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Swifte Skateboard/Cruiser Board/Longboard $24.00-$39.60 (RRP $60.00-$99.00) + $8 Delivery ($0 in-Store/ $99 Order) @ Toymate


Options in Skateboard, Cruiser Board or Longboard. | Other recent active deal Skateboards & Longboards $50 with Free Postage @ Conveyor

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  • Not bad price for a long board

  • anyone can comment on quality? I don't think I've heard of Swifte

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      Go back to Conveyor, their deals are way better

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      These are toys compared to the Conveyor.

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    no-name components. never buy boards from "toy" shops

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    Just got me this after being disappointed about missing out on a longboard from conveyor earlier, still some left if your quick:


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      $50 for a Dusters board is insanely cheap!

      • Yep! Thanks to the comments above thought I would check Conveyor again as they have been adding boards here and there to the sale, glad I checked!

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      Thanks! Just grabbed one!

    • That's an awesome pick up!

    • Missed it again…

      These boards good for sliding around on?

      I love snowboarding, but haven't been for a while. Just moved to a place with a long steep road. Noticed a group of lads sliding all over it.

      Might be Freebords or Longboards. No idea about this stuff…but I want in!

      • wheel has to be a specific shape and compound — round edges, small contact patch/width, not too big. the compound of the urethane alse matters. when you shop for wheels, there should be a description about what the wheel is best suited for.

        • Okee dokes. So any of these long boards will do. I just need to buy the wheels..and wrist and butt guards

  • Another decent long board has been added to conveyor:


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