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[eBay Plus] 60% off RRP on Selected Tefal Cookware Range @ Big W eBay


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    Thanks op but I brodened my local Woolies this week. I'm all good for fry pans for the rest of this decade

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    Ovela Non-Stick coating is much better than Tefal's IME.

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      Has blackstone non stick been independently verified to be free of ptfe, pfoa, cadmium, lead, etc…?

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        In the description it says: ordinary non-stick pans contain chemical compounds PTFE and PFOA in their coatings that actually alter the original taste and can even leach toxins into your food. Rest assured that the Ovela 5 Piece BlackStone Non-Stick Induction Cookware Set is PTFE and PFOA-free, and are safe to use!

        • hmmm…. so its not clear if Tefal do or do not contain PTFE PFOA etc…. ?

          • @aussieaubs: Not according to Tefal's listings

            • @nfr: FYI from https://www.tefal.com.au/cookware-commitments - Note: not confirming or denying their claims, just reporting them

              PTFE and PFOA are often confused:

              • PTFE: Polytetrafluoroethylene is an inert substance that does not react with food. The harmlessness of PTFE has been scientifically proven by the highest Health Authorities.

              • PFOA: Perfluorooctanoic acid is a chemical substance, still used by some manufacturers, which is suspected to have negative health effects.

              Yeas ago, TEFAL was one of the pioneers of PFOA free coatings. On top of that Tefal also ensures the absence of lead and cadmium in its products.

              Is PTFE coating safe for your health?
              Public Health Authorities in Europe and in the United States have demonstrated that PTFE is an inert substance with no effect on health, even in the case of ingestion.

              These authorities have confirmed the health safety of PTFE coatings in cooking utensils. Moreover, PTFE is frequently used in medicine, to cover pacemakers or create implants.

              *Titanium Excellence coating lasts up to 3 times longer than TEFAL Power Glide coating.

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      3 pots for $35 sounds like great deal on Koran.

    • Can induction ones used on gas?

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        Yep. I'm using ones I bought for induction on my new place with gas.

  • Thanks OP, almost pulled the gun yesterday in-store. This is even better discount combine with the gift card deals! keep it coming!

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    What's the best in range from tefal?

    • Daily Cook

      • I thought hard anodised (like the Jamie Oliver's) was better than coated?

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          go to tefal's site and you'll see neither of those are near to the top

  • Thx, got 20cm one

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      It's not the diameter that matters

  • What's the difference between XL force and simply clean 30cm fry pan

    • Possibly the force will be with you

    • The XL page claims that their nonstick lasts up to 2x as long as standard tefal nonstick.

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    FYI, different non stick grades.

    I rate the Teflon platinum plus coating, IKEA and hospitality stores carry pans with them. I haven't had any other Teflon based pans last as long. They definitely outlasted my last lot of Tefals. Might not be as pretty though.

    Definitely don't heat any of these to Wok heat.

    • Hai ya…. what the point of wok with no wok hei?! Make me put my leg down from chair…

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        What else you expect from Jamie Oliveoil. Maybe he use to make chill jam, at least that sheet don't stick.

        Parents will be proud of bargain, but will disown you once they see this "wok"

  • Thanks, bought 32cm one

  • I just got the Tefal Ambiance 6 peice set from Harris Scarf for $139, cheaper than Big Dubs.

  • Thanks OP

  • This might be dumb, but can someone let me know which of these are NOT suitable for induction cook tops?

    Obviously the ones that say induction are fine, but are they the only ones or are some of the others allowed?


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      Check the descriptions for their compatibility, to me it looks like only the induction ones support induction cook tops.

      • Yeah cheers did some mkre digging and you're right to an extent. Google says that it needs to be flat surface and ability to magnetise. But the specific induction ones are best. So I opted for that

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    Just my novice input, but I noticed that the pans that don't specifically state "Made in France", may be made in countries such as China. I compared some of the pans to other websites which showed the under pan and ones that are actually made in France state so. I also seen some ranges of pans advertise "Designed in France" too, pretty cheeky.

    I stayed away from the "Daily Cook Induction Non-Stick Stainless Steel" range as these didn't specifically quote they were made in France. Opted for the "XL Force" range instead.

  • Any stainless steel wok for sale?

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    The Jamie Oliver range should come with a "bonus" offer of chili jam

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    I have spent around $50-$80 on a standard size pan including from the Jamie Oliver range. Then I bought Ikea 365+ range and haven't looked back.

    • Good tip. After years of scanpan that lose their nonstick super quickly I am sick of buying expensive pans.

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    They cancelled my order, out of stock.
    Lie lie…

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