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[Klarna] Apple AirPods Pro with MagSafe Charging $245.65 ($235.65 with Your First Purchase via MyDeal App) Delivered @ MyDeal


lowest price ever? 15% off with klarna ends tonight. Direct import. International version. Extra $10 off with code SHOPAPP

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  • Do you still get local warranty support from Apple AU? Or would you have to send them back to MyDeal?

    • My deal 12 month warranty. I think you have to send them back to my deal

      • FYI, I got even less than 12 months from Apple, since it gets activated in the original country.

        But as you said, 12 months from MyDeal

        • I had issues with activation with my US AirPods Pro from Kogan. Apple changed the activation date to when I bought them from Kogan though a call to them and evidence of purchase.

    • You would have to send them back to MyDeal, that's also why officeworks don't price match MyDeal / Kogan / Dick Smith.

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        Oh shoot really. That would absolutely suck because knowing these companies they would try to put the blame back on you.

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          Yeah, it's the downside of buying grey market stock.

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            @cjhero: Is it genuinely the case that Apple won't cover the warranty? I thought they'd still cover 12 months, just not 24 month our consumer rights give us.

            Edit: after researching, anecdotally that seems to be true with Apple. They'll cover 12 months internationally.

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              @itsross: See my comment above, will be less than 12 months.

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        I have managed to price match from Officeworks with MyDeal's Airpods Pro and also wherever you buy an Apple product, you would get 12 months international warranty as long as your serial number is valid.

        • You got lucky, if you get an oblivious retail staff they'd do it. But on their website it says they don't price match with "grey or direct import products not sold through an authorised Australian reseller"

  • How do you get the 15% off?

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      Pay with Klarna and they will take 15% off your fourth and final payment if you pay in 4 or if you pay by card in full, they will refund you the 15%

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    Bought these recently and the spatial audio sensation from Apple TV is kinda cool when watching a show or movie.

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    Not warranty means gray import, should avoid

  • Extra $10 off with code SHOPAPP

    You can get a couple $ more with Cash Rewards 6% cash back instead of using the code.

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      Cashback is ineligible on all Apple branded products.

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        You're replying to obvious bait

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    After ordering, Klarna emailed to say they're taking $50 off my final payment.

    So $229 after coupon.

    • Oh wow, didn't get that!

    • How is that possible? They’re giving 15% off. You’re getting $50 off instead?

    • Are you sure it's not just the 15% off that they'll apply to the final payment?

      • They also sent the 15% off email. This one was seperate.

        "Thanks for shopping at digiDirect with Klarna.

        This is to confirm we'll take up to $50 off your recent online purchase. After your first three payments are complete, Klarna will wipe your final instalment up to $50."

        • This was MyDeal, not digidirect.

          • @Meenas: I'm so confused then. I only did one order. I must have ordered from a different seller. Comes to $229 either way.
            Edit: Klarna shows one order from MyDeal 🤷‍♂️

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        I actually had the same, two emails of 15% and another for $50 off… wonder what will eventually happen. Neither discount has applied yet.

  • Has been cheaper.. $225 via klarna + kogan for AU stock. Don't expect that to repeat though..

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