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Vodafone Motorola Moto E7 64GB/4GB Grey $79, Moto E7 Power 32GB/2GB $49 @ Woolworths


E7 Power 32GB/2GB $49

Further price drops at Woolies, great value.
E7 comes with $40 sim, E7 Power comes with $30 sim.
Unlock code can be had for ~$6.30
Aussie E7 review
Aussie E7 Power review

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  • No stock in Sydney

    • Punchbowl is in stock for anyone interested.

    • There is. Woolies website is glitchy, enter nearby suburbs (eg Earlwood and Burwood) instead of Sydney and stock comes up.
      The app works perfectly to check stock, but you have to change store every time to see if in stock.

  • According to the linked review it doesn't have WiFi 5 / 802.11ac.

    Even at this price that seems to be a massive feature gap.

    • What does have dual band WiFi under $100? Or for that matter under $200 RRP?

    • Ummm $79 and $49 respectively?

  • No NFC, but good otherwise for <100 unlocked.
    I'd avoid the 32GB model anyway these days. The kids will fill it real fast!

    • Given that Vodafone have nobbled the dual SIM ability, the hybrid 2nd SIM/SDCard slot becomes a dedicated SD card slot so that perhaps less of an issue these days given Android has been able to fully utilise SD Card since Nougat. The 2GB of RAM is perhaps more a concern. If it ran Android 11, it would have to run the lighter "Go" variant.

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    stock in bomberry north nowra for both models
    $12.99to unlock on ebay. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/334403312679
    Already got one unlocked by them.

    • Thanks very much for this - I used your ebay link to unlock four of them. Really appreciate it

  • I bought what was probably the last one at Jerrabomberra (NSW). None in the drawer, but there was one in the display case.

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    i bought the E7 power when it was $69. the reviews aren't wrong - it's laggy AF. even at $49 i wouldn't buy it. my realme C21 performs better, and has NFC

    • Specs of the realme C21 are fairly close to the E7 and it doesn't look like the power variant is that much slower than this While this doesn't have NFC it does have a USB-C port which some people prefer. Many would prefer moto's light Android skin rather than realme UI but these differences are moot as you can't get a realme C21 for $79 at the moment. Some Coles might have clearance stock of an Optus locked realme C3 for $99 which is a better phone than the C21 but it is another year older.

  • Woolworths Burwood (Vic), still has E7 Power as at 11.30am Sunday 12 June.

  • +1

    So… I got 2 x E7 and 2 x E7 Power.
    They'll be used as music players across a property.
    I killed the bloatware and after a few chunky updates they're all up and running - fairly neat experience.

    I also got the unlock codes from @zombie hunter above - that eBay listing/seller was super responsive, they're all unlocked effortlessly.

    Thanks OP, thanks @zombie hunter - solved a problem for me for about half the anticipated cost.

    Greatly appreciated, AshB

    • They'll be used as music players across a property.

      Must be a huge property if you need to unlock them. You should flog off the starter kits if you have no other use for them.

      • I'll put them on eBay, great idea.

        Property is a small resort with 4 discreet areas - spa, pool bar, restaurant and lobby

        • No WiFi? Just curious why you paid to unlock them.

          • @Stingo: Oh, we're on an island not in Australia, wifi isn't great and data costs for mobile data / streaming music are cheaper than wired connection. Cheers

  • So this only gets security updates until… November this year???

  • In the Woolworths catalogue starting tomorrow (15/6/22) it says, "Purchase any Vodafone mobile phone or $250 SIM at Woolworths and scan your Everyday Rewards card to collect 2000 points. Limited time only. T&Cs apply." That would explain the extra 2000 points that I received at the time; it must've already been in effect.

    I've since unlocked mine and can confirm that VoLTE and VoWiFi also work on Telstra and Optus.

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