Should Another Customer Touch My Groceries?

Shopping in Aldi, put my groceries on the conveyor belt, kept 1.5m from lady in front of me and waited. Next customer comes along, stands right next to me and proceeds to use the divider to push my groceries further forward then when that didn’t work used her hands and reshapes my loaf of bread in the process. I said to her “Please don’t touch my stuff”. She responded with “there’s so much room”, I said “it’ll move forward and can you please stand 1.5m away” she then proceeded to stand at he start of the aisle and says “is this far enough away” wanted to say no, but thought better of it and ignored her.

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    No - keep your hands to yourself
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    Yes - they’re touched by everyone on the shelf anyway


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      No heavy stuff - plenty of space on conveyor belt

      • whether something is heavy or not isnt for you to say. its all relative. she might have a condition that you didnt know. light for you, heavy for her.

        How many items were she carrying?

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          Sounds like she’s should stay home and order online then.

          • @smartazz104: theres no "should". Shes got freedom to go out and society has to cater for that. Disabled people cant climb stairs, you cant say to them "just stay home and order online" no. Theres disability discrimination act and we as society built entire infrastructure to cater for them (ramps, lifts etc.)

            • @Thenarrator: There is a fundamental difference between being disabled (involuntary) and anti-social/rude (voluntary).

              • @Yola: whos the rude/anti-social one in this case described by the OP?

      • mspaint?

    • If only there was a way to move a large amount of groceries in a supermarket.

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    I feel like the solution is somewhere between not taking up unnecessary space on the conveyor belt, being open to moving your own stuff so that it doesn't take up space which you don't need, and not deforming someone else's fresh bread. Cans of beans it wouldn't matter. But that poor bread :(

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    First world problem :)

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    it's not a Congo line, please line up shoulder to shoulder

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    she then proceeded to stand at the start of the aisle and says “is this far enough away”


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    You were perfectly reasonable in asking them not to touch your stuff. You're also entitled to request that they stand 1.5m away if that's what you are comfortable with. You are not requesting something dangerous or unreasonable in this instance, but simply what's within your comfort zone. If they had a trolley, there was no pressingly urgent reason for them to get their shit onto the conveyor belt so what difference would it make if they waited 30s before starting to unload their stuff, once yours had moved forward further.

  • She sounds like a typical ❄ head

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    the problem is shopping at aldi.

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      What's wrong with ALDI

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        The lack of service, the lack of self service registers, the one person serving resulting in 10-15mins to pay for your items, the occasional painful customer (more noticeable because you spend way more time in the queue), the expectations of customers…

        Basically the hassle isnt worth the few dollars saving.

        YMMV.. but this is why i don't shop at Aldi

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          Worth it for the chocolate (and nappies)

        • Checkouts are managed well - I’ve never waited more than a few mins to get served. The savings are significant if you’re doing a decent sized shop, and they offer some products that aren’t available elsewhere.

        • What service are you getting at Colesworth that ALDI is lacking?

          • @smartazz104: A smile from the attendant
            Option to go to a self checkout
            Ability to get through the checkout in under 5 mins

            I’ve never gotten through the local Aldi checkout in under 10mins…

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    just be nice to people. Someone touches your bread, yeah it's weird, but who cares its just bread in a packaging. I would probably say 'hey, you know you can just ask me to move it' and leave it at that

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    Maybe the lady who touched the groceries didn't know it's a conveyor belt that moves. Welcome to 20th century technology.

  • Let it go.

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      Ok, Elsa.

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    You missed your chance to call out, "Hey Lady, stop fondling my buns!"

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      That's what she said ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    Its never ok to touch another person's loaf of bread without permission!

    • But it's ok to touch their loaf though right?

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    Sometimes i roll my eyes at stuff like this, then again I think it's great that we live in a country that has so few issues affecting our society and personal lives that this is the peak of someone's problems.

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      I agree. But seems we’ve lost the element of showing each other some respect and courtesy.

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    The problem is this thread exists

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    I think without pictures we have no idea how the items were laid out and if they were taking up unneeded space or if they were well placed. Also we dont know exactly how much space was between people and items and i guess with Aldi the other catch is the staff are very quick at the counter so if you arent ready and have items good to go, they can end up waiting for you.

    Generally in my experience, people come up after me and use the divider or sometimes dont use the divider and put their items on the belt which at times may end up moving mine a bit forward etc. But i dont think its the norm to have someone manhandling alot of your items and replacing /moving them around a lot to make some extra space.

    • hahahaha what's the difference between manhandling and moving items in general?

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        The aggressive and / or lack of regard in how its done.

        • I don't know if you can use manhandling for objects

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            @Poor Ass: You havent tried it? You should, once you manhandle food, you never go back.

