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100 LED Motion Sensor Solar Security Light 2pack $13.77 + Delivery ($0 Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Findyouled Amazon AU


Ship from AU warehouse, FAST DELIVERY TIME : 2 - 4 DAYS

Not only for Amazon Prime Member, but also all of people could enjoy.

Not the cheapest it has been but close to.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    I bought the 4 packs YESDEX for $19.99 on Jan put it a bit under the gutter still have sunlight, so far so good.

    • Same here but only put them up a month ago. Look good.

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    Bought last time..Waste of money ..Did not last for more then 2 weeks

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      Did you return it?

      Mine are working well

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    I bought two of these a while ago (Amazon says 27th September 2020) and have worked brilliantly. Still work just as well now as they did when I first installed them. Thought it worth mentioning

  • do these work during Melbourne Winter ?

  • Bought previously filled with water 1st rain,,,

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    Generic aliexpress product using ozbargain for free advertising.

    Poor reviews too:

    Don't buy this product, its poorly designed. Dead after 3 months, reason - cant stand the heat.
    I pulled it apart to investigate the issue and found the following:
    1. No weatherproofing at all. Not suitable for outdoors. Components will corrode with rain.
    2. Battery is lithium, which means if you live in Australia and put it outdoors, it wont last due to the heat.
    3. Circuit is poorly designed, in that they have chosen some incorrect resistor values which result in the control circuits receiving too much amps resulting in critical components getting too hot while running (120deg C). This has resulted in failure of the control circuits (lights now only activate for 1 second before shutting down) and overcharging the lithium battery (up to 5v).

    Dumb luck is the only reason why this didn't catch fire.

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      This is 100% correct, and what happened to all mine (original + 2 warranty replacements). None lasted more than 12 months.

      These are a perfect example of why the planet is going down the toilet.

      If you can't help yourself and buy one.
      1. Place it under cover (and seal edges of solar panel with clear tape or silicon).

      1. Dont have it in direct sunlight. The battery will get cooked.

      Will obviously need some light. But it cant be direct or exposed to rain.

      Do yourself a favour and buy the lights that have the light and solar panel seperate.

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        Dont have it in direct sunlight

        solar light

        Ooof for this product indeed

  • there is also a 4 pack for 23.10 (both are from findyouled)

  • Expect to replace them after 1.5 years of use if outside. I bought 2 in august 2020, the one outside already perished (solar panel gone opaque and the light sensor became brittle and broke. The one inside on my window sill still works but solar panel has the wavey look and feel so not sure how long it will last.

    This is in the sunny state QLD.

  • Bought mine in December still going strong at back of house but one is showing water ingress in lens.

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    Some keep working for over a year, some don't. Some have their battery explode and are a fire hazard. Overall, you're better off getting a branded solar light for 3 times the price, as you will still save. I got some discounted ones from the discount trolley at Bunnings the other day for $5 (I think it was Arlec, can't recall). Very well built, lots of light.

    • Reliability/life can still be hit and miss at 3 times the price. I have some of the type posted here - but different brands. Some have lasted weeks, some more than a year. They look great so I was looking at more expensive ones on Amazon to get with 12% CR cashback today. My shortlist, based on customer ratings and at least 120 LED's ranged from $21 to $45 each (before cashback). These were either 2 or 4 packs. All were coming from USA (with free delivery shipped from Amazon US) so I went on Amazon US to compare prices. The ones I ended up buying were 34% and 42% cheaper on Amazon US than Amazon Aus, even with paying for delivery when buying directly from Amazon US. Obviously dealing with warranty might be more difficult but upfront saving was too much to opt for buying in Aus. YMMV.

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      Good find WN

      Neg for cheaper elsewhere

    • By the look at the photos can't really tell are the same or not.

      Mine from YESDEX

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    cheaper on ebay and elsewhere

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    Cheaper elsewhere

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    Yet again watchnerd has called you out for using ozbargain to plug your advertisements of dodgy goods through ozbargain.The public have spoken, be off with you

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    Ozadvertising. F off

  • Ebay is cheaper.

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