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[PS4] Batman: Arkham Collection $25.48 (Was $84.95, 70% off) @ PlayStation Store


Batman: Arkham Collection for $25. Contains Arkham Asylum and Arkham City (both remastered), and Arkham Knight. No Arkham Origins, as that was done by a different publisher.

Also includes all DLC, so that means all skins and vehicles, some of which they charged a couple of bucks for previously.

These are some of my favourite games, even better than Spider-Man IMO. Arkham Knight is probably the weakest of the three, but I still enjoyed it greatly.

Cheapest I've seen for a physical copy is around $50.

Time to start seriously concussing the bad guys, but don't kill them because Batman doesn't kill…crippling is ok, but no killing…

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  • nice.. been waiting for this

  • Been considering playing these for a while, seems as good a time as any.

  • Fantastic games.

  • I’ve got these all on PC, but I want to replay them as I never finished Arkham Knight.

    Thank OP

    These won’t be included in any of the PS+ tiers will they?

    • Arkham Knight is already in the PS+ Collection.

    • The Return to Arkham Collection has Arkham Asylum + City, and is on sale for $20.98. So you're basically paying $4.50 for Arkham Knight if you don't have PS+ collection.

      • +1

        Includes the season pass too, so it's $4.50 for the game + all dlc.

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