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$2 for 2 Months + 7 Day Free Trial (Auto-Renews at $8.99/Month) @ Britbox (Video on Demand)


Streaming service from BBC & iTV

Sign up for $1/month for the first 2 months, after your 7 day Free Trial

Offer valid until 11.59PM AEDT on 5/6/22. Available to new and former BritBox subscribers who cancelled a BritBox subscription between 1/12/20 and 1/4/22 and return to BritBox by 5/6/22. Offer must be redeemed through BritBox website. Monthly subscription plan only. Subscriptions via Apple or Google Play are not eligible. No promo code required.

User will be charged $1 per month for 2 months, a saving of 89% per month. After the 2-month promotional period, BritBox subscription auto renews at the monthly price of $8.99/month until cancelled.

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  • +1

    Thanks I wanted to try this, great timing. Didn't hear good reviews but will see for myself.

  • +6

    Do yourself and fave and watch 'All Creatures Great and Small' (the new version), such a chill escape from chaos.

  • Do they have toast of London available?
    Anything specific to watch that wouldn't be on Netflix/prime ?

    • +7

      I would highly recommend "Death in the paradise" suspense/drama/detective series.

      • +2

        Great show. Some seasons are on iview and foxtel now.

      • +6

        I would also recommend "Broadchurch" crime/detective tv show. It is one the best tv shows I have seen to date.

        • This guy tvs- another great show

          Father Brown is pretty fun as well

        • Broadchurch is brilliant, I agree! One of the best things I have seen on TV. IMO.

        • The 3 seasons of Broadchurch are available for free on SBS Catch-up, as is the French remake of the first season, Malaterra. All well worth watching

    • +5

      Yes I can hear you Clem H Fandango.

    • Just Ray Bloody Purchase already

  • +2

    Would a VPN be a better option, assuming BBC iPlayer and the other channels are still accessible?

    • -5

      To access BBC you need to pay the BBC TV fee and use a physical UK postal address.

      • +4

        No you don't

      • +2

        Clearly, 'need' is not the right word here.

      • +4

        You just need to say “yes I have a license”

      • +1

        Nope. Use a DNS redirect, look up a UK postcode online and you're away. Easy to get all the other UK free to air channels too - although the Channel 4 app is a pain to install.

        • Which dns redirect provider do you recommend? I had getflix some time back but it didn’t work for bbc iplayer from memory- didn’t work for Netflix either at some point

          • +1

            @Sandyspunkwinkle: Smart DNS Proxy works. I think I just paid AUD36 for 2 years on renewal.

            I've also started using a StreamLocator Hub, although I just had a look at their website and the current price is at least double what I paid and is not worth it.

          • @Sandyspunkwinkle: getflix works perfectly for BBC iPlayer (but not Netflix)

            • +1

              @farethewell: Smart DNS Proxy works for both.

        • To save anyone having to look one up, here's a postcode for free - BD9 4RU
          Funny what you can recall 40+ years later

          • +1

            @Magpye: I lived in the UK for 10 years - mine was CR3 7EH.

            Or you could use the Australian High Commission post code - WC2B 4LA.

    • Yep, the cheapest way..also you can get Netflix UK usually.

    • Easy enough to access for free by opening an account and using a VPN like Nord.

    • That's exactly what I'm doing. Works OK. Sometimes need to hop to different servers. Whatismyip shows a UK address but BBC still considers it as outside UK. Probably flagged as a VPN IP

  • +1

    Been waiting for season 6 of Line of Duty to be available on netflix/stan/Amazon. Hopefully these guys have it.

  • If Coronation Street was on this, I wouldn't have to pay $35 per month for Foxtel.

    • +3

      You pay $35 a month for Corrie!

      • +1

        My grandparents where paying $110 per month for their Foxtel Gold Package, I moved them over to the 2yr free Foxtel Now + $10 for UKTV.

        Since that ran out it's been $25 + $10.

        The only show they watch that isn't on the other services is Coronation Street & I think another British soap, but Corrie is the only one they have been watching for a long time.

    • Get a DNS redirect and a UK postcode and you'll be watching for free. Have to watch UK ads though - and they are terrible.

      • What UK channel/app are they on?

        • +1

          I have the UK apps on my NVIDIA Shield (apart from Channel 4). Use a VPN to install them and then use a DNS redirect to access them. On a HTPC, they are just web pages in your browser.

          • @R4: The cheapest Roku (~$50) has all brit channel apps.

            • @Nalar: Cool. I'm sure Roku is great but I already have too many streaming devices!

              • @R4: Anyone know if there's any way to get the British apps on my Google TV?

                • +1

                  @georgedn: You could try and side load them. Google will direct you to a resource that will show you how.

                • @georgedn: So you install a VPN on your Google TV
                  Connect to UK VPN
                  Then I think I added a new Google Account
                  Went to the Play Store and all the UK apps were there ready to install.

                  You just need to remember to switch your VON (on Google TV) to the UK to use it and off again to use AU apps.

    • +1

      Coronation Street is on BritBox.

    • You can buy a $5 per month channel pack with Fetch TV that includes BBC UK TV which shows Coronation Street. A refurbished Fetch Mini will set you back around $120.

  • +3

    Life on Mars is worth a watch

    • +1

      Oh yes!!

      Gene Hunt is the best UK TV cop. End of.

    • Very much so.
      The follow on series, Ashes to Ashes wasn't quite as polished, but then again neither is Gene 'unt.

  • Thanks Op!

  • Another alternative is Hoola. With a Sony android tv you can install the app directly on it or otherwise chrome cast from your phone.

  • How many streams can you have per account ?

    • Yes. I have the same q

    • 5 But no profiles

  • +1

    Can anyone tell me if the classics are there? Benny Hill, Love thy neighbor, Robin's nest, Heil Honey I'm home, Are you being served, Bless this house, Man about the house, On the busses, Please sir, Steptoe and son.

  • I am wondering if French and Saunders is on Britbox?

  • Thanks OP. Been meaning to try this so 9 weeks for $2.00 is worth checking out

  • Thanks. Done.

  • Crap.
    Signed in under US VPN.

    Hope I can cancel and rejoin for same deal

  • Couldn’t find the android tv app in play store :(

    • It's there as I downloaded it after I signed up for this deal. Search for BritBox by BBC & ITV

  • Anyone know if when you cancel, does the service stop instantly or continue until the end date?

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