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      I think it’s irrelevant how the items were spaced - it makes no difference to the person behind you in terms of time, you will still get your items on the belt before getting served. It shows a level of impatience to feel the need to get your items on the belt earlier.

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        I find aldi belts seem shorter or maybe because the person scanning goes through them much quicker, but i have seen people too slow to get all their items on there before the serving starts and so then the the person scanning has to wait for them to put the items in the bag after they have been scanned / packed away back into a trolley or whichever means the customer is planning on taking the items back to the car.

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    No. No. No.

    But then you weigh up ‘do i expend my energy telling someone not to touch the groceries I have taken to purchase or not?’

    Given they have no respect for anyone except their personal urgency to put their stuff on the conveyor my guess is you’re wasting your energy

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    Get over it. This is such a small thing, why even mention it over here.
    Tomorrow you might come up telling what your partner or family did and said.

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    i mean, you get to stand in that conveyer line for 40mins anyway, getting her stuff on that conveyer a few mins early won't change her life.

    Personally i find aldi 'etiquette' concepts ludicrous.

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    seeing as it's Aldi, she really only needed to wait a few minutes before the cashier would be scanning your stuff lickety-spit and then there'd be heaps of room behind the divider.

    some people have no patience.

  • Its not your groceries, you havent paid for them yet

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    i had some karen come and stand really close to me as i was doing a self check out, as if to say, im in a hurry move along, so i turned, started at her for a few seconds, made it known that i knew exactly what she was doing, and then proceeded to finalise the payment as slowly as possible. then i slowly took my bags and left.

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    This shit happens to me more at airports. All these frantic twitchy anxiety nervous types are trying to hurry the line along with their nervous energy and they push their tray with their belonging into mine while I’m still taking off my belt, they try and take me up the bum they stand so close and literally keep bumping into me while waiting to board the plane; like pushing into me is going to make the line move any faster! The plane’s not going to take off until we’ve boarded and sat down you morons!! And then they’re the same people who stand up with their heads bent under the overhead for like ten minutes while we wait for the cabin doors to open. Then they run off through the airport to baggage collection and stand their waiting for 15 minutes with everyone else who slowly walked there knowing there’s absolutely no rush to get to baggage.

    • Yes! People that push are the worst :(
      When I lined up for voting this year, this older lady behind me kept pushing/pressing me forward throughout the breezy 30minute queue! The second space opened in front of me, I could feel her walking so close she was pressing against my back, like what the hell.
      I turned to glare at her a few times but she didn't seem bothered. She only backed off once, but even when the queue wasn't moving, was less than a step behind me.
      That being said, my worst queue experience would be lining up the bank years ago.

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    If you left a massive gap in your groceries then that's on you. Follow the etiquette

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      There will always be huge gaps and depends how much groceries people are buying. If 4 people purchased 3 things each, the gap will be huge.

      Wait your turn, if there's space - put your crap on the belt and wait, not that hard.

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    Good for you for speaking up, that biatch needs to be taught some manners

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    I would have (very very slowly)… moved my arm to touch one of her items, but, halfway through the very slow movement, make direct eye contact. Then proceed moving more whilst looking at the item, then more eye contact again (very important). Then finally (after about 30 seconds of slow movement) touch something she put on the conveyor while staring into her soul.

    If done correctly, she would have packed up and went to a different counter OR left the store. Either way, it's a win for you.

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    you shoulda handled it right then and there bish wanted to catch a fade. handle ur sh!t next time punch her in the tit than you will see if she really wanted the smoke

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    Whether or not OP followed "etiquette" or may have come off as selfish from it is not really the issue. Basic tolerance and common courtesy is tough cookies and be patient, even if you think the OP is the worst Aldi shopper in the world. Thankfully I'd say the majority as I've never seen anything remotely like this. And "the usual" OzB members with an issue with it.

    People not caring about COVID social distancing is the "worst" I sometimes get. Never had anyone so intolerant or impatient to rearrange other people's stuff.

  • Oh no what did the police say ?

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    Ah Aldi, where you meet some weird bunch of people… Just today saw a woman rips open a winter jacket from package, unfolds it to see if it fits, then proceeds to grab an untouched one and put in her cart and goes on. 🤪

    (why not get the one you just opened instead.

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    Op is a drama queen and is seeking validation. It's easy just say sorry and move along.

  • unless she was carrying two slabs of beer in her bare hands for her hubby and it was getting a bit heavy, no excuses acceptable

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    Don't leave gaps.

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    If someone enters another country and touches your stuff…that's ok.

    Poland, Ukraine, Kuwait, Terra Nullius. Same principle, different conveyor belt.

