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Omega Bottle Car Jack 2000kg $99 Special Order, Pickup Only @ Repco


I have been looking for this jack from some time as it is small enough to be stored in the vehicle to replace the vehicle scissor jack and also can extend up-to 418 mm which is required for my 4wd

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  • supercheap version was around $25 a few weeks ago, they have regular sales - usually whenever a competitor does they front run them

    • Sorry, I should have been more clear. This jack suits 4wd vehicles which requires more than 400 mm jack. In addition this has a small form factor. For normal car, it is better of going with your suggestion.

  • My 4wd weighs 2200 kg, I take it the jacks 2000 kg limit is fine as it'll only be lifting a corner?

    I currently have a lower but higher capacity jack and just put bricks under it.

    • Yes, you are correct. I have been researching on this and have got feedback from others who use on their 4wd.

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