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Epiphone Les Paul SL - Turquoise $199 + Delivery @ Modern Musician


Great Deal,

Epiphone presents the Les Paul SL, the most affordable 2-pickup Les Paul ever made with a slim lightweight Poplar body with powerful Epiphone Ceramic pickups. Available in six exclusive colors—Ebony, Heritage Cherry Sunburst, Pacific Blue, Sunset Yellow, Turquoise, and Vintage Sunburst.


Epiphone’s Most Affordable Les Paul Ever!

Premium Covered 14:1 Machine Heads

Slim, Lightweight Body Design


Body Material: Poplar
Neck Material: Mahogany
Neck Shape: 1960's SlimTaper-D profile
Neck Joint: Bolt-on
Scale Length: 24.75
Headstock: Epiphone Clipped Ear; Les Paul Model in gold; Epiphone logo in silver
Frets: 22; Medium-Jumbo
Truss Rod: Adjustable
Truss Rod Cover: Bell shaped; 2-layer; SL in white
Fingerboard Radius: 14
Fingerboard Inlay: Pearloid Dot inlays
Binding: None
Nut: Artificial Bone
Nut Width: 1-11/4
Pickguard: HS, VS colors = 1-Layer (Black) EB, PA, SY, TQ = 1-Layer (White)
Hardware: Chrome
Machine Heads: Premium Covered; 14:1 ratio
Neck Pickup: Epiphone 650SCR Ceramic Single-Coil
Bridge Pickup: Epiphone 700SCT Ceramic Single-Coil
Controls: 3-way pickup selector, Master Volume, Master Tone, Pickup Selector 3-way Toggle Switch
Knobs: Black ABS “Top Hat” knobs
Bridge/Tailpiece: Adjustable, Intonated Wrap Around Stopbar Combo

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  • +9

    Please include “+ delivery” in title.
    cheapest option $24.25 to metro melbourne.

    • +1

      Likewise. Nice pickup for anyone in Hobart and it's what you want. A 'deal' killing $72.78 cheapest freight option to (near Brisbane) coastal regional Qld.

      Sounds like this. https://youtu.be/80phYPDbx-w

  • +2

    Ohhh turquoise and single coils kind of gives it a Danelectro vibe.
    I like it

    • +1

      i guess i had the same reason for sharing it here :)

  • +1

    I never realised Epiphone did bolt on necks. I thought that was heresy on the Gibson side of the fence.

    • +2

      They do, this is a good beginer guitar, nowhere near Gibson, but for the price it is great.

    • Epiphone have been making licensed Gibson stuff for around 20 years or so now. They're like Fender's "Squier" range I guess.

      • +1

        Epiphone have been making licensed Gibson stuff for around 20 years or so now

        Gibson bought Epiphone in the 50's. Every Epiphone is a Gibson guitar albeit made lower quality with cheaper parts in countries that don't value quality control as much.

        • I thought Gibson was going out of business

    • They do bolt on and set neck. I think thats considered to be the big difference between beginner epi LPs and decent epi LPs

  • +1

    Any big manufacturer makes a very good entry guitar because brand loyalty for bigger purchases are where the money is made. Epiphone, Squier, Pacifica are all solid performers.

    • +1

      Not sure about now but the earlier Squier guitars gave Fender a bad name imho

      • They're awesome now.

    • My Pacificas are amazing for their cost, though I will probably upgrade eventually to a Revstar.

      • Pacifica to Revstar isn't an "upgrade". They are completely different tools like a Stratocaster vs a Les Paul. Both are great.

        Revstars (the originals) were good value for money, particularly so the first three tiers of their segmentation. The three new Revstar II line segments not so any more. Pacificas of any segment eat Revstars old and new for value. I have multiples of both. I like both. Pacificas are still amazing value for their price. For how much longer that will continue though is the question. We've just seen Yamaha take advantage of slick marketing pizzazz targeted at the US market to pitch a monster price rise incommensurate with the changes made on a revised lineup of Revstars.

