Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk $199 (Was $329) + Delivery @ ALDI (Select Areas)


Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk
Was $329.00

Improve your posture and productivity at home or in the office by breaking the habit of sitting all day. This Electric Standing Desk is easy to operate; simply adjust the height of the desk for a more comfortable working space. A 12 month warranty is included with this product.

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    Deliver 50$ Sydney Metro :(

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    Unfortunately, ALDI delivery service is currently unavailable in your area

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      Same here :-( being 6'5" sitting at a 'normal' desk height, was thinking about getting one of these for the extra leg room. Oh well, a few bricks it is for me lol

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        If you’re looking for a height adjustable desk but will mostly be using it for sitting, this is a cost effective option. https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/matrix-man...

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          Oh wow!! Tyvm!! Good price too :-D bloody legend!

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            @teddiebear: I managed to pick factory second one of these right before working from went from fashionable to necessary.

            Loved it so much I bought a second one.

            • @DisabledUser432178: So it is decent quality?

              • @teddiebear: Decent enough for a desk

            • @DisabledUser432178: Where did you buy factory seconds ?

              • @warmmilktea: Was just at one of the office works storesm maybe factory seconds was wrong term. . It was cheaper than normal cause it had a chip out of a corner

      • funny

    • if you don't have a car get goget, probably costs around $20 for a trip to your nearest ALDI, depending on how close

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    • Height adjustable from 72cm - 120 cm
    • 18mm MDF board with melamine & PVC edge
    • Low noise
    • Up to 4 memory settings for different users
    • Up/down movement
    • Height memory
    • Easy to operate
    • FSC 100%

    • Product size: 1.20m (W) x 60 cm (D)
    • Box 1 dimensions: 1050mm (W) x 250mm (D) x 205mm (H)
    • Box 1 weight: 22.2 kg
    • Box 2 dimensions: 1290mm (W) x 680mm (D) x 60mm (H)
    • Box 2 weight: 11.3 kg

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      kinda small ngl. but i guess one can always swap out the table top

      • Depends if the legs are adjustable

  • Great price

  • They got more stuff under ‘online clearance’ option

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    Maximum weight load is 50 kg. No riding it for me…

    • No riding on it!

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        I think he meant what he said. No judgement passed :D

  • $70 postage for me

    • OUCH! Kinda makes the deal go south a bit.

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    Aldi really need to have for these Online specials a collect in store option and not charge for it (or a nominal fee). There shipping is horrendous for a multinational company.

    • They likely charge what it costs. No special buys for them!!

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        I am sure they charge what it costs.

        But they haven't negotiated a very good deal - that's my point.

        • Maybe they have and just aren’t passing the benefits on?

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    Glad Aldi's finally stopped selling the old manual one with the knee-height bar underneath.
    Might changeover to this one.

  • Is this online only?

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    $70 shipping to Canberra yet there is an Aldi 200m from where I live. That is absurd.

    I recently bought a 55" tv from JB HiFi and delivery was $10 and dryer from Bunnings was a $10 delivery fee.

    As someone else commented, why no click and collect option?

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      As someone else commented, why no click and collect option

      It's probably because they're all sent from a centralised warehouse from surplus stock from the sales. So there's no stock left at the store to process them neither do they have the staffing capacity to do so.

      • The centralised warehouse would do deliveries to individual stores all the time, they could just add any click and collect orders to the next delivery for that store.

  • Grabbed 2! Thanks for sharing!

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    There is also a standing desk on special buy on 4th June for $149.


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    Looks like a single motor?

    Also $50 delivery lol

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    Honestly anything that I have bought from aldi hasn't lasted long. For something that you would use on a daily basis, it would suck if it's of bad quality and keeps wobbling while working on.

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      counterpoint, i bought an elliptical trainer and a monitor arm from ALDI, both are very solid.

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        I've had a TV that's lasted me 5 years not a single glitch. It's no LG c1, but not bad for 800

        Bless you aldi

    • the fact that its weight is support is 50kg tells alot, do you self a favour and go for this dual motor 80kg 150cmx75cm (or 120cm) setup from lazy masons, with coupon 366 delivered from lazy maison ebay store (20 percent coupon). spend a bit more you wont regret it and it will outlast the aldi unit

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    Some thoughts.

    I love ALDI but screw this.

    72cm minimum is crap. I know because I've got it.

    My desk is 1500x700 and it's the SMALLEST I'd ever consider. 60cm deep is really really bad, I upgraded from that and it was a huge relief.

    The Matrix desk at office works is worth considering. Except the 72cm min height.

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      Counterpoint: some people don't have a large space for a desk and still would like stand.

      • Sure I guess. It's just so small and frustrating to work with.

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    18mm MDF board with melamine & PVC edge, meaning, if you put a monitor arm, it might break the desktop. only edge is strong, MDF might bend over time

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    Everything I want to say about cheap standing desks and their cheap motors was already said in this legendary comment : https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/663574#comment-11343134

    Do what I do. Buy a laminate acacia top from bunnings (much more solid that this/ikea tabletops) for $100 odd bucks. Leave it 2.2m long or trim accordingly, and buy your own standing desk base.

    • May I ask for a lead on a standing desk base? Thanks :)

      • You may not. I didn't write the comment, and I'm still learning from it :D

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        I used this IKEA base (base alone around $700):


        With an FJ laminated pine 2.2m panel from Bunnings which I sanded and oiled. Fixing tabletop to base with m8 bolts and pinnacle taskmaster screw in insert nuts from Bunnings to suit.

        The IKEA base is very nice, extremely study and well built, expecting to get many years of life. A bit on the expensive side though.

        EDIT: just saw that is exactly what the link provided above suggests as a good quality base which I would agree with.

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      those guys are ridiculous…. "don't buy the $200 single motor or $240 dual motor desks, they're not good value! I refuse to substantiate what exactly is bad about them.", proceeds to link $800++ single motor desks.

  • Electric!?!? I have a massive Schiavello manual adjust (quality) and can't even sell it for $200! This can't be very solid??

  • Can anyone comment on the "modular storage unit" (desk) in the clearance section?

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