    • Try changing a Metro station in India: They pat down everybody! 2 lines, one for males and one for females. If you are not binary, too bad!

  • Aldi in Europe: You scan your items with your mobile phone.
    Spot checks on exit. NO wait, much faster!
    Guaranteed no shopping trolley in the last available car spot!

  • stop whinging and carry on with life

  • With all due respect, if you weren’t hogging conveyor space, your stuff wouldn’t have been touched. We all need to be at least a little considerate of people.

    At a guess, there was heaps of room around your stuff that you weren’t using right?

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    Did you leave 1.5 metres free on the conveyor belt ?

    If so thats a bit extreme.

    If not they are 100% in the wrong.

    Regardless they shouldn't be moving your stuff.

  • Play death metal on your phones loudspeaker and stare at her menacingly

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    I think you were full of hatred when saying to that woman “ don’t touch my groceries” which had been touched thousand times before in the aisles. Why did that to stress yourself. Life is short.

  • These are real life issues

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    These are real life issues.

    I really don't see how you think it's your right to have a person keeping your desired distance from you.

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    I've ask for items to be replaced after rude Karen man handled my stuff, covid safe, you don't know where those man hands have been.

  • +3

    There is no reason for her to touch. All the Aldis I've been in have a long conveyor belt with plenty of room. It's not going to save her time.

    It's all about how you respect people and she obviously doesn't know the meaning of respect or respecting people's personal space I'm not even talking about covid social distancing.

    • -4

      Your idea of personal space is certainly something subjective. You can't enforce it on other people in a public space like a supermarket.

      • It is not subjective. It is 1.5m.

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    It's never ever crossed my mind to touch any one elses stuff at the checkout, unless im holding a 30 pack of drinks or something heavy I just make passive aggressive noises but still dont touch anything :)

  • I suspect you deliberately arranged your items in such a way as to take as much room as possible and prevent the person behind you accessing the conveyor belt. That's not cool. The customer's behaviour is reasonable IMHO.

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    Sure she shouldn't have moved your stuff, but how inconsiderate are you hoggin the conveyor belt? Your 1.5 social distancing is the length of the damn belt.

    Nothing worse when someone with two items holding up the line and not letting people put their stuff down.

    As much as you would like her to be in the wrong, you were partly to blame with your actions.

  • +1

    Completely out of line.
    You maintain your 1.5m and people can just wait a minute.
    Remember? It’s still a pandemic. Still folk dying.

    At any time touching someone’s groceries is very bad manners in any case.

    • -1

      Maybe he should shop online and get his stuff delivered if he's going to be that pedantic in a shopping line.

      • Not really. People just need to chill a bit, allow the extra time to keep distances, and keep their filthy hands to themselves out of respect for others.

        If the person in question can’t manage that they need a GHLAT….

        • You're doing it again Pete….

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    You really needed a month python poll option -

  • There is no more social distancing - your paranoia is your own, Buy a cat and order uber eats.

  • +1

    She's wrong about everything but you're a bit of a Karen with the 1.5 and I've met a lot of you. Get a measuring tape and lay it out on the floor and you'll realise those markers on the floor aren't really 1.5m

    • Who gives a shit, only some sort of ice addict, or someone with ADHD or some other undiagnosed mental condition would be in such a rush that she couldn’t wait another minute for more space to open up.

      • ALDI's not for you mate.

  • Would have waited til I got to the checkout person and said "I'd like not to purchase this item/items, the lady behind me with no boundaries has just had her hands all over it" loud enough to embarrass her and teach her to keep her grubby hand to herself

  • +1

    No don't touch other peoples stuff…

    But from your own description, it does sound like you were being a bit weird and unreasonable here.

  • in the US where you can be shot and killed for invading someone's personal space I think the advice about COVID and masks devolved to the following

    you can't control other people's behaviour

    if someone else's behaviour offends you, you can remove yourself from their proximity

    but if you seek to engage them in an argument about your rights, that's probably gonna go downhill quickly

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    Most of us call them private parts but you can call them "groceries" if you wish.

    • +1

      Hey don’t touch my baby zucchini, oh wait…

      • +1

        let go of my eggplant !

        ooh, ooh ! Don't … Stop … !

  • Its not yours yet until you paid for it. Also as someone already said, it's been touched many times before you put in the conveyor belt. Why thinking too hard on minor things like that. There are more concerning issues in the world than your groceries.

  • +2

    Has Medicare stopped bulk billing for psychologists recently or something? So many ridiculous Karen threads lately this place is turning into a support group for millennials bereft of resilience.

    • I would ask my psychologist for you but I can't get a bulk billing appointment.

      • Well that’s your fault for wasting your 10 free sessions being talked away from the ledge because Neighbours is ending.

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