        • +1

          Wow - if the Element is meant to be an entry guitar, that is insane pricing. I was pretty happy with picking up an 820 for just over a grand, and I was potentially in the market for a lower priced entry level for a heavy string setup, but $800 is a big jump from the old Revstar starting costs (I think they were clear the 320s for $450ish?).

          Guess I'll be looking second hand, waiting for a drop or looking at the Pacificas.

          Either way, big thumbs up for MM in Hobart.

          • @EthicsGradient: Revstar IIs are Element, Standard and Professional segments now, dumbed down marketing for you can guess who. The Element is essentially a hybrid of the old RS320 and RS420 with other changed and standardised features of the entire new lineup. i.e. Neck profile, fingerboard radius, chambering. Less choice, with easier (cheaper) to produce liveries which have gone from elegant or avante garde to ordinary opaque or American kitsch.

            Although Yamaha did have several price rises on the original Revstar lineup over the past three years, the price has skyrocketed with the introduction of Generation II. RSE20 Element is quintessentially based upon what the 320 was, but has the previous 420's tonally traditional & very nice YGD VH3 alnico pickups and its dry switch, albeit with the redesigned neck, fingerboard with simpler previous RS320esque finishes. No choice however between the characteristics intrinsic to the previous two 320/420 models, both of which were great guitars and very good value at their respective price points. The good news though, although it makes no difference to me, is lefties finally get to play too, but only the Element!

            $799 is a 18% increase (in one hit after three consecutive price rises in three years) from the most recent pricing ($679) of the RS420, but a huge leap (67% more) from that of the previous $479 of the RS320 model pitched at entry level consumers.

            Agree re the MM deal. Good way to attract potential customers to view their website, and a pretty decent deal for anyone in Hobart or Melbourne. That advertised unit has been Ozbargained already BTW.

            The only direction Pacifica prices will be trending is significantly upwards IMV. They are still underpriced commensurate to what they offer. Cheers.

        • +1

          Pacificas of any segment eat Revstars old and new for value.

          I had a Pacifica 8 series, which at the time was the highest spec Pacifica you could get, Di Marzio pickups, Floyd Rose Tremolo and locking nut etc. Yamaha stopped production on the higher end lines and now only sell up to the 6 series (higher number = better).
          It was a good guitar but I had trouble selling it, even for a quarter of its value because everyone wants a Strat or LP these days…

          • -1

            @1st-Amendment: Nice, 8 series. Although it's rather sad isn't it.

            Very much a function of this age where brand status association as a part of social status/approval/fit is perceived as paramount exacerbated by the ability of afford even on credit. I also think an aspect contributing to that perception is because of the 012/112 series Pacificas today and Yamaha's constant school program promotion, financial grants and logistical support, Yamaha brand guitars and Pacificas are perceived by those knowing no better as a "beginners" guitar and brand which they are anything but. i.e. Pianos, keyboards, drums and guitars. Of course Fender and Gibson brands owned by corporations who manufacture anything under $2k in Asia or Mexico love it.

            I admit to pro bias by knowing how good Yamaha instruments are owning and playing Yamaha Pacificas, Revstars and their acoustics, but I'm not brand blind as I own and play Ibanez, Gretsch, Cort & Harley Benton guitars as well. No way am I funding Fender or Gibson corporations, nor do I lust to or perceive any reason too for my purposes.

            How long ago did you advertise your 8xx series Pacifica? I suspect a part of its hard sell to other than those in the know is they and those original Pacifica session guitars which were very high end have been out of production for years and so are now an unfamiliar segment to the lay buyer. I have a PAC612VIIFM with full Seymour fitout, and I modded my PAC311H to semi-PAC611H parity with a Seymour in the bridge. Although there's nothing shabby about the OEM G&B, I put a Seymour JB in the bridge of one of my 112Vs. As I'm not a change of mind guy or get bored easily, I tend to keep what I buy to play, pretty happy with bang for the buck. With the odd collectable exception, depreciation would be worse on most Fender or Gibson brands except they'd be an easier sell at the right price because of that branding.

