Ridgeback 26 Inch Mountain Bike $149 /Digital Wi-Fi Kettle 1.7l $20 (in Store/ C&C) @ Supercheap Auto

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    The reviews were bad for the bike. 😆

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    Ooh, you're really brave to post a cheap MOUNTAIN BIKE when the bike snobs were already so brutal on kids and city bikes lol. /Salute

    • I don’t think they are bike snobs.
      Form what I’ve seen it was more to do with buying cheap crappy bikes from stores like Kmart.

      • Crappy is relative. For those wanting to spend no more than Kmart prices, they are adequate. Some were hysterically pronouncing them as death traps which couldn't be further from the truth and were hilarious to read.

        • yeap kmart bikes work fine for kids and adults for many years..
          no need to pay exorbitant prices if you are not a hardcore pro cycler etc..

        • So is using the term ‘bike snobs’ here like they did

          • @FredAstair: Sure they are. Most rational people would agree that these bikes would be ok for general use and wouldn't result in death. If they were dangerous, they wouldn't be allowed to be sold in the first place. Yet you still have people who likely have spent thousands on their bikes breathlessly exclaiming that they are death machines. That's complete bull. If that's not a bike snob, should we term them as bike sensationalists, or bike fox news.

            • @clubhonda: Disagree.
              I’m not a bike snob (or any other negative term you place on people who regularly bike) and I’m an extremely rationale person.
              I also heavily researched bikes a while back when I was considering buying one after not having a bike for over 10 years.

              What I did discover is that bikes fro, places like Kmart can be put together wrong and inadequately.

              Thus… having a fork come apart, a brake failing, and using a bike for anything other than a flat ride for a short distance… yes… they can be dangerous.

              Now I also need to correct you on your statement:

              If they were dangerous, they wouldn't be allowed to be sold in the first place.

              No.. the bikes might not be dangerous, but being put together incorrectly can be.
              Also. Yes they can also be dangerous (skate boards, jump ropes, etc can be dangerous in the wrong hands. But you can’t sue a business for selling you them.

              With the bikes.. The hard part would be proving that it was the store that failed to put the bikes together correctly.. as most of these bikes would thus be sold to people that don’t know that much about bike mechanics/maintenance, etc.

              Now here’s a real Life example for you.. it has to do with the 99 bikes store. After reading several reviews about this store I came to the conclusion that these stores are great for parts and things other than bikes (as they’ve been known to do the same as places like Kmart… put together bikes incorrectly).
              My experience was buying a second hand bike that I discovered was bought from 99 bikes. The bike tires still had the rubber nipples on them meaning they’d never been used, and other things about the bike also led to the fact that this bike had been bought and never actually used.

              As the price was great, I bought it and promptly took it to a good bike servicer. I said nothing to them other than it had been kept in storage for awhile (what the seller told me) and then after the service asked them how the bike was.

              The mech told me that the forks were on backwards and the brake cables were incorrectly mounted.

              No regarding the type of money bike enthusiasts spend. Unlike many other hobbies where the spend of the money is more related to aesthetics than anything else, bike enthusiasts spend more money on their bikes for several reasons. To reduce the weight of their bike (every gram adds up over long distances), the strength of their bikes (when you. Lock as many kms as some of these people do you’d know why this is important), and function (a good brake system, or say a good gear system can make or break a decent ride)…

              So… before you start making assumptions about people who regularly ride bikes and comment here to warn people of the perils of supermarket bought bikes, think about how they know this information and that it’s not just because they buy more expensive bikes than you would justify.

              • @FredAstair: Any item can be misused, or set up incorrectly by the user. This is a completely different logic to the item itself being dangerous. It's akin to saying that Lego toys or Ikea furniture are dangerous because stupid users can put them together wrongly and cause an accident. That's on the user mate. There is something to be said about taking ownership and owning up to that, but that's getting away from this topic.

                And your example with 99 bikes is fundamentally different from kmart. If they sold you fully assembled bikes, and they've been assembled wrongly, you have a case against them. Same as if you went to a mechanic, and they incorrectly assembled a part on your car. But for kmart bikes, the parts are all there, and they work. If they were assembled incorrectly, that's on whoever assembled them, and that doesn't make those bikes dangerous. If people don't know how to assemble bikes, don't buy bikes requiring assembly. It's on them, not on anyone else if something happens. It's also about people growing up and taking ownership for their own actions. Don't blame the whole world for their own stupid actions.

                • @clubhonda: I guess you don’t know that Kmart offers assembly of these bikes then.

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    The bike has been this price for months…

  • and the kettle been sold out

    • thank god
      i would buy this just to see how wifi enhances my water boiling activities

      • if the kettle was good and had an app,
        you can probably schedule it to boil just in time for you as you wake up to make your drink
        or use smart speaker to issue the commands..

  • One of the reviews says it doesn't connect to Alexa, but it was from New Zealand, whose ixcints can be difficult to understand by AI…. lol.

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