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[VIC] 2022 Melbourne Hi-Fi & AV Show (3-5 June) 1-Day Pass $16.50 (25% off, Normally $22 Online) @ StereoNET


The StereoNET Melbourne Hi-Fi & AV Show is a Must for Audio and Cinema Lovers

Whether you're planning to pick up a record or find out about the latest hi-fi and home cinema technology, the 2022 StereoNET Melbourne Hi-Fi & AV Show truly is the place to be for audio enthusiasts.

There are over 170 of the world's greatest brands confirmed and jetting in for this year's event, with names such as JBL, Sennheiser, McIntosh, Krix, and Klipsch comprising only a portion of the many participants confirmed for the three-day program. The HiFi Show will cover a wide range of aspects of the audio industry, with various products featured in displays, auditions, and giveaways to ensure visitors receive a well-rounded experience.

Headphones will form a significant talking point of the HiFi Show with the arrangement of some of the best headphone brands available in Australia. Exhibitors include original founders and current purveyors of electrostatic headphones, STAX, household favourites Beyerdynamic and Sennheiser, plus many more who will provide expert advice as they present an array of different models for visitors to audition.

If home cinema is your thing, and let's be honest, we've never binged as many movies or digested as much Netflix as we have in the last two years, then you're in for a treat. Dedicated world-class cinema builds from Australian brands, including Krix and Elementi Audio, plus immersive demos from JBL Synthesis and Klipsch, plus many more.

The festivities continue with the Australian Record Fair, its return in 2022 marking the now annual event's inclusion at the show takes place in a whole new space. Thousands of new and second-hand records spanning all genres will be available across all three days to expand the collection of every attendee.

With a program designed with such variety and expertise, encompassing three levels of the Pullman Hotel in Albert Park Melbourne for the biggest show of its type ever held in Australia, there's no doubt the HiFi Show is set for another stellar year in 2022.

Tickets are on sale now for June 3rd-5th, starting at $22 for a 1-day Pass, or $50 for a 3-day Pass. Exclusive to Ozbargain readers, you can get 25% off 1-day Passes for a limited time by using the coupon code shown here on the ticketing page when you book tickets. More information at www.stereonet.com/show

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  • +1

    7 seconds of a 38 second trailer showing….long queue's, gave me a right chuckle.

    Might pop down and see some neat gear.

  • Thanks got it

  • +1

    I really wanted to go to this. Flights from Canberra to Melbourne is ridiculously expensive. Is there anything like this happening in Sydney!

    • +6

      Have you considered just driving ? Canberra to Melbourne by car is 6-7 hours, only a few hours longer than flying by the time you include all the airport crapola at each end…

      • … although my friend in the same situation has just pointed out that he'll need 3 tanks of fuel to cover the 1300Km return trip. For a single driver then that's $300 just in fuel.

    • +1
  • +6

    Don't bother if you don't have $10K burning a hole in your pants. Hotel rooms full of expensive and esoteric gear (tubes & vinyl) in setups nothing like end-user's homes, noisy strangers moving about, arcane demo tracks (Hotel C..) and smug demonstrators and VIPs w*nking each other. I'd love to see practical 5.1 examples and setup demonstration of YPAO, Audessy, DIRAC, etc. in realistic home setups but that don't fit when the aim is to spruik WTF$ gear. Read AVSf and ASR for free.

    • I agree. Most of the time it's s stuff not even remotely affordable by an ordinary person or some lp stuff that is impractical and exorbitant. The audiophile world is riddled with snake oil stuff. I'm expecting this show to be that.
      It'll be great to have a show where you educate people and treat them as normal people instead of walking wallets

      • +4

        Haters gonna hate, the show is a fantastic chance to meet up with mates in the crazy audiophile community, a huge vinyl fair is on as well(woo hoo bargain hunt here we go) and it's a great drawcard for Melbourne once again. Heaps of gear there that you just don't get to see all together in one space.

        Educate people? Like how? Not sure about Hi-Res streaming, Tidal, Roon, DSD integration into your home environment…well just ask the people at the various displays, the knowledge is there.

        If you go to a car show do you want to see Great Wall utes and 14k commuter cars, well sure, why not they're cheap and pretty good but the chance to see some Italian exotica is also why your there. Same rule applies for high end Hi-Fi.

        OB's(open baffle speakers) compared to boxes(Standmounts/bookshelf speakers and floor standing speakers) or Horns or digital compared to analogue, tubes compared to circuitry, solid state amps,transistors, there's heaps of differences to explore and heaps of ways to enjoy your music. Australian made compared to everywhere else, it's a good chance to compare gear.

