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35% off Storewide + Delivery @ Omnidesk


35% of all desk + accessories. Exclude delivery.

Bought the Omnidesk Ascent Electric Standing Desk (white) with Eco Bamboo Ergo Curve in XL + Power Clamp + Advanced Cable Management Bar (White) for A$1,116.70 (+A$50 delivery) instead of $1,718.00.

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    OP are you affiliated with Omnidesk?

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      They have sitting desks with 20" touchscreen, regenerative braking, 18" wheels.

  • $100 shipping to WA……

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    Does anyone know if these ones are really substantially better than the ones you can buy for < $500 ?

    I am totally in the market for one but it's sort of hard to tell what the right differentiation points are …

    The ones that are at my work are brilliant but I think they spent $4K per pod.

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      most of them use the same or similar dual motor for the legs.
      There are two that I have found that use the better LINAK motors instead of the OEM chinese ones (which aren't too bad tbh).

      I use an omnidesk and my wife uses the new IKEA IDASEN. The IKEA controller has no memory settings in it, however it feels much smoother up and down compared to my omnidesk with the OEM motor and legs.

      There is a new company in Australia called LOLA Interiors that use the LINAK DL11 lifting columns and LINAK dual motors. I have confirmed with LINAK that they are one of the few B2C suppliers of LINAK options and one of the cheapest LINAK desks as well.

      • Awesome I will give LOLA Interiors a look as well thanks mate !

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    Thanks. Being eyeing off different ones for a while. Ordered Ascent 1800mm bamboo top. YOLO.

  • $30 shipping for a desk mat. Jesus Christ.

    • Better to get a desk then, $50 shipping.

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    Oh no have I missed this? The code doesn't seem to work anymore :(

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      No code required, discount is applied sitewide.

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    use code GEARSEEKERS50 to get $50 off which basically cancels out shipping cost!!

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      Worked! Thanks for that.

    • doesn't work now :(

      • Yeah thanks but now doesn't work. I sat on this too long thinking, anyway now that they've cottoned onto this extra code, I'll give it a miss until next year. Or just find a cheap top and buy a frame separately. Was just looking at Ikea benchtops - still $250-300 for a laminated one… doesn't work out any cheaper.

    • was looking for codes before buying, unfortunately it doesnt work anymore

  • I wanted to get their Titus X-Large deskmat for $60, but $30 shipping to Metro Sydney is a deal breaker. Anyone know of alternatives of a similar size?

  • contemplating between omnidesk or zenspace desk both seems similar to me but zen is abit more ..

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