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[eBay Plus] Wilson Soccer Ball $9, Irish Whiskey $32, 3D Sydney Opera House $39, ThinkPad X1 Nano G1 $1699 Delivered @ eBay


Code: PWEWHISKEY (600 total units)
Jameson Original Irish Whiskey 700ml Bottle

Code: PWEWILSON (600 total units)
Wilson Copia II Soccer Ball

Code: PWETHINK (100 total units)
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Nano G1 13" Laptop i5-1130G7 256GB SSD 8GB RAM Win 10 Pro

Code: PWE3D (200 total units)
3D Sydney Opera House

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    Is the whisky good?

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      Good enough for the price.

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      or gift

      • For the price

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      Depends what you like. Some people love it. I think it tastes like paint stripper.

      • Yeah, needs a tiny bit of ginger ale (and I do mean tiny) mixed in for me. Definitely can't drink it straight.

    • Can not buy for some reason "A seller made some changes to an item listing."

      Edit: They pulled the listing "This item isn't available in the requested quantity. It may have been purchased already, or the listing has expired"

      • Code still works on the Jameson Whiskey, just tried it :)

        • I'm also still unable to checkout..
          EDIT: I clicked to process payment again on the error page and it went through!

          • @ESEMCE: I think all sale allocation is gone now?

            Secret Bottle have bene good in their last deals, increasing the available promo stock, so hopefully you all get a chance again

            • @kickling: Yes, this was restricted to the first 200 buyers only.
              Maybe something similar tomorrow or Sunday

              • @ESEMCE: I'll send a message, see if they can add more. They did it last time after ozb asked…

              • @ESEMCE: See secret-bottle reply below…

      • Mine just worked , 1;02pm

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          Keep clicking "Confirm & Pay" twice or thrice, you will be able to get the order in.

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    Thanks got a footy ⚽

    • -3

      I thought footy = NRL not soccer.

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        Mugby lol

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    Laptop i5-1130G7 56GB SSD

    I was like hold up what the f is a 56Gb SSD in 2022?

    But that little storage and 8gb ram for that price???

    • Listing says 256GB
      I reckon it’s just an error on the eBay title

      • It is a title issue. I still don't know if you should be paying that sort of a premium just becaus the laptop weighs under 1kg…

    • Product Key Features
      Most Suitable For
      SSD Capacity
      256 GB

      • Yeah I figured it was 256, I just forgot to mention it in the original comment because I went to quote the title, and someone replied to my comment so I couldnt edit.

    • If only the 8gb was a typo as well

  • Mikasa Valley No. 5 ball yellow / blue V200W, any special on this? thank you

  • Jameson's for $32 isn't bad. Not the best whiskey but good enough for guests.

    • So you treat your guests better than you treat yourself? Is that what you are saying? If so you have it backwards. Guests should get the best stuff.

      • +2

        That really depends on the guests tbh.

      • +3

        I should get the best stuff. Me. Me. Me

        Guests can get stretched.

        • Yeah. Guests can get good stuff but the best is saved for oneself.

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    what other whiskey/drink is eligible for PWEWHISKEY?

    • I was wondering that too!

      • +1

        No, it was specific to that listing for the first 200 buyers only.

        • Oh wow i must have been lucky then! I was one of those 200

  • Wilson!

  • Is the puzzle good? Is it really normally $99?

    • +1

      I thought it looked cool in the thumbnail, but looking closer it looks pretty chintzy I reckon.
      The pieces are large and by nature of the design of the Opera House, the two sides of the sails are symmetrical, so once you've completed one side, the other side is even easier.

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    PWEWHISKEY does not work anymore.

    • how come there is no original post about this code?

      • This is the original post.
        The code was limited to the specific listing for the first 200 buyers.
        It's an eBay Plus Weekend promo… more (different) deals tomorrow and Sunday

  • Thanks OP got the ball

  • +1

    Now that's a diverse selection

  • +1

    Wilson ball gone!


    • I just got a ball now.

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    Any other balls that work with PWEWILSON?

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    I read that as Iirsh Whisky Wilson soccer ball, was all excited to get an Irish whisky in a cool Soccer bottle.

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    Whiskey back in stock with the code working. Charging me $6 postage though, bringing it to $38. Not sure if it was always like that?

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    eBay have given us another 400 units to sell on the Jameson Deal, stock is now released.

    • @SecretBottle different booze if possible please ? sweet japanese plum liquor maybe?

    • Is it meant to have the postage costs on top? Seems a little dodgy for ebay to be spruiking it at $32 if that isn't the final cost.

      • sorry we don't adjust our listings, the sale is done on eBay's side of things.

        • It's all good, wasn't having a go at you. That one is on eBay…

        • +2

          @secretbottle please remove the $6 postage from your listings like it was before. All your items are showing $6 postage

    • +1

      Just confirmed with Ebay - because the ebayplus was removed from the relisted whisky there is the delivery charge - nice way to turn an extra bit of profit…. still a good price but isn't it Ebay covering the sale?

      • Shame, would have bought it at $32 but with postage on top it was a lot less of a deal.
        Allegedly no changes were made to the listing but the fact noone mentioned the $6 postage for the first 200 units…

        • The $6 postage was added later when more units were made available. The first 200 units were free postage, basically only needed to pay $32

          • @bargainsgrabber: Unfortunately, when eBay asked us if we could add more stock we needed to extend the processing time as we sold through the stock we have in our warehouse and it will take 4 days to get new stock in. Once you extend the processing time past 1 day it is no longer eBay Plus eligible.

      • Ah yes, they're supposed to be an ebay plus store, hence the no shipping charge, and why it's $6 now.

  • I asked ebay about it and suddenly the whole site collapsed lol

    • Haha yeah… Can't even browse other regular items.

  • +1

    Thank you I got the soccer ball, looks like they re-stocked.

    • No worries! I’ve updated the description for all the codes :)

  • +3

    Getting delivery charged for liquor

  • +1

    Free delivery for the Jameson again. Is a deal for $32 delivered…..

    • Thanks, I’ve updated the description :)

    • Excellent, bought one!

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