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[Steam, Epic] Cities: Skylines Colossal Collection (All DLC's except Airport) $28.73 @ Humble Bundle


Been looking for a all(almost) in one Cities: Skylines collection for a while now at discounted prices. Not sure how much you'd save but $28.73 for the entire set is pretty awesome.

Key Info:

  • 9 expansions—everything up through 2021’s Sunset Harbor
  • 21 add-ons—featuring Content Creator packs, new music, and the Deluxe Edition Upgrade
  • Bonus deal! Complete your collection with 20% off a pack featuring the most recent expansion Airports & the all add-ons released this year so far.(Basically its a coupon for 20% off this https://www.humblebundle.com/store/cities-skylines-2022-dlc-... which you have to purchase separately)
  • Redeem on Steam or the Epic Games Store. All of the games in this bundle are available on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux and on the Epic Games Store for Windows only.

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  • Can pls add epic store on title?

    • Done

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    Don't purchase the extra add ons via the 20% off. Not worth it imo. Best to look at G2A or other similar sites. That's what I did when buying this pack this morning. I already had the game and deluxe. But the other content was worth it

    • +1

      Agree.. Cdkeys had airports DLC for less than $10 I think.. the rest are kinda moot unless you're into content creation.. Radio DLC aren't worth it.

      • My thoughts too. I listen to my own music while playing or chat with friends and have the game music muted.

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      G2A is bad advice.


      ive bought all my paradox dlc from wingamestore, they are 50% off every other week, 75% every month or so.

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        I did say or other similar sites. I've used G2A for over a year now and I've found them to be one of the better ones. Especially as a member. Save more on stuff and get no payment fees on transactions. The times I have had a key issue it got rectified and refunded within a day. So I have nothing but praise for them. Gamivo though. I'll only use them if they are the best deal. And even that's a last resort

  • Omg - thank you. I absolutely love this game and have been waiting for a good deal on the DLCs

  • If you already have many of these on Steam is there anything you can do to lower the price?

    • +3

      No there's no way link that.
      The idea there is that the 70-90% off this ends up being is worth it even if you have most of them.
      2 or 3 of the DLCs alone will cost you more than $28 even on sale.

  • +3

    One game i always go back to. Brilliant game.

  • For me it would be only 6 DLC that interests me for almost $30, might just wait for steam/3rd party site sale cause a lot of them have been sub $5 before apparently.

    • 4x6 = $24? May as well pay the extra $4 to get the whole collection.

      • Only the full package has all the major DLC that I'd want, if I didn't own some stuff already and it included Airport DLC then would be better.

        Apparently I have parklife already so turns out to be only 5 useful DLC.

        • +1

          What DLC are you interested in? I'm thinking of buying the bundle but I already have sunset harbour, industries, mass transit, and after dark so if any of those are the ones you want then I could buy the bundle and sell only the ones you want to you

          • @rain-e: I ended up buying the full bundle to save headache of looking for deals (only need Airports now) but appreciate the thought.

  • Every DLC enabled cranks the RAM usage up over the base game. Even with the loading screen mod to manage that better, 16GB is an absolute minimum with a couple DLC enabled, and really you need 32Gb to be comfortable.

    Sequel must be close to being announced now with this bundling surely.

  • I know nothing about all this DLC. i played it heaps before the first expansion came out then never played it again. are they all worth it?

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