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Xbox Series S Console 512GB $469 & Bonus $50 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card - C&C/ in-Store Only @ JB Hi-Fi


Introducing the Xbox Series S, the smallest, sleekest Xbox console ever. Experience the speed and performance of a next-gen all-digital console at an accessible price point.

Not too sure if you still get the bonus $50 JB voucher if you get them to price match Harvey Norman at $448

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    This is great with Game Pass, unless you like AAA games ;)

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      Plenty of AAA on gamepass, there has been a drought of new AAA additions recently but that always happens.

  • +1

    364gb storage space is a joke.

    Add on $350 for the expansion card = more than a Series X.. Why would anyone buy this honestly

    • +11

      You don't need to buy the expansion card to store more games, you can buy a normal SSD/HDD but you just gotta transfer over when you want to play which takes 5minutes for most games.

      • +1

        Yes, True. Most of the games work on One X/S so install that version on SSD/HDD extrenal.

    • +10

      I am using my HDD 2 TB with series s.
      It works well. You can even play some old Gen games in HDD.
      For next Gen and enhanced games, I store them in HDD once i complete the game.

      No need to buy the expensive expansion card.

    • Pick one, pick 2, pick all…

      Emulation machine?

      They don't hoarde games?

      They have Games Pass?

      They have a Series X already?

      They have kids?

      They use external storage?

  • +3

    5 hours and still plenty of stocks!!!
    Seems like demand for Xbox Series S is waning.

    • +24

      Demand was never high for the S.

      • It was one of the dumbest decisions Microsoft ever made - Specifications aside, it makes game developers work that much harder to design and optimise for two consoles, instead of one (like the PS5 for example).

        PS 5 has two versions but they only removed the drive for games on disc but everything else is the same, and priced it at $600.

        Microsoft designed a second console with completely different (a lot less powerful) specs, and priced it at $500.

    • When I went it to pick up my cheap coloured Dualsense yesterday there was atleast about 8 series S's scattered around displayed in the gaming section.
      Probably why JB are running this promotion honestly, trying to get rid of the damn things.

      I don't think the S was ever that sought out or hard to come by like the other mainline consoles constantly are.
      I bought mine cheap second hand well below RRP about a year ago at this point.

      • +2

        I think the demand is still high for the XBX disk version.

        • +3

          Yup, I assume people who are on camp Xbox maybe got an S when they could, and are selling off/Upgrading when they get lucky on the X restocks, which works out nicely for us who want a cheap secondary little gamepass machine (which is still bloody powerful and impressive in it's own right I have to say)

      • -3

        Series S….Graphically speaking, last gen this gen.

        • It's no big deal there really isn't much "next gen" games out for PS5/ XBSX.

          • @Spendmore: That statement will be soon invalid…..

            • +2

              @klaatu: I certainly hope so!

            • @klaatu: True, but the consoles have been out for almost 2 years now, there will be a new generation console by the time there is a decent number of games specifically designed for this generation of consoles (going by the previous time between new console releases).

              The PS5 Pro is supposed to be released in 2023, with a new generation probably no more than 2-3 years after that.

              • @BooYa: PS5 Pro might be late 2024 if Sony fast track and the APU/CPU production improves. More focus on getting PS5 in the hands of users as quickly as possible without the distraction of launching a new PS5 SKU.

    • Lol it's never been out of stock…literally every store has stock

      • +2

        User photo checked.
        Not a Xbox fan!!!!

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    Never a console gamer, all I want to play is a racing and zombie games, will this be OK for someone with poor gaming skills? Also can I purchase games or is it always subscription

    Edit - I have the $50 voucher from JB which I received for fold 3 price error, so tempted to buy this

    • +1

      It'll be fine for your use case.
      You can purchase games, just have to download them so there's no physical copy. Means you can't buy used games from EB for example. I think the best value is in Game Pass though, there's always something to try and if you don't get in to it then it's no great loss.

    • It depends. I play pc games for last 25 years. First person shooters, RPG games - PC only, aiming with controller makes me mad and my wife unhappy wife. Forza games are a lot of fun and I use my xbox for it. Occasionaly play Yakuza games on xbox too.

    • +1

      You'll be fine, get a Games Pass sub and play Forza Horizon 5 and plenty of others and be happy.

    • +1

      Try GamePass Ultimate for $1 and try cloud gaming of Forza Horizon 5 on your phone or tablet first (and other games). If you really like it, then you could consider buying Series S.

      There is a FOMO factor with the discount (when you factored the $50 gift card in the deal) and you also have a $50 gift card to use currently. I am not able to objectively recommend Series S because I own a Series X (so it will sound like I am recommending someone to buy something which is inferior than what I have).

      • Nice, will try it
        Edit - can I try game pass on google chrome cast TV? I already have xbox controller Bluetooth connected

        • Try this, seems like there is a bit of work. I haven't tried it personally though.


          The page does suggest you can also cast from your phone to Google TV.

        • Game Pass Ultimate works on any modern laptop or Android phone providing your network speeds are adequate (+20Mbps)…my laptop has no discreet GPU, but since games are rendered in the cloud (on a Series X server rack, I'd presume), no need for the console unless you want to play offline - which you can also do on a PC WITH a dGPU - or you're dissatisfied with the range of cloud enabled games.

    • Never a console gamer, all I want to play is a racing and zombie games

      Have you considered just buying an xbox controller and an hdmi cable and plugging your PC into a TV?

      You'll save about $370 (plus all the money you save over time with Steam sales verses the weaker MS store sales).

      • +1

        Mac user since 2012

    • I went into gaming last year with an Xbox One X, and I don’t regret it at all - I’m still not great at gaming but can often set a lower difficulty to make it enjoyable. I recommend a Gamepass subscription, since it allows you to try games without commitment to buying them outright. I’ve found a lot of games I would never have purchased but loved them! You still have the option to buy games on the Xbox store if there’s particular ones you like.

      For racing, the Forza Horizon and Need for Speed games (that come with Gamepass Ultimate) are fantastic! For zombies, I recommend Resident Evil 7, also on GP.

    • Just installed the xbox game pass app on my google Chrome cast TV and works great. Few occasional lags but great for beginners like me. Thx again for advices

  • Own a series S and love it - that being said, i almost only play gamepass games

  • +1

    A little beast of a machine, as long as you're aware of the limitations that the Series S has. Smaller SSD storage, Microsoft store game purchases or Gamepass titles only, mainly targets 1080p gaming instead of 1440 or 4k, and most AAA games hit 30fps compared to 60 on the series X.

    Fits me perfectly coming from the Playstation ecosystem, I don't have a massive Xbox game collection from previous gens that I'm locked out of.

  • I don't really need one of these but for some reason this feels expensive to me, for the 'gimped' one.

    I'm waiting to see some kind of super cheap $350 deal.

  • +1

    Much cheaper used market for these guys.

    • How much and where? Did not see anything online less than $300

    • +1

      Ive seen many on Facebook marketplace under 300. Most around 250.

  • There's rumours that the Series S will be able to play disc games at some stage via USB

    • wait, what?

      • Yep, google it. M$ have registered a patent for it.

        By the looks of it, they are well on the way to dominate this generation.

  • Is this a good deal too? free headset with the xbox s.
    I have been wanting a new headset so this looks good for me, or maybe I just get JB and use $50 voucher for a hedset there


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