Skateboards & Longboards $50 with Free Postage @ Conveyor


Seems to be the same company as Globe.

Small selection of boards, cruisers & longboards for $50. Free shipping too!

Ideal if you want to get your kid into skateboarding without breaking the bank.

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  • Can anyone vouch for the quality? My 14 year old wants a skateboard

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      Zoo York and chocolate is fine.. don’t get the Kmart/Decathlon boards as they’re pretty rubbish

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      These are great quality boards for $50. Perfect for a beginner. You can’t go wrong with the chocolate, almost, zoo York, blind, Globe boards. I’d go 7.75 width if smaller 14yr old or 8.0 if standard large size kid.

      • What about a 7 year old, 7.5?

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          Sure, unless there’s anything smaller there. Will be good to mess around on either way and for $50 is a bargain.

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          Bought this one for my 7 year old.
          I have no clue about this stuff but I read apparently its a pretty solid board to learn the concept of skating.
          Plus it's $33 delivered.

          • @Spanglish: rebel don't sell quality boards. i bought a mini board from them a few years back and had to swap out all the parts except for the deck (added better grip on it) because it was such junk quality.

          • @Spanglish: Great board, like a Penny. For the price and size perfect for a 7 year old to muck around on.

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        What about for a 30 yr old? Asking for a friend

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          Get the largest one that's available if you just want to muck around and not too worried about doing ollies

        • Get a long board. They’re easy to ride

        • Can vouch for Blind boards quality boards been using them without any faults not sure about complete board though.

        • What about a 56 year old asking for a friend 😉

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          Get good ambulance cover 😆😬

    • You won't do better for the price. Good quality.

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      These boards are fine. Can’t vouch for the trucks and bearings, but for a beginner, they’ll be ok. The brands are also good enough so your kid won’t be getting grief about having a crappy board.

    • $50 for complete board is amazing.
      most brands will be fine.

  • are having a 20% off storewide sale. inline skates, skateboards and more

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      Jeez.. It's an expensive site, mate. Just looked at the prices of a few items and closed it.

  • Quality will be fairly good they are all name brands so good.prices really

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    without breaking the bank

    it's not the bank I am worried about breaking

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        Yeah ignore all the corruption and vote for the party that’s against accountability! Oogie boogie Labor party

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          Yeah let's vote for the 5billion dollar no subs party.

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    Cheers OP - looks like their skates are $50 too ;)

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    Great deal! Picked up two longboards for my brother and I. Thank you. :)

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    Ideal if you want to get your kid into skateboarding without breaking the bank.

    Break a tail bone instead

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  • The long board having in cart now sold, great deal whoever got it. Enjoy the ride!

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    Bought for 11-year-old son. He is tall and beginner so Zoo York 8" would be good I reckon.

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      I'd go smaller for an 11yo personally. Like 7.5". Maybe 7.75 if they're particularly tall.

  • Thanks OP, had my eyes on a longboard for a while! Secured a Felix 36" :)

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      Me too, cheaper than all the second hand ones on marketplace. Awesome deal.

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      Got the same one myself.

  • Considered getting a longboard a while back but then chose not to but $50 including delivery for a branded 36" is too good to pass up…

  • Good find OP!

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    Oh nice deal! Got me a chocolate steve perez board so I can break my old man bones in style!

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      Picked up the Globe Trooper Cruiser for the same reason!

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    Ripper deal, thanks OP!

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    Any of these suitable for beginner adults?

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      Grab an 8.25 in double kick or those globe cruisers would be fun just for pushing around on

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        Thank you, picked up the globe. Great deal!

      • Thanks!

    • Beginner here as well, got myself the 8.25 chocolate Vincent Alvarez. Have no idea if its the right size (I'm 5'9 and my shoe size is US9)

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        That will be fine. You can always invest in a better one if you like it in a year or so

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    Thanks OP got 1 for my son

  • Any of these good for a freebord/ summerboard conversion?

    The real deals seem too short to me. I'm 6ft, 80kg.

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    I'm actually skeptical that the skateboard completes are being sold so cheap. Normally these would be $90-110 at cheapest on sale, plus shipping. I might as well buy one through PayPal and get protection just in case!

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      This is the correct way to buy….

      1. Purchase board
      2. Think about making a purchase and being sceptical
      3. Post on ozbargain about scepticism

      You have got your order all arse about.

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      Vendor is Globe International. Your concerns are unwarranted.

