Filter Coffee (Test Roast) Specialty Grade 1kg $26 + $17.55 Delivery ($0 with $60 Order/ Perth C&C) @ Humblebee Coffee


I've been looking for a good deal on specialty beans for my Moccamaster and came across this Perth based roaster last month, I took a gamble on the price and was actually pretty happy with the beans I received, they promise these to be specialty grade beans and I believe they are telling the truth based on what was sent to me. While postage is a little steep it ends up being similar to other deals in terms of cost when posted to NSW. However, if you are in Perth they offer free C+C and for $26 it would have to be one of the cheapest options for specialty beans you could find.

From their website:

In our ongoing effort to reduce waste, we want to show our appreciation to these lovingly produced beans and find them a new home.

This 1kg test roast did not meet our quality standards. It may be slightly off our target or the coffee did not meet our high expectations. It’s too good to dispose off so we’d rather sell at a low price.

Please note; the beans will be a surprise and will always be specialty grade and not decaf.

They also have an espresso option for the same price:

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  • Should be much cheaper

    • I thought $26 was pretty cheap

      • They will still be turning profit at that price. In addition to what seems to be super exy postage…

        • I agree about postage, I would have expected this to be around the $12 mark for the weight, but considering I would usually pay $20-$25 for a 250g bag of single origin beans, to get 1kg for a similar price I wouldn't imagine they would be turning much of a profit on this at all.

          • +1

            @Sgriob: Not much, but some. I tend to buy specialty grade green coffee for anywhere from $10-18/kg. So yes, some overhead for roasting/packaging etc, but I think they would at the least be above breaking even.

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              @Whorl: Yeah fair enough, I would expect them to be breaking even, they are still a business after all, and test roasts aren't going to be everyones cup of coffee but from what I ordered I couldn't really fault it.

            • @Whorl: I've seen green bean prices increasing recently, but there are still some in that price range.

              The problem here is that we don't know what these beans actually are.

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      Humblebee are very great roasters that always have exceptional batches.

      They wouldn't be selling anything that's bad, just that wasn't up to their usual standard or didn't fit their intended product profile. Being in Perth and knowing humblebee I'd trust them entirely to only sell what's still good. If you don't know the brand, it's more of a lucky dip I guess.

      If you know exactly what you like to drink, I wouldn't recommend this. If you like to experiment and just go with the flow, this is good value.

      • Yep this is why I took the gamble and it was better than most of what I used to get through Three Thousand Thieves.

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    "This roast did not meet our quality standards", really?
    Rubra coffee changed its name?

    • -1

      Don't think so mate. Different place.

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          Plenty of "not quite up to standard" products are sold at a discount rather than given away.

          It makes absolutely no sense to recommend it's given away for free.

          Like with most coffee, you buy trusting the roaster. Humblebee are great, and wouldn't sell anything that was short of brilliant coffee. This is just for people that are slightly less fussy, but still like decent coffee.

                    • +1

                      @GG57: Uh I actually stated in the description that I bought these and was happy with the quality. They are definitely drinkable and if you don't want the deal then that's cool too, no one is forcing you to do anything. I am surprised people are so upset by this post.

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    Anyone have a promotional code for these guys?

    • Try EOBEANS20

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