        Looking forward to it.

        • +1

          Back when car shows were a thing I always sat in the ordinary cars. The expensive ones were usually locked and some you couldn't even touch as they were behind ropes.

    • +2

      Let's be honest, even $10K isn't going to go far in the high end. A bit like paying for proper forged wheels for your Ferrari - $2.5K knock offs from Bob Jane is not gonna cut it. But, I am pleased to say that in amongst the countless examples of ultra high-end (both cinema, and hi-fi at this show), there is also absolutely some affordable rooms, simple streaming and vinyl systems, as well as at least four different affordable 5.1 demonstrations, I can think of from the top of my head. So let's not make assumptions, as you don't actually know what is on display and demonstration this year.

      • +1

        I used to go to these shows and it was the first time I saw CD players. It blew my mind. Now you guys are spruiking vinyl systems. The world works in mysterious ways.

        • +1

          By our 2024 show no doubt it will be new cassette players! :)

          • @smg: Apparently they are coming back as well!

            I’ve never been an “audiophile”. We tend to have mid range systems; probably pretty low end to you guys. I’m pre Walkman so, to me, the changes in personal sound systems have been amazing.

            The CD, I heard, was Kitaro. I went out and bought it even before I got a CD player.

            Good luck with the show.

            • @try2bhelpful: What can be achieved now in portable audio and headphone listening is remarkable. There will be a strong presence in this category at our show also. Then you have the traditional brands like STAX too, which is worth a listen if you've never heard them!

    • Why would they have it in hotel rooms? Odd.

      • +1

        It's not just hotel rooms. There's 20 or so large spaces and booths etc too.
        The hotel rooms do closer replicate many of the living rooms or bedrooms used for small hi-fi systems (even home theatre) however.
        Unfortunately it's impossible to find a convention centre with 50+ spaces to replicate rooms. :)

  • +4

    Yeah that's true, but the whole point for me is to compare the sound I get at the moment with the really high end stuff. And see the difference for myself. These audio show offers that opportunity to learn and understand for yourself.

    Everything then can be considered snake oil stuff. The TV industry…how much difference is there between oled and led? Sony Vs Lg, Wine, gin, sake…Dyson Vs Xiaomi…Tesla Vs BYD or even polster. I think the key is not so much better or worse…one can't deny different speakers offer different styles of sound and if you care about audio, you want to experience sound just like trying out different cars, sake or even gin.

    • I agree with a lot of what you're saying, but implying there is little difference between OLED and LED is a bit far. I've got a nice IPS computer monitor (regular LED) and an OLED TV, and the differences are massive

  • +1

    Horses for Courses, but..

    point for me is to compare the sound I get at the moment with the really high end stuff

    the most influential component in every setup is the room, and (assuming you're "normal") a hotel guest room won't be close to final destination. Whatever you hear there won't be close to what you'll bring home.

    • That's fine…I still want to chase what's possible and experience the limits of hearing.

    • Interestingly I went along a couple of years back and had a listen to some $25K powered speakers that did DSP room correction and they sounded absolutely stunning. So, the room doesn't matter so much anymore. Still, I'll stick to my cheap HD800S and Focal Clears;-)

      • Don't need $25K - DDRC-24 can do for US$500. However, there's only so much an EQ and delay can do - there's no way it can compensate for an irregular or asymmetric portals - you need room treatment. Headphones shine, but you're on your own.

  • Sounds interesting..

    • -2

      With a username of ilikecheapcrap, maybe stick to yumcha audio at local kmart and target

  • Anything to do with JB Hi-Fi?

    • Nothing whatsoever! :)

  • +2

    Have never understood why I should have to pay to enter events that are basically a shopping mall / sales funnel.

  • Went to this show a few years back at the same hotel. Would not recommend it due to the tiny rooms and boring music being played mainly Jazz/Classical. Along with some of the rooms constantly trying to hard sell the products.

    • It is difficult to find venues that lend themselves to an exhibition such as this, and yes, the rooms do become crowded in peak times. We are actively pursuing venues in both Melbourne and Sydney, and hoping to be in a larger convention style venue when we return to Melbourne (Sydney 2023) in 2024. Friday afternoon and Sunday are better times to visit. Saturday can get quite congested.

      • What about Friday lunch to afternoon? That’s when we’re thinking of going

        • +1

          Opening time on Friday is generally very busy, but mid-afternoon quietens down a touch.

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