  • I tried a penny board before, but it is definitely not an ideal choice for beginners. Got a Globe 27'' this time, hope it is not too hard to learn a regular size.

    Thanks for the deal OP!

    • +1

      penny make their boards in various sizes. it's the flexy plastic they use for their decks that's probably why you found it "hard."
      wood is sturdier so for some beginners, they'd feel more secure with that.

      • Yup and I had a hard time putting my second foot on the board due to the size. Hope this one bails me out haha.

  • -2

    are these real? not those finger skateboards?

  • +25

    Is there a way to self-exclude from oz bargain, I am a 49yo 125kg male who just bought his first skateboard…..this site is dangerous people!

    • +2

      YOLO - But best to buy some wrist guards.

  • +3

    I picked up the Chocolate Vincent Alvarez 8.25 for the uhh, mature rider. My son is a mad skater so we can go to the skate parks together.

    Unrelated, apologies for the hijack, but can anyone recommend a quality orthopaedic surgeon in Brisbane?

    • +4

      My brother is an orthopaedic registrar in Brisbane. Don’t worry, skateboards aren’t even in the top three of clientele (rugby, trampolines and motorcycles)…

      • +3

        Do you have any coronors in the family

      • Motorbike and now skateboard, I'll probably be setting off airport security before you can say "compound fracture of the proximal femur".

        • I’m told the most common skateboard injuries are wrist/arm injuries followed by head, and motorcycle ones are head, brain and face*, so your femur is probably going to be ok. So at least there is that.

          (*although, yes, leg injuries are fairly common on bikes and ankles are oft broken from boards. Still, that femur looking good).

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    Thanks! I got a Felix 34" longboard. Time to learn how to ride!

    • Kind of tempted myself, but I can't think of a location to give it a thorough ride.

      • I am thinking I may have the same issue. I am moving shortly and no big flat areas will be near me..

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    Thanks OP!

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    Skateboarders are scum ramble ramble

    • Get outta here ScoMo!

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    Great deal, grabbed a cruiser, a long board and some roller skates. Prices seem a little too good so not sure how they will go with stock after getting smashed by ozb

  • +6

    Thanks. For a 8.25" now to learn to skateboard on my late 30s.

  • +4

    Took too long on deciding which Felix board I really wanted to get. Rookie mistake, Ozed out all the Felix 36" so got the 34" in the end.

  • Took two for myself and partner :) time to say goodbye to our kneecaps

    • +2

      Naaah, your knees will be fine.

      Your wrists and elbows though…😅
      (Me too haha)

  • Grabbed the Dusters 31. Missed the longer boards I guess… it's been over 10 years. Let's see how I fare in my 30s.

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    Shout out to the 30+ yos. I got the 32". Thanks OP

    • +6

      Come join us at r/OldSkaters.

    • +3

      Just turned 40 and been getting back into skating, my kids ride their bikes and I skate. I'm the cool dad while the dorks ride along with their kids on their shitty mountain bikes in envy.

      • I ride a MiPro 2 scooter with my kids on bikes. Am I in the cool club?

        • +3

          Mate you are worse than a rollerblader in spandex. $50 and you can be a cool dad too.

  • Late to the party. Always wanted to buy one but couldn't justify the price or buying shit quality. $50 sealed the deal. Thanks OP.

  • Damn all the longboards sold out

  • Can't believe I missed out on a longboard wahhhh!

  • thx OP,

    grabbed a board + inlines for kid & misso, also all $50ea..

  • +2

    Thanks OP. Grabbed an Enjoi skateboard. The trucks alone go for $70. Haven't used a skateboard in 10+ years, this'll be fun.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, got a board and a pair of ugly Globe shoes!

    • Nice work, didn't realise there were shoes too. Bought the missus some pink globes and slipped a double kick in with the order.

    • You got me curious about the shoes and now I ended up buying a pair (and 2 boards!).

  • Ozbargian Skateboard club

  • Thanks op, really good price! Not sure if I should grabbed 7.5” longboard or the 29” cruiser for a 9year old girl with no skating experience yet…. Any suggestions pls?

    • i don't see any more longboards in stock..
      the specs for all boards are entry-level but decent, and made by actual skateboarding brands. why not ask her to point out which design she likes?

      • Thanks for the advise, I mixed up the longboard with “complete” . I will just let her choose a design.

  • Wasn't sure on size cruiser for adult. Hesitated too long and lost both

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