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Spend $120 on Coffee Capsules & Get a Bonus L'OR Barista Sublime Coffee Machine Delivered @ L'OR Espresso


FREE machine when you spend $120 on L’OR capsules at shop.lorespresso.com.au offer ends at midnight AEDT 30/06/22. While stocks last. Not valid with any other offer.
1) Add the L'OR Barista® Sublime machine to your shopping cart.

2) Add at least $120 worth of participating capsule products in one transaction from the website.

3) At checkout the L'OR Barista Sublime machine will be discounted to zero dollars

*Offer valid from 24/05/22 – 30/06/22 and until stocks last.

Offer limited to the first 5,000 eligible transactions. Valid for purchases over $120 of any L’OR Capsules from https://shop.lorespresso.com.au. Any purchases made after the allocated number or after the stated closing date will not qualify for the offer. Customers must ensure they are available for delivery. AU res 18+ only. Not valid with any other offer

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  • If it's anything like the last promo, the pods will either be short dated or have adequate date but the hermetic seal quality is bs and so the coffee won't be the best.

    I've come to realise the coffee from l'or pods is actually decent when the hermetic seal is still intact.

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      I had one of these deals and the coffee was fine not short dated. Never had any issues with L'Or branded pods.

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        Like Chocobros, I’ve had very mixed experiences with L’Or. If the seal has enough pressure behind it and it has 9 months plus before expiry, I love their coffee. Unfortunately, L’Or seem to have started using these promos to push out their short expiry pods - you get much newer batches when you buy their coffee at the supermarkets.

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      I got this similar deal about 6-8 months ago and they did send me out a bunch of pods with short use by dates (about 1 month from memory).
      I simply sent them a complaint via their website with photos of the boxes and they sent out replacements instantly. I ended up giving the short dated ones away to a business that would drink them all in a week or so.

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        Good on you for not throwing them and wasting :)

  • Would penicillin capsules be fine?

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  • Smooth coffee

  • +1

    I got one of these deals last year and love it.

  • It seems this a machine without the milk frother.

  • I got it for $99 and pods were fine

    But probably luck of the draw

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    Excellent, just needed a new machine.

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    Grinding coffee then extracting it days/weeks/months later, regardless if it's sealed or not is the worst way to enjoy coffee.

    Especially since the water is plumber through a zinc coated thermoblock which leeches taste destroying and possibly toxic materials into the water.

    You can't properly clean the lines because any cleaners will destroy the thermoblock coatings, so you've got rancidity building up.

    So yeah, the machine needs to be free so you can replace it every 12 months max and the coffee needs to be cheap because it is.

  • +1

    Looks like pods cost $1.25 each from the website. You can buy decent nespresso pods for about 33c each. So for $120, you are paying about $88 for the machine.

    • That’s for the double shot ones. The single ones are 70c each.

  • I had this machine on last promotion. But the machine is actually not working, there is water leaking from the bottom. I wait for months to get the refund from Philips (the machine is Philps).

    I am thinking to buy another one, but a bit worry about the machine as it took so long to process.

    I received couple boxes with 1-2 months close to best before dates. Others 3-4 months, not too bad.

    It seems this is the cheapest machine I can found with some capsules. Or if anyone could find a cheaper one?

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