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Scepter Duramax 53L Wheeled Fuel Container with Pump Handle Clearance $114 + Shipping @ Repco


I had considered buying one for a while but always thought $299 was to expensive, for $114 its now worth a go.
Handle alone retails for about $75, so it looks like a good deal.

the 2 reviews arent great, but theres better info on youtube about it.

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  • The fuel you put in it will probably cost the same as the container haha

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      pretty much but I've got to make sure those Costco trips are value for money hahaha

  • How heavy will they get? I know fuel is lighter than water, but not sure how much lighter.

    • About 20% lighter than water.
      Around 42kg + whatever the container weighs

    • I've read its about 50kgs when compeltely full. They recommend two people lift it.

  • How do you get $5 shipping? $9.90 is what is showing on my screen.

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    Save a click

    Review from site:
    "It is a gravity system that means the tank must be placed higher than the tank you are filling. With fuel in the tank it is almost impossible to lift the tank to a high position. It has to be flat to put fuel in it then lifted into position. The tank hose leaks and is very stiff and inflexible. I think this is an inferior product and would not recommend it."

    • That sounds like a major let-down due to having to lift it up so high. Good research. Thanks!

    • the handle is also press activated so you can still pump the fuel in when on level or below the fill port.

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        "It has a flow rate of 2 gallons per minute in siphon mode."

        "Hand pump allows you to eliminate spillage and overfills by stopping and restarting the flow of fuel when needed"

        It is a "Patented Flo 'n Go Maxflo siphon/pump" meaning it relies on gravity. The handle on the pump is used to hand pump the fuel from the canister to the handle and then relies on gravity to complete the process.

        Theoretically, you could probably have a good grip workout and do the whole thing manually over an extended period, but, the instructions provide that it needs to be higher then the target location and "the higher, the better"

  • But why would you buy the handle alone?

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      Stick the other end in the gas tank of another car.

      • Don't most modern cars have anti-syphon fitting to prevent this?

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    I bought one of those handles at Masters clear out sale for $15. The handle pumps to create a syphon. Totally useless in my opinion as need to lift the container higher than fuel inlet (as comments above) Only time it was good was sucking old fuel out my jetski. There is a reason why it’s on sale.

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      Nice name lol

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