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Thanks for confirming. Yes it's so frustrating. Tried again with no luck. Almost giving up now.
05/11/2019 - 14:15
Thanks. I am with Telstra too and went via bigpond site but everytime getting error "We're sorry, but there seems to be a problem with the...
04/11/2019 - 22:14
Tried but getting frequent errors from Village site about incorrect details. All the details are although correct. Has anyone been able to...
04/11/2019 - 19:06
It's not working for me. Could you pls confirm how you made it work ? Thanks
03/03/2019 - 12:48
I am getting error as "You can't apply vouchers at this time.". Is there a limit on number of fake UK accounts that you can link to any...
01/01/2019 - 05:12
Have you received your GCs ? It;s been more than 2 hours for me now :(
29/12/2018 - 00:46
Not sure what happened. Last time when I placed order during 10% off, it came within 10 minutes. But this time still no card after about 2...
29/12/2018 - 00:29
Same here. I placed order around 11PM and still haven't received it.
29/12/2018 - 00:04
Yes. Showing as pending for now but have received invoice from domayne for order completion too
28/12/2018 - 11:53
Yes i received my gift cards just now
28/12/2018 - 11:52
I bought and just now received my gift cards from Domayne. So looks all good for me
28/12/2018 - 11:51
Thanks. And with this offer you can buy $750 gift cards for effectively 20% discount and use at harvey norman ? Sorry for asking what seems...
28/12/2018 - 07:40
Can we use gift card bought from Domayne in any store other than domayne ? I cant seem to find any list of participating stores like wish...
28/12/2018 - 07:32
I am keen for this sale too. Need to buy few jb hifi gift cards to get new macbook pro. Hopefully they will soon do a sale
26/12/2018 - 18:41
Can anyone help in clarifying if book has more offers then what i can see in red energy rewards ? I feel both are pretty much same.
20/12/2018 - 15:25
Guys, I am unable to buy ebay GCs. Getting error that "This code can't be applied to your order". I created new UK account and haven't...
16/12/2018 - 16:06
How did you fix this issue ? I am getting same error from UK account.
16/12/2018 - 16:01
Can someone please share the full text from *Condition Apply*
24/09/2018 - 02:27
[@easternculture](/comment/4111864/redir): Could you pls mail me the code ? I somehow don't seem to get any of these in emails from groupon.
04/11/2016 - 14:37
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