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Microsoft Surface Go Signature Type Cover (Red) $14 (RRP $179) in-Store Only @ The Good Guys


Price Beat at Officeworks or Price Match @ JB Hi-fi and Stack with this for 10% - should qualify as its not marked under Clearence

Type confidently with Surface Go type cover. Ultra-slim and compact, yet it performs like a traditional laptop keyboard, complete with backlit keys and a large glass trackpad. Work comfortably anywhere. Surface Go type cover is uniquely designed to adjust to virtually any angle. Just click into place and use with Surface Go

*Kickstand open for a complete laptop. A touch of luxury for every task Surface Go type cover adds a warm, elegant touch to everyday tasks. Constructed with luxurious, durable Alcantara material,2 it features a soft, smooth feel.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys


  • +2

    Surely an error

    • +3

      Mine's ready for pickup.

      • +3

        Mine too! Now just to figure out why I bought this 😂

  • -2

    Thanks op, bought 10x

    • +3

      Bought 11 just to one up ya

      • +1

        This one goes to eleven

  • +2

    Thanks dude, my parrot chewed mine.

  • Any way to buy this online? No stores near me.

  • wowsers, already got that sexy T7. TGG are on a roll today!

  • Will this work on other tables?

    • +26

      No but could work on chairs

    • +1

      I was just doing some googling and it appears not. Or at least that's what MS claims

    • +1

      Don't believe the Believ3r. It will work on most tables and chairs.

    • -1

      will work on smol tables

    • +2

      Should work on windows

      • +4

        Bit of a pane to set up though

  • +1

    the go and pro are different sizes iirc, so don't be buying this for your pro unless you want to take the risk.

  • +1

    Bummer… I can't find any in the Melbourne eastern suburbs.

  • bugger not compatible with surface pro8

  • https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/store/configure/Surface-Go-3...

    If you bought the cheap 10" 544g tablet.

  • There isn't a store within 500km that has your order in stock. Please select delivery, or try a different postcode or suburb.

  • JB refusing to match.

    • +1

      That was obvious

  • yet it performs like a traditional laptop keyboard

    No. Just no.

    It doesn't even get the first part right, i.e. the "lap" in laptop. I dropped my Surface so many times while balancing the kick stand on my lap.

    Get a laptop if you want a laptop and to be able to "type confidently" without worrying about smashing the screen.

    • +3

      It's worth mentioning too: the tab key is only 1.25u (instead of 1.5u), so the top alpha row is positioned further to the left compared to standard keyboards. This can be problematic for touch typists.

  • Can you use that surface 2 tablet?

  • Gone w/ error.

  • -1

    Ummmm, does anyone actually own a Surface Go?

  • Won't add to cart

  • Went to JB. Won't match

    • That was obvious.

    • Live chat wouldn't match either.

      "Hannah" was very rude. Seems you guys burned her out

      • +4

        Do you blame her

      • Haha i guess they really do get some mad heads

      • JB has a live chat or did you call?

        • Live chat

          • @tabboo: Do you mind sending a link? Might come in handy one day when I'm not bothered going to a store

  • not working anymore T_T

  • The product "3074457345620360177" cannot be ordered.

  • +1

    Bloody hell, missed all today's GG deals cause I was working…

    • Same :((

    • why work when their are bargains to be had?

      • That's what I keep telling my partner

  • I feel like it could never be ordered. They dangled the bait though.

  • The TGG price literally got removed when I trying to price match with JB. Anyone got luck with officeworks eariler?

    • +1

      Yep OW worked for this and the mouse

    • The price usually gets unpublished when the site sets the product OOS even though the product page is accessible.

  • "The product "3074457345620360177" cannot be ordered." - Looks like they're shutting it down

  • +1

    Hi all Sunbury (Vic) store has 3 Ice blue ones in stock and it is only 5$ in the store.

  • -1


  • I found one in store when I went to pick up my SSD. I don't have a Surface Go yet. I've had my eye on them, but the cost gets too high once you add the keyboard and opt for semi-decent specs.

  • OOS Victoria.

  • Caringbah has 1 left

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