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2 Pork Belly Deluxe Burgers $10 (Usually $9.30ea) @ Hungry Jack's via App


New offer just appeared in the Hungry Jack's app. Get 2 Pork Belly Deluxe Burgers for $10, usually$9.30 each.

Located in "Jack's app deals" - not the voucher section. Redeemable once per order. Can be redeemed multiple times.

Celebrate Better Burgers 🍔
We've fired up the grills for a tasty Jack's App Deal in celebration of National Burger Day!

Get your hands on TWO Pork Belly Deluxe Burgers for only $10 on the HJ's app until Monday!

With 2 flame-grilled, 100% Aussie beef patties topped with melted cheese, pork belly bites and our signature spicy sauce, celebrate better this weekend. 😋

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  • +39

    I hear these are terrible

    • +12

      Yeah kinda meh, its more like pulled pork than any semblence of pork belly. Also, it just tastes like sauce.

    • +16

      So the Karen was right??

      • +74

        For those not up to date, this is the Karen


        • lmao, thanks

        • +1

          "I'll take a photo and sue you!!"

          Like… what is this Karen lady expecting to happen from a checkout person earning minimum wage? "Red Alert!! Red Alert!! Everybody!! Panic stations!! This lady is going to sue us for a burger that didn't look the same as in the ad!"

        • +5

          ".. and I'm a swearer. I haven't sworn at you yet… B*tch"

        • How had I not seen this yet?!

          Was she asking for a refund or another burger? I imagine if she'd just gone inside and told them that she really wasn't happy with the burger, they would have refunded her without a 2nd thought.

          • +2

            @PurchaseAnxiety: I don't think a simple refund was her motivation. She was pissed off!

            Blocking the drive through was a brilliant strategy - costing HJ & getting the attention she wanted.

            Like others, it stopped me ordering this burger. (And had a great laugh!)

            So it worked. Thanks "Karen"👍

        • Love it. And the 12yo in the car bagging her.

          So def not buying one of these burgers.

        • I hope to one day have as much passion for any hobby as this lady does for her two Pork Belly Deluxe Burgers. On second thought, that much passion just sets me up for disappointment

        • I feel embarrassed just watching this. A few funny things I have to shake my head at, 1) this is not America so saying you're going to sue makes you sound idiotic; and 2) this is HJ fast food… if you still believe the food should look like the promos, you are even more of an idiot.

          • @chcse: That's only because you're used to it. Imagine buying a new car based on a photo then turning up to find it covered in bird guano. "But it's exactly the same as the photo underneath the bird sht, just wash it when yah get home yah Karen!"

            I'm not watching it again, but doesn't she say she already got a replacement because the first was so pitiful, and that was pathetic too. Expecting it to be EXACTLY the same is a bit much, but the squashed limp soggy cardboard places like McDonalds and HJ's give us never looks even remotely close and food places have gotten away with it for far too long.

            e.g. I think it was Campbells who used to put marbles in their soup ads so the vegetables would sit higher or all you'd see was a bowl of brown liquid. Well sorry, if that's what it looks like in the bowl, when we buy it, before we eat it, then something close to that is what should be in the pictures. If photographers have to spend time propping up buns, tilting tomato till it's nearly sliding off to make something look bigger, etc that should be banned. They should have to go to the store, order 10x of the same item, and photograph the average/most common result produced IRL, since that is after all, what we receive.

            • +2

              @Faulty P xel: I totally agree that these sort of promo pictures should be banned, as it is deceptive but I'm so used to it now that I will never expect what I get will look like the photos, especially from a low cost fast food outlet. I'm just surprised that someone would use this argument. I've seen that McDonalds video years ago on how much effort is put into taking this photos and it's quite amazing.

        • +1

          Her delivery is questionable, but she's making a damn good point. It does look nothing like it does on TV :)

        • Legend xD

        • Jokes apart, exactly the reason why I pay extra dollars to get a proper burger from my local joints. Better quality food thats worth your money.

        • Well it certainly made me avoid this burger now. And is it a suitable justification to say "it's fast food, what do you expect" when they serve up crap?

