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MSI GeForce RTX 3080 VENTUS 3X PLUS 10G LHR Video Card $1229 Delivered ($0 VIC C&C) @ BPC Technology


I've been tracking the 3080, 6800XT and 6900XT fairly closely from a dozen or so sellers and BPC is one of the active players, regularly tweaking and adjusting pricing, if only by $20 or $50 here or there to beat or match the competitors.

This seems to be the cheapest 3080 currently, has been around the $1300 mark from a few sellers in recent weeks, so not a big change but still a good price and not the Gigabyte for those who want anything but.

If had it been this cheap a few weeks back I would likely have jumped in, for now I'm in the Hodl crew, waiting for next gen or a particularly good deal.

Shipping appears to be free.

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    Lmao GPU price is just like ShopBack cashback offer now that the vendor just lower few bucks to test how the market responds.

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    6900xt would bea better choice at this price?

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      I agree, the 6900xt generally beats out the 3080 12gb in quite a few games. However the 3080 seems to perform better at 4k and if ray tracing is an absolute must then the 3080 is a better choice. With that been said, the 6900xt is definitely the better bang for your buck.

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        But this is not even the 12gb version!

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    $1k or no dice I'll wait, not that there's any decent games to really work this card

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      wait 9 of june u will see it soon

  • Any new RTX 3070ti deals coming up?

  • Hodl for 6900xt under $1K

    • What will it take for 6900XT to be sub $1k?

      • The next gen of cards to arrive and be readily available

  • where's jimmy and homer? ohh wait its not $500 yet….


  • only Ventus and Eagle typical under $1300…

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