        • Upgrade insofar as my Pacs are cheap ones (012/112) - i wont be selling them though.I also have a LP that I never play

      • +1

        I got a revstar 420 as my first, now getting itchy pockets to pick up a Strat

  • +5

    Thanks, watched a few reviews seems not to bad, ordered one

  • +15

    Whoa. WTF? Am I gonna buy a guitar tonight? I don’t play the other one I have.

    • gonna buy a guitar tonight?

      I've never played an instrument in my life, but I think probably am!

  • +2

    Great colour

    • +1

      It does look appealing in that Turquoise with the large white accent pickguard doesn't it!

      • hang it on the wall and create your own Hard Rock Cafe …

  • +3

    I really cannot buy a guitar when I have skateboards to keep myself busy with. And the piano I am supposed to practice already. But, ozbargain is tempting me

    • -1

      You can get the guitar and play skate punk

      • +5

        He was a skater boy, she said see you later boy.

        • later skater -

          'he was a good skater, as skaters go,

          and as skaters go, he went …'

      • You can be Avril Lavigne.

        • +1

          You'd need the avril Lavigne squire tele for that.

      • +1

        Get the guitar and play while skateboarding - seems safe!

  • Sunburst for 250 plus delivery if you don't want the bright blue

  • +4

    Love the colour. Would probably just sit in the corner with my other electrics though. Seems a steal for $199

  • Thanks for sharing OP. Great price for the turquoise, unfortunately OOS.

    Pacific blue and vintage sunburst are available, but at $249.

    • +1

      No worries, all good, next time if i see a bargain i will post it here to share

  • +3

    OOS. I priced match at Mannys and got free delivery.

    • +10

      Haha imagine feeling the need to type this on a post for a $200 beginners guitar

      • +3

        That's what I thought too. Rather sad.

      • He must have a $200 Chibson Les Paul Studio

  • +1

    About 15 years ago my first guitar was an epiphone les paul and it was a beast. For a starter guitar you probably can't do much better. Epiphone is owned by Gibson which is why they are able to make the cool looking Gibson models, but they generally make them in china with cheaper materials and less quality control. For someone learning guitar, none of this really matters as you probably can't tell the difference between a $200 guitar and a $2000 guitar. Pick this up and buy a cheap 10w amp with overdrive and a cheap tuner and you are set to start learning how to play any song that uses power chords. :)

    • +1

      This is really stretching the definition of a “Les Paul”. Bolt on neck, flat top, single coils…

      • +1

        as I believe the Les Paul started out being called The Log or somesuch for the lump of square timber it was made from, before they added the curved body shape, I don't think you need to be precious about it now …

        • Nice false equivalence. The log was just a prototype for testing the pickup configuration

      • I don't think fidelity to the traditional Les Paul designs was a criteria for Epiphone here other than nomenclature for purposes of marketing it to those swayed by the name association. I could guarantee Aldi could sell the exact same guitar for $99 under their proprietary Huxley brand, and people would turn their noses up at it and rubbish it. The human herd. Nothing if not predictable.

  • +1

    Les Paul with single coils. Not really keen about this

  • +1

    there’s a lot of les paul specials in mint condition second hand for $200 on fb marketplace, maybe worth going second hand to get humbuckers. I scored a epi les paul custom for $600 with coil splitting pull knobs, cannot be happier

  • Does anyone have any recommendations for an amp modeler pedal, USB audio interface, or amplifier with headphone jack, to use with this guitar? Thanks in advance.

    • +2

      I'd go amp if it's your first/only electric guitar.

      For an amp, I enthusiastically recommend a Blackstar ID:Core as a decent very affordable practice amp. They have conventional 3.5mm headset out and MP3 in jacks, USB out (mini USB) to laptop/PC connectivity, are config and patch supported through current 64bit Architect software, come with a 3 year warranty in AU and are serious bang for the buck value at under AUD$300 for a 40W right now.

      Just pick the amount of noise you prefer to make in immersive Super Wide Stereo choosing between the 10, 20 & 40W segments. They are full digital modelling with 6 selectable voices, 12 selectable effects all of which are configurable to your personally preferred patches. You can pretty much config it to whatever tone you prefer from that guitar.

