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Microsoft 365 Family (Digital) 6-Device 1-Year Subscription + 3 Extra Months: $101 @ Bing Lee on eBay


Bing Lee on eBay are selling Microsoft Family 365 for $111, less $10 if you use code MCPAY10.

Confirmed on purchase and after applying Microsoft Office voucher to my account that an additional 3 months is added to the 12 months purchased. The image in the email also shows +3 months in the top right, which isn't actually advertised. I basically got 15 months for $101, or $6.73 per month, making it around $1.15 per user per month. Equivalent 12 month price is $80.80.

As a result, I will be buying another 12 (+3) months to stack on top.

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  • If memory serves, you only get the 3 months on a new account. If you already have an account it will only be 12 months.

    • +1

      Nope, added to my account which I've had for over 10 years.

      • So if I already have a 365 account I can buy this and it will stack and add on 15 months?

        • If this gets confirmed I’m up for it.

          • +5

            @dazagrt: I've just purchased a second 12 months, and can confirm an additional 12+3 months added to my subscription. I don't have to worry to renew until mid-2025 now.

            • @MandMs13: Thanks guys I'll buy some in a minute. :)

            • @MandMs13: Thanks! Stacked till Feb 2025. Thinking about buying another 2

              • @Hoarebag: It's only one per eBay account.

                • @dazagrt: There is a few different codes that take $10. I used afterpay10 and mcpay10. But another one came up

                  • @Hoarebag: I went with another MCPAY10 with another account, that's me subscribed with 6TB of storage until June 2025, that'll do. ;)

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    • Is it over already? I can't see the 3 months offer.

      • "The image in the email also shows +3 months in the top right, which isn't actually advertised."

    • Can definitely confirm 12+3 thus 15 months for my existing account (which is very old). Just purchased and stacked up the new digital key. Thanks OP for the heads up.

  • -1

    Finally moved to Google Sheets. My Office 2013 key wouldn't work on my new laptop. Too many activations (around 3) and it's no longer supported.

  • I am not seeing the option for it to be delivered digitally… Am I looking in the wrong place?

    • +2

      It's digital only, so 15 minutes after your purchase, Bing Lee will email you your code to use

  • Hmmm,…. part way through my first year of MS365… might grab 3 of these to stack.

    EDIT: Or not… just saw code to be used once only.

    • you cannot make 3 different ebay accounts and get 3 different codes and stack it that way ?

    • I purchased twice and worked both times, try again as separate transactions.

  • $98 at SaveonIT.

    • link ?

    • Do you get (12+3) 15 months with that price. Checked SaveOnIT and it states 12 months?

      • Would like to know as well…

  • Confirmed the Bing Lee one works for me. Thanks OP!

  • Thanks! Grabbed one too. Can confirm 12+3 works.

  • Just bought a third one, can confirm not out of stock and still getting 12 + 3 months.

    I think I'll stop now at August 2026

    • I just checked and it's saying out of stock

      • Yes, OP got greedy!

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