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Belkin 37W Dual Wall Charger with PPS $27 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Harvey Norman


For people who wants PD charger with PPS.
1X 25W type C PD with PPS
1X 12W 5V 2.4A
$2,500 Connected Equipment Warranty.

With dual ports and PPS technology, the Belkin 37W Dual Wall Charger with PPS is a handy solution for keeping different devices powered up at the same time and ready to use.
Key Features
Utilises Programmable Power Supply (PPS) technology, dynamically adjusting the output voltage depending on the device to deliver just the right amount of power
For simultaneous battery top-up, it lets you quickly charge a compatible device through the 25W USB-C port while powering a different one with the 12W USB-A port
Compact design makes it a breeze to bring along with you on the go
Has a $2,500 Connected Equipment Warranty.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • +44

    $18 @ GGC.

    • +1

      What is GGC? At first I thought good guys, but I can't see it on their website (or eBay) for that price

      • +2

        I guess it’s The Good Guys Commercial.

      • +20

        GGC = Good Guys Commercial Site.
        Link to the price https://www.thegoodguyscommercial.com.au/belkin-boostcharge-...
        You need a login to access this page however. Have a look here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/669310 if you want to signup. For me was as simple as signing up for a dummy rest super account and just never using it. You can then signup for the Good Guys Commercial access this way.

        • +1

          thanks I bought one

        • +3

          That deserves an upvote just for the great GGC rego tip🙏

        • The store has encountered a problem processing the last request. Try again later. If the problem persists, contact your site administrator.

          Cant seem to sign up with rest…

    • +3

      Just make sure it's the same model, there's a 32W without PPS which looks identical.

      • +2

        Can confirm it’s definitely the same model on GGC for $18.

    • +2

      Everything is cheaper @ GGC.

    • -3

      Will JB price match GGC?

      • +1

        The GG woll price match GGC if you show them

        • +1

          Thanks for your reply. Why did I get negged? I was thinking of using the JB rewards $10 off voucher - wondering if they'd match the $18 GGC price.

    • Thanks! bought one there

    • ta

  • +11

    Amazon where are you

  • Added bonus having bottom inputs rather than back. Very hard finding this style.

    • +1

      Surely top is the ideal?

      • +2

        This profile is handy for an inaccessible point behind furniture that you don't unplug often

  • +3

    This deal has 60 plus upvotes and the first comment is you can
    Get it significantly cheaper elsewhere. Hmmmm

    • +7

      Good guys commercial isn't available to everyone though.

      • -1

        with Rest super it is pretty much available to everyone

  • Will this safely fast charge a Pixel 5 or an iPad Pro 11" 2020?

    • yes pixel not sure ipad

  • Will the charger burnout if two 25W and 20W devices are connected or will it automatically regulate the output

    • +3

      25w max usb-c/12w max usb-a

  • Does this do "super fast charging" on a Samsung phone?

    • yes

      • Thanks @slankets

  • Has anyone been able to find one with 2 usbc ports. Apple likes to have everything usbc, except for the iPhone port. Hypocritical - but that’s a diff story.

    I’d like to be able to connect a phone cable and an Apple Watch cable simultaneously. They both have usbc ports on the other side.

  • +1

    Or you could install this it would be tidier and keep the power points free.

    • Anyone know how much it would cost to get one of these installed where a current point is located?

      • An electrician is required to install these by law.

        However there has been some points changed over at my house without an electrician not sure who did it but they turned off the power at the meter box and used a Philips head screwdriver to complete the job. Always test by plugging something in to make sure there is no power before commencing any electrical work.

  • Will be ok for iPhone 13 mini?

    • +1

      yep, should quick charge it with your included usb-c to lightning cable

    • (Yes), but why not?

  • For these who have good guys commercial access, it is $20ish. https://www.thegoodguyscommercial.com.au/belkin-boostcharge-...

  • If you're only using the USB C PPS port, will it charge at up to the full 37w or is it capped at 25w?

    • +1

      max is 25w on the usb-c. 12w on the usb-a

  • I find this all very confusing at my age.
    I just ordered a Galaxy S22 Plus which doesn't include a charger and cable. How bizarre. Apparently I need a 45w charger and cable. Should I buy genuine Samsung or are there better alternatives?

    • +1

      I believe that's 45w pps charger, just get from Samsung(currently 30% off). It's hard to find this specs on other brands that also come with connected equipment warranty. But if something goes wrong and they're all from Samsung, you can blame them.

      • Thank you, it does make sense to go genuine. Some of the reviews are concerning but I'm aware that people are more inclined to leave negative reviews.

        • +1

          Maybe try price match from JB hi-fi and have quicker replacement incase it failed.

    • +2

      You only need to 45W charger if you need to charge your phone quickly otherwise pretty much any charger will work, including this one.

  • Officework has updated and matched $27.00. Too late to use price beaten by 5%. However limited stock or OOS most stores. I ordered one and hope to collect it within next 48 hours.

  • +1

    Have a look this one if you need two usbc port.

    Limited-time deal: Belkin 40W USB Type C PD Wall Charger, Dual USB-C Ports for 20W Per Port Fast Power


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