      • Thanks for this, I'm leaning towards the Blackstar ID:Core precisely because it also offers USB out, which seems like a two-birds-one-stone outcome without needing to buy a separate device to work with a DAW. Am I right to assume that it'll perform more or less on par with a $170-ish to $220-ish USB audio interface such as the PreSonus AudioBox 44VSL, Focusrite Scarlett Solo, or Roland Duo Capture EX?

        Also, unrelated, but despite ordering this guitar a bit late (it was listed as out of stock and backordered), I just got the dispatched notification along with tracking number. What a pleasant surprise.

        • +1

          Yer I saw that status return to available to order without pre-order ETA. It's probably drop shipping from the Epiphone distro (Australis) if they dispatched it quasi-immediately.

          Standalone amp with direct USB connect is a completely different tool from a hardware AI with DAW. Really depends upon your intended purpose. I have both, but if I didn't have either, I'd go with an amp first. Have you used a DAW before? Steep learning curve. If you can't play, definitely go with an amp first.

          USB out to PC is a useful feature to have, as is management through its software. The current Blackstar management software is Architect which replaced Insider. It is 64bit and it is much improved over Insider. With the latest gen ID:Cores (V3) it has some especially useful additional features enabled.

          • @odal: I'm a piano player, and I use Ableton Live with sounds from Native Instruments Komplete. I have very little experience with guitar, but would like to keep the option available to record guitar and add effects later down the track, although this will likely be a distant future thing, once I actually become competent at guitar. I would prefer to minimise the need to get new equipment all the time, hence why I'm thinking down the line and opting for an amp that has additional and/or multi-purpose functionality, but I suppose you'd be forced to do swapsies anyway if your intended use case changes later on.

            • +1

              @Yukari Yakumo: If you have Komplete then you might already own Guitar Rig Pro (5 or 6). It's a decent effects/amp/cab simulator. You'd just need an audio interface to plug the guitar into your computer - check if your current great has any inputs.

        • I have two Blackstar ID:Core 3's 40W - I love them though I dont use the USB interface

    • +1

      Buy a spark.

  • +

  • Tempted to buy as a learner for the kids…

  • +1

    I have this exact guitar and bought it with a view to modding it but the stock ceramic pickups are actually pretty cool sounding,and as long as the guitar is set up reasonably well from the get go you will enjoy playing it.I bought a Fender 8 watt Champ 20 at the same time for $188 as a practice amp,and even though I've only ever owned Fender valve amps this little transistor box has some great settings.Google is your friend to get the best sounds from the guitar and the amp.Enjoy!

  • +1

    Fender Champions are a solid amp choice. I have one too albeit a little bigger than that. I suspect that was a typo, but FIO that's 20W with an 8" speaker BTW, not 8 watt.

    They do cleans particularly well IME, and also model what they do well with their strength their straightforward WYSIWYG user friendly ergonomics and simplicity in operation. While they are a modelling amp, their voicings are as supplied OOTB. Their voices aren't aren't patchable, and the amp isn't end user firmware upgradable. The 20W does have MP3 in (aux) and HS out jacks, but no USB.

    Those ceramic singles of the LP SL should shine on a Champion.

  • As someone who Knows nothing about guitars, would this be good for someone as a first guitar? Is it limited or special in some way?

    • +1

      Keeping it simple. Every guitar is "limited" in some way. Some are more versatile than others. But yes, this would be OK for a first/electric guitar. You could learn just fine on this. It would serve well enough, but, there are better/more versatile options. They cost a little more. As a general rule, buy an instrument orientated to the kind of genre/style you hope to play as you progress. A Strat type guitar with alnico V pickups is arguably the most versatile, particularly one with HSS configuration (humbucker in the bridge) and coil split feature.

    • perfect for a beginner

  • +4

    Thank you to OP for sharing this on here, we've been blown away by the response. We still have a couple of the Turquoise left, and as a thank you we've dropped the price on the Vintage Sunburst also


    • :)

    • And I bought one (Turquoise) Don't need but wanted.

    • Just fyi mine arrived today, must have been one of the last ones but didnt have any accessories despite the wrapper saying there should be some in the box. Double and triple checked. (Guitar seems to be pretty decent esp for the price otherwise)

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