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1 Month Free 5G Home Broadband Plus (Then up to 50Mbps $59.99/Month, up to 100Mbps $69.99/Month, No Contract) @ iiNet


Try 5G free for one month
If you’re not 100% satisfied within the first month, then simply return the modem within 21 days of your service cancellation.^

Connect instantly
Just plug and play - no technicians or appointments required.

Premium WiFi Modem included
Premium WiFi modem packed with the latest tech like Wi-Fi 6 for the best in-home WiFi.
^Modem non-return fee will apply if service is cancelled within 36 mths of first connecting to 5G Home Broadband or if your order is withdrawn by us, and the modem is not returned.

Choice of speeds
Perfect for browsing, emails, social media, HD and 4K streaming
Actual speeds may vary due to factors such as the time and place you are using your data, the number of devices connected to the modem and subject to network traffic priority. Please see Speed Guide for more information.

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  • Isn't that really sad speed for 5G?

    • It's just capped to make sure people don't hog the bandwidth

    • -2

      And that makes you sadder than life!

    • +4

      Better than what NBN can provide to me.

    • I signed up to 5G Spintel, which uses Optus. When I (occasionally) got 5G it was 200 Mb/s off peak, 125 peak. But when I didn't get 5G the 4G was 4-12 Mb/s. I switched to Vodafone, which includes 5G. When I (occasionally got 5G it was 50 Mb/s. When I didn't the 4G was still nearly the same 50. So on Vodafone it doesn't matter much whether I'm getting 5G or not.

  • FYI - Only for use in the single nominated

    • Interesting to see how they would police it.

      • Likely they poll the geo-location every now and then and check for a difference.
        Supposedly you have to tell them if you re-locate.

  • Nice way to test at home see how it performs against nbn service at no risk.

  • The Plus plan offers speeds up to 50Mbps which is the maximum speed available on this plan during off-peak times.

    That's at par with NBN, don't see much benefit. Unless someone is replacing their real bad NBN line

    • +2

      That's the point. It's just another option.

      Also cheaper (their 50Mbps NBN plan is $74.99/m.)

    • +1

      Good option for the 30% (assuming pristine copper) of FttN households where NBN planned for them to have less than 50mbps..
      Actual number is far higher of course, cause the only pristine copper in the nation is where NBN rolled out brand new copper.

      • +1

        Absolutely a good option for people who don't get 50mbps on their NBN.

  • +3

    NBN is whingeing today that the mobile phone companies are offering 5G services at a lower price for the same speed as NBN. It predicts a nett loss of hundreds of thousands of customers each year from them deserting NBN for 5G. And that as a result its business model and profitability is being damaged, and it'll have to put up its wholesale prices at the inflation rate + an additional 3% each year. Which when they are passed on to NBN customers will result in it losing customers even faster.

    Basically what they are trying to pressure the ACCC and politicians into is classifying 5G as a competitor for the NBN to increase its price up to NBN levels.

    • +3

      NBN provide no support to their customers who would happily (in fact already do) pay more for speeds their technology is incapable of delivering.
      I pay for 50/20, and get barely over half that. NBN can go suck it IMHO.

  • -1

    IINET is the worst internet i have had since dial-up, don't bother wasting your time

  • credit check?

  • Wow… Up to 20Mbps for $60/month. No 50 or 100 for me. Not worth the free trial hassle.

  • Is this Optus 5G?

    • I am also interested in who they use. Couldn't seem to find the info on their website

      • +1

        iiNet are owned by TPG, so it'll be Vodafone.

  • Are they reliable?

  • TPG offering same deal but $5 cheaper and I’m guessing it’s the exact same network

  • +1

    Got mine today. Found a. Spot near a window where I can get three out of 4 bars reception.

    Modem only has two Ethernet ports

    Download 126mbs
    Upload speeds suck at 8mbs
    Ping 29ms

    This is using the 2.5g lan wired connection, wifi speed was the same.

    Downloads sometimes peaked to 170mbs but upload and ping stayed same.

    My current wired NBN HFC

    Download 103
    Upload 16
    Ping 7

    • Hows the stability? Will you keep NBN?

      • Solid

        Uploads picked up now at 8-9mbs and doesn’t seem to impact teams video calls for wfh

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