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Dyson: 20% Cashback (Minimum $200 Spend, Capped at $100) @ Cheddar App


There is 20% cashback at Dyson when you order through the Cheddar app. This is capped at $100 and cannot be used to order spare parts or accessories. Minimum $200 spend to avail cashback.

You may be also able to get $20 signup bonus when you download Cheddar from https://www.getcheddar.com.au. I am not sure if the existing $50 signup bonus still works using https://getcheddar.app.link/web50sup. More info OzBargain

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  • On no Not another app :)

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      Cheddar differentiates itself from the other 2 by being absolutely useless ;)

      • Yep, it's just awful.

  • Any idea if the Dyson V8 origin currently on sale for $499 with free $29 attachment would be eligible for this 20% cashback? I am weary as it says in the T&C not to be used with other offers or codes …. Not sure if the price and free attachment makes it an offer…?

    Sorry for my noobness, never done cashback stuff before.

    I've reached out to the company by email but got a response saying 3-5 days, and the v8 origin deal ends on 31st May….

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      One would think that yes it should still work as it's over $200, in any case I ordered it so let's see 不

      • I think I'll do the same and just return it for full refund if not

        • Well I think worst case you get $20 for joining the app and that less 499 is still a decent deal, If we get 20% on top it will be an unreal deal imo, I need the vacuum anyway

          • @botchie: I placed an order. Will be an amazing deal if the 20% + $20 is honored… $499 - ($89.82 20%cashback + $20) = effectively $389.18

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              @Jayblesz: got my confirmation $90.73 back from Dyson, $20 back from the app - less then $400 for the vacuum - good deal

              • @botchie: How did you receive confirmation? Mine is still not tracking through the app…

                Edit: also what date/time approximately did you make the purchase if you don't mind me asking?

                • @Jayblesz: I bought it 29/5 at 10 am
                  got confirmation through the app that Dyson approved the purchase and they added the balance - though I cant withdraw as yet
                  if you bought through the app and activated the offer you should be fine

                  • @botchie: Thanks for the information. What do you mean by "activated the offer" though?

                    It did come up with a checkbox after I completed checkout through the app, but as quickly as I could read the first word it disappeared. I think it was greenish, toward the bottom of the screen. No idea if this is what you're referencing?

                    Edit: oh you just mean clicking the "shop deal" button huh? Yep I did that.

                    • @Jayblesz: I ordered on 29/5 also, at 1pm. Hopefully it comes through today!!! Haha.

                      • @Jayblesz: Hope so, myn is on the way already , can't see any issues

                        • @botchie: Still nothing come through for me 必
                          Also no response via email

                          Did you get a notification of your cashback or just checked the app and it was showing?

              • @botchie: Am I dumb or is 20% of $499 not $99.98?
                How'd you guys go with this? I ordered last night and the app still has nothing in it indicating that I've made a purchase through said app. No cashback deals processing, nada.

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                  @zonfierre: It's 20% of the pre-GST value so it will be more like $89, then +$20 bonus.

                  Mine still hasn't shown up either after purchasing on 29/5… The same, no tracking, no processing, nothing… Although I did receive an email response to my question saying that yes, the purchase will be eligible for the cashback.

  • So, the Cheddar cashback has tracked on the V10 I bought and is showing up in the app - plus the $20 bonus. Interestingly, the cashback is more than the $100 limit indicated above. Whether this will still be paid out to me is yet to be seen.

    • How long did it take for the tracking to show up?

      • About a day

        • Damn, its been several days with nothing on my end. Ah well, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and wait the 10 days.

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            @zonfierre: That's all that you can do really. The app is terrible - sometimes it works, others it doesn't

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            @zonfierre: Mine didn't show up (as per my comments in other thread above) for almost a week, when another guy that purchased same thing on same day did… I reached out to customer service via email, and it did take them a few days (I think 3…) To get back to me…. But once they did, 2 emails later it is credited to.my account and I've withdrawn it today (6 days after ordering).

            Yes it takes them time to respond but… Good outcome for me at least. A bit annoying but I'd use it again for a good deal like that. Got the v8 origin for $388.27 after the cashback+promo… Bargain!

            • @Jayblesz: Thanks for the update mate. I also purchased the v8 origin; wouldn't spend a cent more on a Dyson though unfortunately I do need need to fork out some extra dosh for the soft/fluffy cleaner head.

              • @zonfierre: Yeah I did really need a new vacuum and figured the v8 is at least a significant upgrade over the v7 as far as reviews I've seen here and elsewhere… And I can fork out a bit at a later date if I feel I really need other attachments.
                I feel at $388.27 I'm getting good value either way. This is the best offer for a v8 I'm pretty sure since early 2021 or even 2020.

                If you don't get it tracked/credited by like Tuesday I'd send an email to check it- as you'll likely have to wait a few more days from then to get a response, and as they said, my order seemingly wasn't picked up automatically by their system for one reason or another.

                Can I ask why you are keen for the soft/fluffy head specifically?

                • @Jayblesz: Will do. Soft/fluffy head attachment allows for larger debris and dusting on hard floor. I'll use default head for carpeted bedrooms and the soft head for the remainder of the house (tiled). Youtube vids do a great job of showing the difference in particle pickup.

  • Just bought dyson V8. I shut down everything and only left the app open in my phone. Ended up with instant tracking. Maybe doing this on quiet Friday night helps…or maybe just lucky..

  • got tracking for both Dyson and $70 sign up bonus, now just need to wait to see if it gets accepted

  • Update RE Dyson V8 Origin purchase: Finally ended up receiving my $20 sign-up bonus and 20% cashback (both manual).

    I contacted Dyson today and am returning my Origin for the 2022 model at the same price; win-win.

  • Can someone confirm whether 20% cashback for Dyson still available on Cheddar app, their website doesn't show much info about the existing cashback deals, it looks that you need app to view the offers.

    • You are late for the party. The deal has Expired. You can only get 3% cashback now.

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