      • +2

        Ngl, the Karen saved my money! I was actually quite excited to try it until the horrible reviews LOL

        • +2

          152 people on this post so far, think the burgers are better…
          …despite every comment here expressing otherwise

    • +2

      It is. More like cold pork scraps.

    • +1

      Can confirm this is horrible. Not even sure if those are pork belly, more like the fat part of the pork belly AND not even cooked to how they should be cooked ( crisp )

      Had it once and that will be my last. Stick to the whoppers peeps.

      • +2

        Whoppers and Bacon Deluxe… HJs novelty burgers are nearly always terrible.

        • +2

          Went for this today but instead got the $4 bacon deluxe burger shake and win offer on the app. Pretty tiny but at least it's got good taste, definitely worth the $4 but not any more than that.

        • +1

          The Peppercorn Angus burger they had for a while was pretty good

    • +2

      Now I'm gonna have to try it to see how bad they actually are…

    • +1

      Save your money and stick with the Bacon Deluxe instead…It was pretty underwhelming, the Karen was right about the amount of "pork belly" which was essentially just chunky pork fat haha

      • +1

        My man! I'm a true believer that the Bacon Deluxe Hunger Tamers meal is the only way to go if you find yourself at a HJs.

        • Yessirrrr

        • Bacon deluxe hungry tamer meal?
          Anyway to get a good price on that?
          I'm a HJs rookie. Help us out for a Friday night dirty take away meal. I heard the free drink and chips on survey doesn't work anymore?
          Any tips? Hints?

          • +2

            @Spending2Much: Surveys are still at the bottom of every receipt, and they are still accepted by every store. Just used it a few hours ago for what technically classified as "dinner".

            Do note the fine print: you have order something full priced with it. So, you can't use a voucher, or shake'n'win with it.

            Buy a $2 BBQ cheeseburger, or a $1 frozen coke and you're fine.

            (and no, no way to get a cheap hungry tamer meal)

    • Why's that? Do they give you Delhi belly?

    • My wife ordered this burger for me.
      We opened the wrapper. Didn't see anything resembling the advertised burger in there. Certainly couldn't see any signs of pork belly.
      Called the store. The assured us it was the right burger.
      Pulled the burger apart.
      Found two small mounds of unidentifiable goop. Worked out that it must be the 'pork belly'.
      Not happy.

      • +1

        I think this burger has been a marketing disaster for HJs.

    • +1

      I tried one, it was gross. Better off with 2x Bacon Delux voucher deal.

      • +1

        Bacon deluxe is my go to, it seems to have gotten smaller and smaller but still tastes damn good

  • +7

    the pork belly doesn't look like what has been advertised at all lol

    • Submit to the checkout

      • The Checkout no longer exists. I know this because when I sent them a photo of something I saw at the local supermarket, I received an auto reply saying the show had been cancelled and would not be coming back.


    • care to elaborate?

  • +3

    Didn't even bother cooking the pork last time I ordered one.

  • +9

    Tried one when a friend took me, it was not even remotely close to the photos. He pork pieces are miniscule and can barely be seen under the cheese/lettuce/other toppings.

    Do yourself and friends a favour and take them to a local authentic banh mi joint and get that instead

      • +6

        Whatchu talkin bout willis? The bahn mi’s have genuine roast pork in them.

  • Western society is in a state of total collapse.

    • +8

      Yeah ok let's move to China

    • -1

      Hey siri: define hyperbole

  • +3

    I've had these twice and I like them. They do not look like the photos but have a decent taste and texture to them.

    In fact, I'm getting this for dinner after seeing this deal. Thanks.

    • +2

      Would disagree. Got it once, the regular tendercrisp or bacon deluxe taste way better than this.

  • +2

    I just got these for lunch, burgers were Meh. Pork was just little pork pieces and not pork belly, no fat layer or crackle. Sauce was weird too. Nothing special, prefer bacon deluxe instead.

  • +7

    usually $9.30 each

    Wow that's crazy!!! You need to have a high paying job these days in order to eat junk food.

  • +17

    To Hungry jacks head office / marketing:

    Give the people what they want:
    Two double whoppers with cheese at $10.

