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[OnePass] $20 off $60+ Spend @ Catch


Got an email for this pretty decent discount, works out to be 33% off if you buy $60 worth of items. I usually go for Kmart and Target items to get the best value.

Free 30 day trial available, you don't need to provide a credit card, and it doesn't matter if you've tried Club Catch before.

P.s. Think it's separately worth calling out the massive range of items now available for free delivery from Kmart and Target directly. Have personally been finding it great value buying things that are only a few dollar and getting them delivered for nothing. It means you can get around Kmart's annoying restriction where your items had to come from the same store - I just buy one item per order now!

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    Code doesn't work for me. Might be targetted.
    I signed up to OnePass and have $60 of Target items in my cart. When I apply coupon code Catch states it is invalid.

    • I joined OnePass on 29/05 and received the code today. Thanks!

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    Seems like targeted. I am already with OnePass. “Coupon can’t be validated.” With$60 items in cart.

  • Targeted?

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      and Kmarted!

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    I joined onepass on 24/5 and got this email yesterday. Used it to buy the new Kirby game for $44.

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    I had one of these but there was nothing I wanted at the time. Then after it expired they sent me a $30 off $60 spend one instead

    • When was the last time that they sent you the $20 off code?

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    Targeted, me too I got ONEPASS30, $30 Off for $60+

    • How long after ONEPASS20 expired did they send this 30 off one?

  • How do you find Target or Kmart items in Catch is there an easy way to search?

    Also what one store restriction of Kmart were you talking about in the OP?

    • Not sure if you can find Kmart items in catch , but you can open one pass within Kmart and target and get free shipping.

  • You should be careful shopping on Catch, they regularly refuse to do returns, even if the product they send is faulty or nothing like the pictures or description. You can lose a lot of money on that website.

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