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Tesla Corp Jacket $165 (Retail Price $180) Delivered @ Tesla


Women’s jacket link:

Fully customized and uniquely styled, the Tesla Corp Jacket features a silicone-printed "T" logo on the left chest and prominent Tesla wordmark across the back. Additional features include:
Center-front closure with storm flap
Custom logo "T" zipper pulls
Elasticized inner cuff
Adjustable drawstring system at hem

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  • +86

    So you pay a shit tonne to promote / advertise Elon?

    No thanks.


    • +2

      They're just clearing out old stock before he rebrands it to Twitla, definitely not worth it.

    • +12

      I'm with you. If they want to pay me $165, I'll wear it.

  • +30

    Sweet, I needed some work from home clothes.

    • +19

      To wear this you have to be in the office min 40hrs/week

      • +2

        But you do get to pretend you are working somewhere else!

  • +4

    Electrifying price!

  • +3


  • +18

    Perfect to wear at the Bathurst 1000

  • +11

    Wheres the bargain ?

  • +1

    Nice, I can almost afford a Tesla

    • +5

      This will move you $165 further from owning the Tesla …. keep saving

      • +16

        This IS the Tesla I was talking about

  • +5

    Tesla Corp Jacket

    Does it include employment and staff discount?

    otherwise, Pay $$ to look like you work at Tesla? no thanks.

  • +6

    My wife told me if I ever wore this she would not walk next to me 😂

    • +14

      If you own this jacket you can just get a new wife

      • +2

        sign me up

  • +3

    This is the only thing that’s is named Tesla I could afford ..

  • +17

    expected delivery in 2025

  • +14

    If I buy this will Elon start sending me obnoxious emails telling me to work harder?

    • +4

      yeah, trying to recall where I recall seeing "working makes you free" new slogan at the Tesla plant ?

    • +5

      …"and in the office."

  • +5

    looks like a jacket from one of those corporations run by a supervillain

    • +1

      lol, spot on … Umbrella …

  • +4

    I'd thought a Tesla branded jacket would at least have built in battery for heating/cooling and maybe even solar cells sewn into the outer shell.
    The 'T' on this thing might just stand for [email protected]

    • They had to drop that idea. Like their cars if the battery is punctured.. boom

      • +1

        What happens if a petrol tank is punctured?

        • It leaks.

      • exactly the sound in my head when the rubber was punctured

        • +1

          Did it sound like "ohnotheregoesthenext18yearsofmylifearghhh"?

    • +1

      Jacket drying….. your jacket is now dry.

      • Power laces! Alright!

  • +2

    Over the air software update?

    For a second I thought Telstra is selling their uniform.

    • +1

      OTA updates are a feature. Jacket is soon moving to a subscription service so that the zip works.

  • This is for working-from-office

  • Where do you fit the tesla bettery?

    • +11

      Yeah. They reprogrammed all their assembly robots to sew cloth instead. Dumb move.

  • +10

    Wife's boyfriend said he'd ordered me one with express delivery, can't wait!

  • Anyway paying for one of these rather than getting it for free is just asking to be looked down on by others lol!!

  • +1

    Sweet, I've been looking for a jacket to match my new t-shirt

  • Why do I never see anything good for above 4xl

  • Great for commuting back to the office as Elon isn't letting you WFH anymore

  • +4

    When you want to be identified as T-sheep

    • +2

      Be careful about the sheep jokes, I am sure Apple has a patient on that 😏

      • +7

        You had all the letters, just not in the right order

  • +2

    Nice jacket for these cold days when you at home working

  • +5

    Elon needs you to buy this so he can afford Twitter now that Tesla stock has gone down

  • perfect for the electric jesus fanboy

  • +2

    Pay $165 to Ad Elon. Pass.

  • +4

    the silicone logo will probably fall off like their tesla QC

  • Thanks op, ordered 51

  • Is it self fitting?

  • can i wear to work from home though?

  • I have one already .. wore it to Bunnings today 😁

  • Probably have a lot of spares after Elon announced he wants to lay off 10% of staff

  • It really looks like a assembly line worker uniform. And it cost $165? It should be free to those Tesla owner.

  • +1

    Father-in-law is obsessed with his Tesla / EVs in general, constantly brings the car up in conversation etc etc which is extremely tedious. I figure he'd like this jacket, is it of good quality? I presume it's made in China, just like the vehicles…

    • there’s also $45 socks

      • +1

        I figure the jacket makes a nice present, the old boy is a huge fan (even bought Tesla shares), it certainly looks pretty smart, and a much better deal than the socks!

  • Wear it and become a tesla staff? Could wear it can buy Tesla car for staff price? LOL

  • -1

    I should get one just so i can park at those Tesla carpark spots

  • Batteries included?

    • They are, for LEDs in the logo.

  • Evil villain clothing

  • Purchase to make Elon even more rich? No thanks

  • Would pay this if it was SpaceX

  • -1

    Elon FTW…still waiting on my Tesla… :(

  • Imagine shilling for someone like Elon. What a seriously sad state of affairs.

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