to them the more I wear them. Otherwise, they are mighty comfy! Thanks for the info, I'm glad I snapped up a pair.

        • If you have pain midfoot it might be your arch is too flat - just replace the inner sole (should be able to pull it out and swap in one for low arches). And as odd as it may seem, sometimes changing how you lace the shoes can help (google up what you think the issue is eg flat feet or wide feet or whatever). But it might just be a slightly different shoe to what you are used to and your foot will eventually sort itself out

          The 'new' (past few years or so) breed of cushioned shoes are quite impressive, once you try them its hard to go back to 'normal' shoes. If you like the Kayano go and try a Hoka Bondi one day when bored at the shops. Thats even more like walking on a cloud

          Did you feel a bit weird walking around the first few times? Adds height and they seem so big and almost clown like. You get used to that very quickly though.

          • @dtc: It's not painful, but feels like I can feel the middle insert sort of "glued" to the midfoot if that makes any sense.

            I usually tend to wear cheap New Balance offerings that pop up on OzB, and they are comfy, but the Kayano's are definitely a big step up for me.

            It didn't feel too weird, I kinda like the added height.

            I feel like once I get accustomed to these, I won't be able to go back to el cheapo variants haha. I'll have to check out the Hoka, I like the sound of walking on clouds!

    • Yeah good, comfortable stability shoes. I've had the 27 and would recommend them. Heel support is good to help prevent your foot rolling too much.

    • that's basically what i wear them for since i don't run

  • +1

    How do you get the shopback 15% for this? Both cashrewards and shopback are showing <4% right now.

  • Dang, missed out, should've checked ozB for what I need instead of Google first..

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