    Sincerely, your mate Jimmo

    • +1

      I want to double like this comment

  • Empty belly..

  • +1

    Hungry Jacks burgers never look like what's in the picture. Always been a disappointment. Pork Belly is the worst IMO.

    KFC on the other hand is more into quality and quantity than focusing on advertising nice pictures.

    • +4

      And KFC burger, with drink and 2 x regular chips for like $7.50. #bargain

    • +1

      You should really try whammy burger

  • Looks like for $10, I'm going to have to find out for myself how bad they are.

  • +2

    In the app they also have small junior whopper cheese meal for $5, small rebel whooper meal for $7, and 2 chicken Royale burgers for $5

  • I wish it looks like the photo

  • They're really trying to get rid of all of this excess pork belly they bought !

  • Had it before, it's crap & nothing like the pic! Couldn't even see the pork belly!

  • +1

    Probably the worst burger HJs has ever introduced. I couldn't finish it. Yuck.

  • Id love two but dont want to be seen as a Pig

  • Last time I ordered this the burger had like 3 small pieces of pork

  • +3

    Believe or not, it is not worth $5 each :x

  • tried it, good price, but the burgers are average…

  • Would normally upvote a deal like this however, I tried one of these a few weeks ago and was very disappointed with the amount of pork in the burger. So little that it's almost false advertising calling it a Pork burger!

  • -2

    pork is yuck

    • -1

      I pity you.

  • Disgusting

  • +1

    Is the bacon at HJ’s still that disgusting fake bacon?

  • +1

    Should I get this or 2 small qtr pounder meals on the maccas app for dinner tonight?

    • +1

      2 small quarter ponders meals for $8 is one of the better targeted deals. Get that one for sure

    • One small Q pounder meal is a better deal.

  • +1

    Getting a stomach ache just thinking about these

  • I looked at a pic of a Pork Belly Burger once and felt sick.

  • How does this have 105 votes and not a single positive comment ahaha

    • 107 And it's a complete mystery 🤷

  • Frankly speaking, these are waste of pork belly.

  • +1

    Tried it today too, love roast pork belly, love a good burger, BUT this Hungry Jack's burger was the worst I've ever had, period.

  • I had this at lunchtime. Burgers were okayish. Plenty of pork but the sauce wasn't that nice.

    Not the best burger experience but I've had worse.

  • Gonna get this for sure this weekend minus pork belly. Actually you know what gimme that whole dirty mess. I'm not about to be one of those losers who never eats it and then moans about how bad it was. If I'm hating I hate for real. $10 bring it

  • +1

    Saw this pop up in the app and thought why not..

    Wow.. It was a struggle to finish 1.. let alone 2.. The bits of rubber were masquerading as pork.. and the sauce is just strange..

    1/10.. would not buy again.

  • Can be redeemed multiple times.

    That's brave

  • +2

    This burger is disgusting. I had to scrape the "pork belly" off and feed it to my dog.

    The bacon deluxe is much better.

  • This was the worst burger I've ever had.
    I actually thought they had given me the wrong burger.
    I went back in to the store and confronted them, comparing to the photo, and the Assistant Manager was adamant that the correct burger was supplied and thats how they all were.

    • +1

      Ha! I had the same reaction. I bought the $15 pack with the extra BBQ Cheeseburger and nuggets and my Mrs bought a Grillmaster Angus burger of some sort. Originally I thought the Grillmaster box was mine (it was stacked on the bottom so couldn't see the words) and they had given my Mrs the wrong burger. After combing through the order, I realised that the sh!tty looking burger that was only a bit bigger than the cheeseburger was the pork belly burger.

      The brightside is that the Mrs didn't get the sh!t burger… I would never have heard the end of it if that happened. And luckily, I had the extra cheeseburger to fill me up. This is such a sorry, sad burger.

    • +1

      Exactly same experience

  • +2
    • +1

      It would be great if everyone posted a pic of what theirs looked like.

      Wonder how many would even look remotely close to the promotional pictures

    • +1

      I can vouch mine, from the Knox shopping centre store, looked exactly like that.

      • +1

        Me three… if it tastes bad, at least make it look appealing… but it fails on all accounts.

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