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[eBay Plus] Xiaomi Redmi Buds 3 Lite Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds $29.59 ($28.85 with eBay Plus) Delivered @ Xiaomi eBay


saw this from this deal looks alright
prices are for each code respectively
Wireless connection: Bluetooth®5.2
Communication range: 10m (open space free of obstacles)
Single earbud net weight: Approx. 4.2g
Total weight with charging case: Approx. 36g
Earbud battery life: Approx. 5 hours
Charging case battery life: Approx. 18 hours
Earbud dimensions: 24.5 x 16.7 x 24.6mm
Charging case dimensions: 60 x 46 x 23.7mm
Charging port: Type-C

Package contents
Charging case x1
Earbud x2
Earbud tips x3 pairs (S/M/L/, M pre-installed)
Earbud hooks x2 pairs (S/L/, L pre-installed)
User manual x1

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  • +3

    Anyone have these and can comment on them?

    • I'm also interested to know

    • Much better than those cheap Kogan and lower end Taotronic ones.

    • +3


      Spend 5 to 10 mins going through that, get to know the features, pros / cons and SQ.

      • Sounds like mic is okay except in high wind.

        • +2

          There's only 1 tws review I've seen that talks about a unit that is specifically great for calls in the wind…

          Huawei FreeBuds 4i - it's number 3 on this list:

          • +1

            @nismo: Thanks for the link, i was looking for something and settled for soundpeats air3. I came to the conclusion that if i wanted airpod pro quality then id have to pay a lot more than 30-50, so just took some cheapies for now to test the waters. $40 bucks on amazon so figured not too bad even if i didnt like them.

      • +1

        Thanks OP and @nismo read the review and bought it

    • I rate them. I am buying another set now as backup if I lose my og set

    • I have these ones, sound quality is fine I guess. Case is plastic feel but the earbuds feel premium. Battery lasts as stated. Very unusual fit for my ears, might be because using these types of earbuds for first time. It blocks surrounding noise because of tight fit. Bought it for run and they do stay on all the time.

      • Interested in getting these for running, do you connect to a watch or phone? Wondering how my Garmin will go connecting

        • Just phone at the moment.

    • I have the non lite version. Theres a sensor that detects if it falls out and pauses music, which is sometimes very annoying for gym work when it only half falls out. Great for driving but no buttons

    • I have one and paired it with MacBook Pro. It has an auto disconnect function. Also, it needs manually change the audio source each time on my MacBook Pro to get the sound out. Battery life is about 2hrs.

    • For the price stated its value for money, have used them and they are not bad.

  • +2

    I've got both these and the QCY T17 - I like the T17 better - longer battery life, better sound (subjective though I guess), and for some reason the Redmi drops out repeatedly on my macbook whereas the T17 are rock solid. The T17 are also cheaper.

    On the downside, the T17 have annoying touch controls - I find when adjusting them in my ear, it sometimes registers as a long-hold - which skips to the next track you're playing. No way to turn this off unless you install their truly awful app and sign up for an account.

  • Do these play nice with iPhones? Auto connect easily every time like AirPods?

  • +1

    I have both this and Taotronics Soundliberty 97. Taotronics is better in every way.

  • That said, you can't return a track or change the volume - the control scheme is very limited:

  • How are they compared to Samsung Live buds

  • I've got these
    The sound is great for earbuds and battery life is decent too. Only qualm I've got is that they keep falling out of ears quite frequently but that might have something to do with my ears

  • Great price. None of the buds so far were comfortable for ears, except buds live

  • +1

    AU $12.00 50%OFF | New Original Xiaomi Redmi Buds 3 Lite TWS Bluetooth 5.2 Earphone IP54 Mi Ture Wireless Earbuds 3 Youth Edition Airdots Headphone


    Shipping in 24 Hours

    • Shipping in 24 hours? Hmm usually takes months for me when I order from ali

      • Don't Think so. Also now there is a competition between big Online companies. They give a warranty for actual shipping time, otherwise they can refund your money

        • Just looked at your link, "Estimated delivery on Jul 02". Its cheaper but long wait time. Hmm.

    • +1

      Leave warehouse in 24 hours, not eta 24 hours

      • No one says eta 24 hours, shipping in 24 hours….

        • Misha Bakunin thinks that it has an ETA of 24hrs..

    • Misleading. Airdots are the only ones for $12.

    • $21 total shipped for the Xiaomi Redmi Buds 3 Lite

      Deals a deal. Ordered

  • +1

    Vivo TWS 2 , bought these after a lot of research, mainly due to MULTIPOINT CONNECTION (Connects to laptop and mobile at the same time) and good mic for calls … battery life is great and last long for podcasts, news etc, been using them for 2 months now, can't complain.

    • is the price correct?? $57aud ??

      • +1

        $57aud is older model TWS2 E …. I bought the new one TWS 2 which is $87 aud approx without gst … 1st option in the listing … total was near $100 aud with gst+shipping but its worth spending for me.

        Its not great for music compared to Anchor Liberty Air 2 that i had previously. But Anchor didn't had Multipoint, which was a pain and i don't listen music.

        Great for Multipoint, Battery life, Ph calls, News/podcasts/movies etc.

        Detailed review at Tech Unravelled

  • does the case have wireless charging?

    • I read a review, it seems no. I don't care personally.

  • OOS.

  • Anyone else's order get canceled by seller? Just got the following

    "We are very sorry that the goods cannot be shipped due to the loss of the parcel in the warehouse. We will cancel your order and refund to you"

    • Yes. Got the same excuse and order cancelled.

  • Is it just me or it's OOS ?

  • Got mine and sadly it's not working.

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